Didn't I just finish a really long Sterek fic?

Oh well. HAVE ANOTHER STEREK FIC. This one is more cute and less sad and maybe shorter but barely.

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Rated M for some sexy times (nothin graphic, just words mostly) and lots of sexual promiscuousness.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or its characters.

Lydia prides herself on one thing, and that is the ability to read people and situations. She thinks she would make an excellent psychologist, actually. So when she has been officially added as a human in a group of werewolves, she makes it her job to be able to read everyone. To be able to help any situation as much as she can. Because if there's something these idiots aren't good at, it's helping each other.

Lydia used to be obsessed with wolves, which is now the most ironic thing when she really stops to think about it. While other girls in elementary school were playing with barbies and kissing boys on the playground, Lydia was reading books like they were the only thing keeping her alive. Sometimes she thinks they were. Even back then, home was something she knew nothing about because her parents were always either ignoring each other or screaming at each other, and Lydia never could decide which one was worse. She found peace in reading books, and particularly loved reading about wolves.

She knew that wolves traveled in packs, but who didn't? What a lot of people didn't know was that at the core of most packs was two wolves, not one. Parent wolves, they were usually called, and the rest of the pack was their young. It made sense if you thought about it. A pack was supposed to be like a family, and every family needed a mother figure and a father figure. Derek was the alpha dad in their dysfunctional werewolf group. He was rough, trained them to protect themselves in the big world, and reprimanded and blamed himself when one of them got hurt. Stiles, though human, was the obvious alpha mom. He sacrificed everything for the pack, went out of his way to make sure every individual person (Lydia included) was good and fine. He was the one who brought them all together, even if they were fighting, to watch lame movies and eat bad popcorn.

It was the dynamic that was truly interesting. According to wolf theory, the alpha parents were supposed to be equal to each other. And in some, bizarre way, they were. Derek was physically terrifying. He could wolf out and become something that could kill you. Even in his human form, he gave off an aura of tension and anger and dominance that set his place as the leader. Stiles may have been human but he butted heads in his own battle for leadership, in a different way. Stiles brought them safety, put their needs far over his. Scott, Alison, Lydia, and Jackson followed his command because, he may not have been particularly strong in the way of being able to turn into a wolf, but no one was smarter than Stiles. Not even Lydia. And when Dereks eyes turned red and he bared his teeth, Stiles stepped up to him in something that was reminiscent of stupidity. But Derek never even harmed a hair on Stiles' head; he always backed down. They were, despite all oddness, actually equal in pack terms.

That's interesting, so she pays attention to them. And the first thing Lydia notices about Stiles when she starts to really become his friend, is that he never, ever stops moving.

When he's driving, he is always tapping his finger in a rhythm on the steering wheel. When he is sitting down in class, he is chewing on an eraser or playing with a pencil while he thinks. When he is talking, his arms dart out like it's the best way to tell a story or get his point across. When he is sitting down on the couch during pack movie nights, his leg is bouncing. Even when he's standing still, listening to what the others have to say, he's playing with the frayed end of his hoodie sleeve, or rubbing his hands together nervously. Every little movement is dramatic and it's almost hilarious, because Stiles certainly doesn't realize he is doing it.

His face is equally as expressive. His mouth does a little twitch thing when Scott is talking, like he's trying hard not to laugh at his best friends lameness. His grin reaches his eyes and is almost always coupled by a funny remark. Stiles never actually frowns, even when he is sad. He has a facial expression for everything, and his eyes might be the best part. He only ever makes eye contact when he's serious, or if he's trying way too hard to make it seem like he's paying attention. When he's really annoyed and too nice to say so (which is always), his eyes are looking everywhere else but your face, usually upwards to hide his eye roll. When he is hurt or ashamed, a feeling that always seems coupled by the thought of his dad or the mention of his mom, he looks right at the ground.

But it's one look in particular that really shocks her, and it's rare, so she starts looking for it. When Stiles looks at her, his eyes are big and bright, and it's the same look he shares with everyone. But when Stiles looks at one particularly surly werewolf alpha, he makes eye contact and always, always listens, and his tongue darts out over his lips almost unconsciously and his face flushes.

And that is when Lydia realizes Stiles has the hots for Derek.

It didn't particularly mean much if Derek didn't feel the same, and Lydia knew that. So she started watching Dereks actions carefully, keeping what she knew about wolves in mind as well. Though Stiles was pathetically human and could give away and desires by his facial expression and awkwardness, Derek wasn't even BORN human, and he had instincts to keep to. So she watched.

She first noticed little things that WERE surprisingly human. Mainly Derek looking flustered when Stiles gave him the occasional compliment on his actions, followed by some certain pride. She also maybe noticed the little annoyed look Derek had when Stiles told Lydia she was beautiful, and convinced herself there was seriously some potential for jealousy in Derek. Mostly though, what she knew about wolves helped her indefinitely. He was the alpha, and he wasn't supposed to be submissive at all. But when it came to Stiles, Derek bowed his head and let Stiles take over certain situations. Derek was also constantly touching Stiles in some way or the other. A hand on his shoulder to steady him, a casual body-to-body bump when Stiles looked particularly sad, in a way that was almost reassuring. Most of all, Lydia saw Derek, who looked infuriated by the idea of anyone touching him ever, let Stiles play annoyingly with his hair while Derek scowled and acted like he wasn't enjoying it.

And that is when Lydia realized the true affection Derek had for Stiles.

However, she also knew they were boys, and more importantly she had a pretty great grasp on who they were as individuals. She was willing to bet that Stiles didn't even realize he had feelings for the alpha wolf, and he'd probably spend forever and a day groaning about how much he wanted a girlfriend and denying those feelings. Derek was probably wiser about the feelings, but probably ten times less likely to do something about it because he was a 'dangerous alpha wolf' or some bullshit like that.

And Lydia was completely not okay with any of that. So obviously, she was going to have to do something. And if she was good at anything, it was concocting evil and devious plans.

When Lydia first met Jackson, she was 14 and it was probably straight downhill from there. She was the most popular girl in the school and all the boys wanted her. She learned to hide her smarts behind a heavy layer of casual bitchiness and good looks she worked a little too hard on. And Jackson was everything a girl could want. He was attractive and he got good grades and he was on the lacrosse team, and he, like everyone else, wanted her. But for once, it seemed like he actually liked her as a person instead of an item. And it was good to be wanted that way.

Her life had changed a lot when she met him. When he became captain of the lacrosse team, her popularity skyrocketed. People loved her, always came to her parties, they wanted to screw her or be her. She met Danny through Jackson, who became a good friend that always saw past her bullshit. She eventually met Allison and that was like a dream came true, even if she was being kept in the dark about a lot of stuff back then. Even as her relationship with Jackson went downhill and eventually depleted and everyone started to think she was crazy, she couldn't complain about her new group of friends. Not even a bit.

Anyway, the point was, even though she had this whole new pack stuff to deal with, she still had some other friends, specifically Danny. And she was going to need his help with this whole matchmaking thing because, he was perfect. So she slid into the table across from him in History one Thursday and flashed him her best, award-winning smile.

He barely glanced up at her, "What do you want?"

"Uh, hello? I need my wonderful gay prince to help me in an evil plan, obviously." She quirked her head and raised her eyebrows at him, trying to be adorable as possible.

Of course it didn't work. It never worked on Danny, "What kind of evil plan? Because if you're trying to out a girl as secretly a boy again, I might beat the shit out of you."

"Are you ever going to let that go?"

"Nope," He smiled and finally looked up at her, "Or, is this a plan to get Jackson back?"

Lydia opened her mouth and then closed it again. She and Jackson had been about as close lately as they could possibly be, with pack stuff and everything, but they might as well have been rocks for all that mattered. He only ever talked to her when it was convenient, and she tried her best to pretend it wasn't tearing her apart inside.

"Jackson has no interest in getting back together," She said simply, "He has made that very clear."

They slipped into an awkward silence. Dannys face looked like something torn between wanting to argue, and knowing she was right. Finally he cleared his throat, "Okay. So, what is your evil plan then?"

"Stiles Stilinski. He's dastardly cute, right?"

"Oh god," Danny set down the History book he had been reading, "I already hate where this is going."

She laughed, "Answer the question."

Danny frowned uncomfortably before talking, "Well, Stiles would be a lot cuter if he didn't dress like a drunk lumberjack. I mean, really? What is UP with the passionate love affair with plaid? It's gross. Also, the hair. No one in their right mind likes a shaved head, not in this day and age. Also, he'd be pretty cute if he shut his mouth. He runs it a little past cute and right into obnoxious."

Lydia blinked, considering this. Danny picked up his book half-heartedly and turned the page, scribbling something into his notebook.

"Interesting." She said simply.

"Are you into him or something?" Danny looked like he seriously doubted it, but decided to ask anyway. Lydia laughed a little too hard. Stiles was adorable, really, and the most sincere person she knew. But THEY would NEVER happen in the history of ever. It was a shame, really. Because after dating Jackson for over a year, she could use a nice guy.

"No. I might need you to take him out on a date though. Or several."

Danny fumbled with his pencil and it fell off the table, hitting the floor with an ominous little tapping noise. He stared at her and opened him mouth, "Stiles…" His voice cracked, so he coughed before continuing, "Stiles is gay?"

"Calm down there Peitho," She said sarcastically, "It's not like I'm asking you to seduce him. And he needs a little… head check. Because he is OBVIOUSLY into guys. One guy in particular."


Lydia snorted, "No. But you're tall, dark, and intellectually stimulating. Everything to make someone jealous."

Danny shifted weirdly in his seat, shaking off the shock of her little plan, "I don't want to lead Stiles on. Even if it's just to make who he really likes jealous. I value his friendship."

She frowned. Danny was so insufferably nice sometimes it was annoying. But he was right. She didn't want to HURT Stiles, just give him a swift kick in the ass that he needed desperately.

"Why can't you do it yourself?" He asked after she was quietly thinking for a moment.

"Because, Stiles used to like me. And I'm a girl. It won't have the desired effect."

"You're probably right."

"Okay so… what if we make it LOOK like a date to Derek, but not to Stiles. What if we tell Stiles we're making it our mission to get him LAID? Which, we kind of are."

Danny leaned down and picked his pencil off the floor finally, lowering his voice as the teacher grew close to their table, "Fine. But I am only agreeing to this because it looks like it will make you happy, and I really owe that to you after Jackson has been such an insufferable douche."

Later on Lydia pulled a very reluctant Danny over to where Stiles was standing and reading an old looking book at his locker.

"What are you doing tomorrow night, cutie?" Lydia leaned against the metal next to him and smiled widely. Danny stood next to her and folded his arms. Stiles looked over at her very slowly, like he was trying to comprehend what she had just said and why it had ended in 'cutie'.

"Uh," He blinked, "Nothing? Absolutely nothing. At all. Why?"

Lydia nudged Danny with her elbow and he rolled his eyes hard before speaking, "We're going to get you laid."

Stiles mouth fell open stupidly and Lydia wondered if she was crazy for taking up this task at all, "This is a lot like that threesome dream I keep having."

Lydias eyes grew wide and saw Dannys jaw pretty much fall off out of the corner of her eye.

"What?" She said loudly.

Stiles' cheeks got fondly red, "Nothing." He said quickly, giving his best inward-kicking-because-he-can't-keep-his-mouth-shut face.

Danny coughed awkwardly, "Anyway, we want to take you clubbing tomorrow. So are you in or not?"

Stiles looked unsure, furrowing his eyebrows, "Uh, sure. Why not."

Lydia smiled, "That's the spirit."

After school Friday had Lydia at Stiles' house, digging through his closet. He looked remarkably uncomfortable with her doing it, but she honestly couldn't care less.

"Do you realize you have like, no clothes?" She frowned deeply into the empty chasm where clothes should have been.

"Uh, yeah. I run with wolves. I've had to throw away like six shirts because they keep getting ripped or bloody. It's a little depressing actually." She heard a noise and turned to look at him. He was digging through her purse.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Looking through your stuff. You know, since you're looking through mine." He smirked. She rolled her eyes and turned back to looking through these obnoxious clothes. It was futile. Danny was right, Stiles had no fashion sense at all.

"Here, try this on." She settled on a nice looking black v-neck and threw it at him.

He grabbed it and looked awkward at the idea of her seeing him with his shirt off. She rolled her eyes heavily and turned away, gesturing that she wasn't even going to look. She kept searching for at least some nice skinny jeans. They had to be here. She heard undressing sounds behind her.

"Why are you bringing your camera?" Stiles said, a bit muffled by the sound of cloth over his face. He must have seen it in her purse.

"Because I want to take lots of pictures. We need more pictures of our little human posse, since the wolves can't really be bothered to take good pics.

"That's because their eyes get all glowy. It's actually terrifying." Stiles said back, "Uh, it's on."

Lydia spun around and nearly had to stop herself from gasping. It was a little small, but it was perfect. With all the layers Stiles wore constantly, she had almost never stopped to think about his actual build. He was slender, yeah, but not skinny. The tight black cloth hugged his arms, which were strangely muscular, probably because yeah, Stiles actually was on the Lacrosse team. The wide collar showed off his distinct collar bone and neck. And the way it hugged his hips- dear GOD. This kid could totally get it.

"My eyes are up here," Stiles snapped his fingers in front of her like he was annoyed, but when she met his eyes they looked clearly pleased.

"You look perfect," She grinned, "You look like a total twink."

He snorted and looked at the full body mirror on the wall, "Are you kidding? I look totally manly and sexy."

She shut the closet door, "Now we just need something to do with those legs, and since you're pretty boring in the pants section, I think a shopping trip is in order."

He nodded and reached for his red hoodie. Lydia slapped his hand away so fast she shocked herself, and Stiles made a little hurt noise in his throat.

"No. No red hoodie. You're lucky I don't burn that thing alive."

When eight o' clock finally rolled around, they stepped out of Stiles' crappy jeep to get a view of the club. Stiles was wearing that wonderful black v-neck coupled with some bright purple skinny jeans they had bought him. They hugged his lean legs wonderfully, and they were settled a little lower than they should be, making his ass look fantastic. Lydia was completely pleased with herself.

Danny looked really good too, clad in a blue t-shirt and tight pants rolled up to show off his sweet little calves. Lydia had almost considered wearing her black leather dress, but decided on her most comfortable flowery sun-dress instead. As fun as it might be to take home some needy butch lesbian, tonight was definitely not about her.

"Before we go in, let's get a picture!" She pulled out her camera and looped her arm around Stiles' waist, Danny doing the same on his other side. They pressed their faces together and Stiles laughed.

"Definitely like my threesome dream," He muttered before they snapped a dorky and yet totally adorable picture of the three of them.

She smacked Stiles' ass as she pulled away to look at it, "Perfect. Let's go inside."

"Yeah. And that threeway," Danny flicked Stiles' ear, "Is so only happening in your dreams."

Stiles grinned and they all walked up to the doors where a small line was already formed. When they joined the line, Lydia spun around and placed a small piece of plastic in Stiles hand, "This is my gift to you."

He looked confused and then blinked down at his palm, "Whoa. This is a, uh, really real looking fake ID."

"That's because I'm a ninja, obviously. You need it to get in, it's an 18 or older club."

Danny nodded, "They usually don't check your ID's to drink, but I made it say you're 21 just in case they do. Unless, er, you're opposed to drinking. Which is totally fine."

Lydia rolled her eyes and looked at Stiles. It was actually not okay. They were going to need him at least a little drunk in order for this part of the plan to work. And since she had seen him get shitfaced on several occasions, not seeming to care that his dad was a police officer, it wasn't like he was going to oppose to some seriously good booze.

"Nope." Stiles said, adjusting the hem of his shirt, "Just usually when I drink, it's provided by others. And definitely not because I have an extremely illegal piece of plastic."

"Shut up," Lydia said curtly. But she smirked at him as they went forward in the line. They flashed the ID's in the generally direction of the large, native-american looking Bouncer and he didn't say anything, but looked hesitantly at Stiles, who paled and nearly gave away their cover.

"It's his birthday today," Lydia blinked innocently, "We need him drunk enough to not remember a thing tomorrow! You understand, right?" Luckily she was the most charming thing since Lucille Ball, and the Bouncer just smiled at her and nodded. They advanced past him and through the dark doors that led into the club.

If the music was loud outside, it was deafening in here. The usual techno was replaced with the bass-pumping of dubstep across the floor, and bright orange and green lights danced out across them. She loved this place, it even had a legit disco ball, and that was pure awesome. The DJ had a huge stand in the center of the gaint room, and there were spiral stairs that led up into other areas where people were dancing and grinding. Lydia pulled up all her confidence and best bitch face and walked through the crowd of people towards the bar.

She ordered three of the most fruity looking drinks on the menu, and sure enough, the guy didn't even ask to see their IDs, just nodded. The two boys took a seat, and Lydia really wished Stiles didn't look so much like a deer in the headlights, or just a teenage boy with zero confidence and a fake ID in a dance club.

"Hey," She said loudly over the music, leaning towards him so he would hear her, "We are here to have fun so stop looking like a rabbit."

He frowned at her, "This is a gay club! You brought me to get laid, at a gay club."

She smiled wickedly and glanced at Danny, who was grinning like an idiot, "Yeah, where else would I take you to get laid?"

"A straight club…" He trailed off, and Lydia followed his hungry gaze. He was staring at two guys, obviously jumped up on some sort of ecstasy, making out and basically having sex through their clothes while they danced. Lydia rolled her eyes. Stiles couldn't be any more obvious if he tried.

Danny elbowed him for her, though, making his eyes snap back up as the bartender brought them some pinkish looking drinks with tiny umbrellas and lemons and everything. Awesome.

She reached out to sip hers, and watched Stiles pick his up and put the straw to his mouth. Jesus Christ, who taught this kid how to use a straw? Whoever was on the receiving end of that blow job (hopefully Derek) was going to be really confused. What shocked her more, thought, was the way Stiles downed the drink within few moments and still looked completely unphased.

He turned and saw her staring, "What?"

"Got a little drinking problem there, Stiles?" She smirked. She turned to the bartender and flashed him a brilliant smile, "Can I get another drink for my friend? Something a little stronger this time."

"And put them on my tab," Danny said, "Danny Mahealani."

"You have a tab here?" Stiles laughed, "And I have the problem."

Lydia rolled her eyes. They were going to need to get dancing if they wanted to all be sober enough to have one of them drive. She turned on the two boys and nodded at Danny. He ignored her, so she spoke loudly over the blaring techno.

"Danny, go dance with Stiles. Teach him how to grind."

Stiles looked panicked for a second, "Uh, what about you?"

She reached in her purse as Stiles got started chugging his second drink, this one was lime green. She pulled out her camera and winked, "I have to take pictures, of course."

Stiles looked extremely hesitant, but any argument was cut off by Danny grabbing his hand and pulling on him. Stiles sighed and put the drink on the counter, following Danny out onto the dance floor. Lydia readied her camera and felt the most evil smile ever on her face.

This was going to work.

The rest of the night passed in something like a dirty haze. After a few drinks, Lydia was pretty done, and Stiles was lovingly willing to grind with whoever would touch him all night. Luckily Danny had the sense to not drink anymore to keep Stiles from losing his poor little virginity to random strangers, because they really didn't want that. But Lydia didn't have the same sense. She watched random couples, mostly gay but occasionally straight, kissing and dancing and it made her stomach hurt. She wanted that. And she deserved that. She deserved to be grinded on and kissed in public. Jackson never did any of that for her, he just hurt her.

So maybe she went a little crazy on the drinking, and at some point forgot everything. And definitely woke up the next morning in a random bed she didn't recognize.

She frowned and looked down at the short haired girl asleep next to her. Okay, not the first time she snuck a one night stand, and not her first experience with a chick, but definitely the first time the two things mixed together. Huh.

Her panties were still on, so Lydia snuck out of the bed and found her bra on the floor. She quickly snapped it back on and ignored the pounding in her head. She slid on her dress, suddenly glad she had chose something that would make her walk of shame not completely humiliating. She nabbed her heels from the floor and left the room. She glanced around a bit panicky and then sighed in relief when she saw her purse, fine and untouched on the counter. She grabbed it and headed for the door. She glanced herself in the window and winced. There was literally no saving her hair now. This walk of shame was going to be pretty bad.

She pulled her cellphone out of her purse and closed the apartment door slowly. She headed down the stairs and punched in Dannys number.

"Hello?" He said, he sounded groggy. It must have been earlier than it looked.

"Dude, you're a total asshole." She snapped, "Letting me go home with some random chick? Talk about a dick move."

He sort of huffed out a laugh, which was then cut off, "Uh. Fuck, we have some, uh… worse problems than that. Shit."

She froze, "What?"

"Where are you?"

She looked around, "Uh, some apartments. Theres a seven eleven up the street. And… the mall? Do you know where that is?"

"Yeah," She heard the sounds of him hurriedly getting dressed, "Okay. I'm going to come get you. Stay there."

"Danny what's wrong?" She sighed, pulling out her camera. The battery is dead, "If you lost Stiles I'm going to kill you."

"No, I dropped him off at his house and got my car like you said. But, uh, I think I might have given him oral last night."

Lydia blinked, "THINK?"

"Eh, I did. He was really horny and coming onto me, I had to do something!"

Her eyes were probably the size of quarters and her mouth WAS open, "Holy shit, Danny. You are a total idiot!"

"Hey, maybe he won't remember." She heard Dannys car starting.

"You better hope he doesn't." She grunted and hung up. Her head was hurting way too much for this shit right now. But since she didn't remember her first lesbian sex experience (or maybe there was no sex. She had no idea) from being too drunk, then Stiles probably wouldn't remember a tiny blow job, since he was WAY drunker than her. The best choice was to just forget it happened.

Monday rolled around with much ease, and Danny was wearing his best ashamed face. Lydia glared hard at him, and they approached Stiles carefully. But when Stiles just grinned at them, they realized he totally didn't remember Friday night. Phew. Bullet dodged.

Stiles practically bounced up to them, "Friday was awesome! Well, the parts of it I remember. I had a lot to drink. But since my ass wasn't hurting I think it's safe to say I left with my virginity untouched?"

"Unfortunately our plan to get a penis inside of you was futile," Lydia sighed dramatically, "But maybe our work isn't done."

"Uh-huh," Stiles crunched up his face like he was trying to read her. She grinned evilly and he gave up, "How about you, Danny boy? Get any dick?"

Danny went pale and Lydia stepped on his foot.

"Uh, no." Danny said, "I was a little too sober and having to keep an eye on your drunk ass. Like four different guys tried to take you all the way to home base right there on the dance floor."

Stiles looked way too pleased by that, "I'm wicked hot."

"Alright Narcissus," Lydia rolled her eyes, "Go get to class or something. We just wanted to make sure you weren't physically damaged, though your ego apparently isn't."

He laughed, "I'm fine. And yeah, I'll go to class now. But you," He pointed at Lydia, "Don't forget about that thing tonight."

"I'm not dumb, but thanks." She smiled at him fondly and watched him go, remembering the pack meeting they had tonight. She glanced at Danny and saw the weird look on his face. Yeah, she understood that feeling. After all that had happened in the past few months, Danny was still being kept in the dark. If it were up to her she'd tell him just because he was such a caring guy, and he deserved to know why all his friends discussed mysterious meetings and couldn't be found on the full moon. But it wasn't up to her, it was up to Derek.

She turned and grabbed Dannys elbow, "You are so lucky he doesn't remember your mouth's little cock problem."

He shrugged, "I've never been good enough at blowjobs to make them memorable. Especially with Stiles never-stops-moving-or-talking Stilinski in my mouth."

Lydia snorted, "Wow, TMI. Anyway, shall we skip first period?"

He narrowed his eyes, "Why?"

She pulled her camera out of her bag and eyed it, "Phase two begins now."

The pictures from the night were miraculous, and Lydia had nearly keeled over with joy when she saw them for the first time. A few of them were blurry or stupid, so she deleted them and narrowed it down to six that definitely needed to exist.

The first was the picture from the parking lot. Stiles with the cutest grin he could muster up, Danny looking devious and sexy, and Lydia looking as awesome as she usually did. It was really perfect; profile picture material. The second was of Danny grinding on Stiles. Stiles looked awkward but like he was having a good time, and it just looked adorably friendly. Plus is had a really good view of how good he had looked in his little outfit. The third was a picture of Stiles sandwiched between Danny and some random guy grinding on him, and Stiles looks both uncomfortable and hilarious. Lydia could tell this is when the drunk photos were starting. The fourth was Stiles covering his mouth and looking positively embarrassed while surrounded by a bunch of shirtless muscular guys. GOD how did they even GET this picture? The fifth was a full body shot of Stiles with Lydia kissing him on the cheek, probably taken by Danny. They both looked shit-faced and the best part of it was that Stiles shirt was riding up when it was taken, showing off Stiles' very yummy looking stomach and happy trail.

The sixth photo was possibly the best. It was a close up of Stiles and Danny, Stiles with his lips pressed dangerously close to Dannys lips, with a little pink tongue making an appearance. These couldn't have been more perfect if Lydia had planned it.

Which, she sort of did.

She took the connector cable out of Dannys hand and quickly uploaded the photos onto the library computer. She gently chewed her lip and looked at them in high quality on the screen. Danny saw the last photo and dropped his head with a thump on the table.

"God I can't believe I let you talk me into this." He mumbled. She rolled her eyes and opened up the internet browser, getting to facebook and began the process of uploading the pictures; all except the sixth one. She had different plans for that one.

This was the beginnings of the plan, and it was foolproof to her. Everyone had facebook, even a certain grumpy alpha wolf. So he was sure to see those pictures, and if Lydia could spark up even the littlest bit of jealousy inside of Derek, than she was doing her job here. Of course, this was only the beginning. Part one of an evil plan. If Derek and Stiles weren't together or at least seeing the light before the week was up, she had failed. And even if Derek didn't see the photos…

She plugged in her phone and moved the sixth photo into its data. She logged out of facebook and put the camera and cords back in her purse. She turned off the computer and winked at Danny. He glanced at her and stood up, following her out of the library.

"Uh, what are you going to do with that pic? Here is me crossing my fingers that you'll just delete it. I am thoroughly embarrassed enough."

"Then you shouldn't have let me take the picture at all," She grinned into her phone, opening a new picture message to Derek. The alpha didn't have her number, but she was pretty sure it would take about four seconds for him to put two and two together, "Besides, no one will see it aside from Derek puppy-eyes Hale."

"So THAT was your big idea, huh?" Danny yawned, "Take some lame pictures at a club, and try to make Derek jealous? Because that is not nearly as devious as usual."

"Oh no," She hit send and pocketed her phone, "That's just part one."

"And how many parts are there? And how likely am I to lose all of my dignity when this is all over?"

"There's three parts, plus an emergency stage if I need it." She touched her hair gently, "And you might have absolutely no dignity left but Stiles will be happy and I'LL be happy so, worth it."

Danny rolled his eyes, "If you say so."

"Well, gear up baby. Because Part Two starts tonight."