Not Exactly What You'd Call Blending In

Written for the prompt : Trying to blend in

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Not Exactly What You'd Call Blending In

The team are trying to blend in. Actually for most of them blending in really isn't an issue most of the time. Cougar gets a little grumpy when he has to go without his hat, but given how quiet he is, it's only the team who really notice the change in attitude and they've learned to live with it.

It's okay when they're out in the wilds, when Clay can insist on uniform and camouflage because then nobody gets to complain. Everybody blends in, although it does tend to take a little more camouflage cover to mask just how pale Jensen's skin is. The amount of time they spend outside, it's amazing he doesn't either have a more weather-beaten look or a permanent sunburn, but seriously at times he's as obvious as waving a white flag.

Worse though is when they're really trying to blend in in a city and not draw any attention to themselves at all, surrounded by thousands of people and yet Jensen stands out like a sore thumb. Clay is bad enough with his insistence on wearing a suit regardless of the climate. Pooch and Cougar are inclined to leave it to Roque to try and convince him that maybe some of the places he's hanging out have a different dress code, but Roque has about as much luck with that as any of them do when trying to convince Jensen to choose a more subtle design for his latest t-shirts.

When Jensen turns up in the bright pink t-shirt with a flower on the front, it's not the complete shock it really should be. But seriously a flower! It makes Roque want to weep! He feels emasculated just looking at it.

As soon as Jensen says, "It's the Petunias, it's my niece's soccer team", nobody is in any doubt whatsoever that all hopes of blending in have gone out the window and really none of them have got the heart to try and make him change it. Sometimes even blending in isn't as important as hanging on to the last little connection with home and family.