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No one can predict the future, but I bet you all the candy in my pocket I can guess the outcome of this final battle. I'd bet Nero but I want him to myself I thought as I reflected back on all the stuff that's happened so far leading up to this grand finale.


I want a mom that'll take my hand.

and chase the monsters away.

I want the mommy who would chase away all the pain with kisses and hugs. Who brushed away all my tears and let nothing hurt her babies.

I want a mom that will last forever.

Tears escaped Ashe's eyes as these such thoughts entered her mind, the fact a song from one of her childhood shows was playing didn't help either. It's my fault all my fault her mind screamed as a sob shook her body. Ashe soon began rocking back and forth wanting her mother to come and comfort her like in years past, she knew she wouldn't come. But, somewhere in the young teens head she wanted to call out for her as if that would bring her mommy back from the dead.

A hand clamped down on her shoulder, with that Ashe quickly jerked up and her mix-matched eyes were met with a blue colored gaze. The gaze of Dante staring at her with concern on his face.

Yes, he knew what the pain of having no mother there was like Ashe thought. Slowly she clutched onto him like he was her last life line as the ear buds fell from her ears as she hugged him while tears cascaded down her once strong and determined face. Transforming it into a scared child who wanted comfort from her family.

Her mother was gone, but she'd take the next best thing. Dante after all she did want a dad to last forever as well.


"To be or not to be that is the question!" Ashe joined in happily. Suddenly a light reflected on her as a scalpel was slowly traced beneath her eye as Agnus eyed her greedily.

"Question indeed" he smirked evilly. At that Ashe shoved him away screaming, "I am not a demon, I have heterchromia! and you call yourself a genius"

"I-I-I will have those b-b-b-beautiful d-d-d-demonic eyes"


Bless me with the
Leaf off of the tree
On it I see
The freedom reign

Ashe strung back an arrow as hard as she could, her arms hurting from the effort, she only had one shot with this arrow and she had to make it count if she wanted to help Nero.

We are falling
The light is calling
Tears inside me
Calm me down

Suddenly a sudden force struck her as gentle hands wrapped around her own, one on her arm the other the hand that held the arrow tight. This force was not threatening at all, it gave her a sense of peace in all this madness.

A soft chuckle reached her ears but when she glanced back there was no one there, but she could feel the presence of the man helping her. She knew it was a man by the way the laugh was.

"A little power never hurt anyone. Ashe Lewis shoot straight and steady but keep a firm grip" the man whispered low into my ear. His breath tickling it as I concentrated at the Savior. My target was locked, but in doing so I figured out who was helping me.

Praise to my father
Blessed by the water
Black night, dark sky
The devil's cry

I let my hand loose as the arrow flew through the air far more quickly then it ever did before. I was shocked that I had that much power but I knew it wasn't mine after a moments of thought. It was 'his', the legend himself.


"Ashe!" Nero shouted in shock.

"Were in this together, so lets see this through the end Nero" Ashe shouted back getting into a battle stance as Sanctus's crimson eyes locked on her.

"You have interfered for the last time!" he shouted his power surging.





And somewhere out there a devil may cry. Show tears and emotion for the one he/she loves, show human emotions not just demonic ones.


Ashe laughed slightly as the ring Nero had given her was still clutched her in hand, the ring he once wore, the ring that was now hers. The laugh turned into sobs and the sobs turned into tears.

"Nero, I love you"


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