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"I feel like we're at a fucking wedding," Scott said as he sat down on Derek's sofa.

"Shut the fuck up Scott this is a special day for Jackson."

It had been exactly one month since the death match out of town, and today was the day that Derek had finally allowed for Jackson to become full werewolf. He'd turned eighteen a week ago, the oldest out of all of them bar Derek, so Derek thought it was time to give in to Jackson's wants.

"He keeps going on Stiles I don't think I can take that voice of his anymore."

"Well I don't want you to kill him so just turn him already. Scott and Isaac can train him."

All of the pack were there to witness. Scott and Allison were with Stiles on one sofa; Erica and Boyd were curled up together in the chair opposite. Lydia was in the corner with her hands clasped over her chest and her eyes sodden with tears, her mascara running down her cheeks leaving jet black streaks, "What if you don't make it?" She cried to Jackson, who shushed her with a chaste kiss on the lips.

"Don't worry, I will. I'm strong enough, don't worry."

"Don't worry? Don't worry? My boyfriend is about to be turned into some monster of course I'm worrying!"

Voices shouting "Woah!" and "Hey now!" were heard from across the room, and Stiles looked over to see Lydia with a sorrowful expression on her face.

"You know I didn't mean monster in a bad way, just..."

"Okay let's get this show on the road, Jackson over here," Derek announced impatiently, and Jackson walked over to the spot where Derek stood, "hold out your arm."

"I feel like I should say a few words," Scott piped up, untangling himself from Allison and Stiles laughed, "dearly beloved; we are gathered here today to witness..."

"Scott shut up. Stiles tell him to shut up."

"Oh I see how it is Derek, getting the mom of the pack to do your dirty work...ouch!"

Stiles had stood up and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, dragging him down to the sofa. "I am not the mom of the pack Scott, and that did not hurt a bit. Shut the fuck up and sit down dog," Stiles informed, sitting down beside a sullen and rather embarrassed looking Scott once more. Scott said nothing and Allison slapped him on the shoulder, giving him a scalding look.

Jackson looked nervous. There was every possible chance that this wouldn't work. Which was why this was being conducted around all of his friends, and at night time. He held out his arm and Derek transformed, his teeth elongating as he leaned forward and grasped Jackson's arm with his hands.

"You ready?" Derek said finally, staring intently at Jackson who only nodded confidently.

"As I'll ever be," Jackson replied, looking over at Lydia and mouthing a sweet "I'll be okay," to her as she choked back a sob.

Derek sank his teeth into the flesh as Jackson cried out in pain, and the entire room broke out into various gasps. Scott and Allison clung together like whelk. Erica turned her head towards Boyd's chest as Boyd looked away from the ordeal. Isaac only stared, looking quite interested at the whole scenario. Stiles was strangely calm and silent. He knew this would work. He trusted Derek, and Derek wouldn't have done this if he wasn't almost certain that Jackson would live. Lydia scurried forward but was stopped by Isaac who had gotten up from the floor to pull her into a hug. Lydia buried her face into Isaac's shirt, and Isaac mumbled in discontent, saying something like "my best shirt, Lydia, come on," as Lydia rubbed her mascara covered face into the collar.

Jackson took a few steps back and fell onto the floor with a thump, completely still.

"Give it a few seconds..." Derek said as the pack began to stand up, watching Jackson intently and Stiles knew that the alpha was worried also. He wanted to get up and hug Derek, or just squeeze his arm or something, but right now he was glued to his seat as he watched the events unfold before him.

Jackson's fingers started to twitch after about a minute, and the nails started to elongate, but everyone was focussed on his face. His eyes opened and glowed glorious amber, the colour of molten lava that Lydia gasped at in shock and awe as Isaac swung her around to look, his face breaking out into a grin. Sideburns grew and his teeth grew longer, and Jackson stood up and looked at Derek who smiled, pleased of his handiwork.

"I guess it worked then," Jackson said, shaking himself off and closing his eyes, shifting back into his normal self (with a little trouble, Stiles could see, but they had plenty of time to work on that).

"I was half expecting you to rise in the air whilst performing a satanic chant," Boyd announced, and the pack laughed in unison.

"You'll feel a little weird the first few days, best to stay off from school. You'll shift at random moments, you'll hear things from a mile away, but it's alright, you'll be able to control it," Scott announced, and Stiles remembered those first few days of Scott becoming a werewolf, smiling at the memory which seemed so long ago.

Stiles' wounds had healed nicely. He'd have minor scarring on his chest from the slash wounds, but that was nothing compared to what it could have been. Sometimes he'd wake up in the night screaming, remembering that night and remembering watching the light leave Luthor's eyes as he killed him stone dead, but Derek would always be there in person, tracing the scars with his fingers or his tongue, which calmed Stiles down a great deal, or Derek was just a phone call away. All he needed to do was ring Derek up at stupid o'clock in the morning and his very own guard wolf would come running.

He knew that Derek still blamed himself. He'd see Derek glance sideways at him if that night was mentioned, or if Stiles winced in pain from the bruises on his chest, but Stiles reminded him every day that this wasn't his fault. Derek would just have to get past that and move on with their lives. Together. Stiles had made that jump and Derek would have to too. He knew Derek would have a hard time accepting what had happened. He was just glad to be there when Derek was having down days, to be the one to cheer the wolf up, to tell Derek to stop treating him like glass.

"Welcome to the pack as an official wolf," Derek said, clasping Jackson's shoulder and giving him a little shake.

Stiles grinned and got up to walk over to Derek who wrapped an arm around his waist. "Are you sure you don't want to become a wolf, Stiles? It's pretty awesome," Erica stated, running her hand along Boyd's chest who inhaled sharply.

Stiles smiled. "Nah," he responded, running a hand through his longer hair, smiling slightly as he felt Derek tense beside him, knowing that it was his hair, out of all the things that turned the wolf on the most, "I think I'd prefer to stay human. It'll make me famous one day, you'll see. I'll have novels and films written about me, Matt Damon will star as the main character."

This earned a nudge in the side from Derek, and a cushion thrown in his face by Scott. They all laughed together and Stiles scowled, but eventually laughed along with them.

"Food time, I reckon," Derek announced, nuzzling his face into Stiles' hair and inhaling deeply before pulling away to walk over to Scott. "Please buy enough for us all this time, last time Jackson pretty much ate the lot and considering he's a wolf now, he's probably going to do the same.

"Coming right up alpha," Scott said, standing up and bowing his head to Derek, "mom", he said, turning towards Stiles and bowing his head once more.

"I am not your fricking mother Scott I swear to God if you say that one more time..."

Scott laughed and picked out his keys from his pocket. "Second alpha. Alpha-mate, whatever."

"Just call me Stiles," Stiles replied and sighed outwardly, falling down onto the sofa where Derek was now sat.

"Okay," Scott replied and followed Allison to the front door. "Mom Stiles!" He called over his shoulder and before Stiles could get up and kill him, he was out the door.

"I'm going to have to get used to that, aren't I?" Stiles said to Derek, who only laughed and placed one hand on Stiles' knee.

"Pretty much, Scott is the second most ignorant person I know. Second to you."

Stiles punched him in the side and Derek only laughed again.

They ate their pizza once Scott and Allison had returned with about ten pizza boxes, and talked about the film Lydia had put on once she calmed down and the town, how Jackson was going to be the baby werewolf now, so it was officially okay to take the piss out of him.

"So Stiles, what will this film be called that stars Matt Damon?" Scott asked later in the night, and Stiles thought for a moment. He looked at Derek, and then back at the rest of the pack. He ran a hand through the air, as if mapping out a rainbow with his palm.

"The boy who ran with the wolves."

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