Title: The Shootout

Season, Episode: Season One; Episode 14

Rating: T

Note: No Copyright Infridgment inteded. I do not own the boys, just play around with them occassionally.


"Hey, buddy, look what I got," Hutch said approaching Starsky and kneeling down on the floor next to him. He inserted the clip into the gun feeling its weight in his hand.

"Last go-around, huh?" Starsky asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

"Yeah." Hutch clutched at the gun, his fingers tensing at the thought that this might be in fact the last go should it not go according to plan. "From what I understand this things is liable to go off in my face as anything."

"Well, you always did want an excuse to get your teeth capped," Starsky tells Hutch with a smile. Hutch chuckles, keeping an ear out for anything that was happening outside the little room where Starsky was being kept in. "What's wrong, partner?"

"You know something?" Hutch asked. "You look terrible."

Hutch turns to Theresa giving her instructions. Starsky heard the words distraction before his vision got blurry from all the blood loss. He began to sway to the side, his arms twitching uncomfortably, his body beginning to numb. Already, his hands and feet were cold and he, if he had the strength to, would rub his hands together to get at least a little bit of blood to his extremities.

Eyes dropping, Starsky looked over at his partner. He really was brave, he thought. His plan was a long shot, especially with the gun he'd gotten from the waitress. But it was Hutch and he had a way about him that made Starsky feel better with a simple smile. Plus, Hutch's plan had never backfired before.

"Hey Hutch, hey," Starsky called out. Hutch crouches back next to Starsky, their shoulders touching. Starsky welcomed the touch, it meant he wasn't dead yet.


"Come here," Starsky said. "I wanna tell you somethin'."


He took a deep breath, his chest expanding and sending a chill down his spine as his shoulder touched the back of the couch he sat against. "I was just kidding about the teeth."

A moment later and he felt Hutch's forehead against his. I must be sweaty, he thought as Hutch pulled back and Starsky felt a cold spot where Hutch's forehead once was.

"See ya," Starsky muttered out.