Title: Starsky Vs. Hutch

Season, Episode: Season 4; Episode 21 :(

Rating: T

Note: No Copyright Infridgment inteded. I do not own the boys, just play around with them occassionally.


"Look, um…" Hutch rubbed his hands together, trying to keep them from trembling. He knew what he was going to say; he had practiced his 'speech' on the ride over to Starsky's place. But now, watching how relaxed his partner was, how cheery and happy he seemed, it threw Hutch off. "I just… I thought we might work out whatever problems - "

"There's no problem," Starsky said putting the newspaper Hutch had brought down on the table by him. He crossed his arms and looked somewhere behind Hutch, not meeting his eyes. "Not anymore."

"Well there was yesterday," Hutch said.

There was a small pause. Starsky's eyes looked down to Hutch's shirt, still not looking directly at him as he said, "I was jealous."

Hutch looked at Starsky, finally getting a look at those deep blue eyes and smiled. He chuckled lightly, not believing what he was hearing. Although Starsky hadn't elaborated about whom he was jealous off, Hutch's felt his blood race. Was Starsky jelous of Hutch's attention towards Kira or the other way around?

"You were jealous, huh?" Hutch stopped smiling when Starsky dropped his gaze. "You're not jealous anymore?"

"No," Starsky responded.

Hutch looked down at the floor. His breathed slowed as he asked, "How come?"

He held his breathe as Starsky answered, "I had to deal with how Kira and I felt about each other."

"How's that?" Hutch slide on the countertop, getting a little closer to his partner and bit the inside of his cheek.

"I love her," Starsky said.

"You what?!"

"I love her."

Hutch turned away, blinking as he processed this new titbit of information. It wasn't like you were expecting him to say he loves you, Hutchinson, he told himself. "She loves you, huh?" Hutch asked, biting his lip.

"Yeah," came the reply from Starsky.

"Have you told her that?"

"Well… not in so many words but…" Starsky reached over to Hutch and brushed something off his sleeve. Hutch felt his touch, felt his warm hand brifly be touched by Starsky's but never took his eyes off the man. He was sure, would the touch lasted just a second longer, Starsky would have felt his hand shaking. "… You know."

Hutch had enough. He pushed away from the counter without another glance at Starsky. He said over his shoulder as he left, "Well, I got a lot of work to catch up on. I'll hook up with you later."

He heard Starsky say, "Thanks for dropping by," just as he reached the door.