On the island of Kongo Bongo, DK and the gang were all at Cranky's house, worked up because of their green, and scaly nemesis King K-Rool. He was there trying to make another attempt to grab that crystal coconut away from Donkey Kong so that he can become the future ruler of Kongo Bongo, but as usual, Donkey Kong refuses to put up with his attempt, and decided to end it once and for all before he pops his lid.

K-Rool: Hand the crystal coconut over, or else!

DK: No! Forever and ever it will be a no!

K-Rool: If you don't hand it over, you monkeys will suffer the consequences!

Cranky: We will never give it up to you! No matter how many times you try, K-Rool, it just ain't happening! So why don't you get out of here?

K-Rool: I'm not leaving until that crystal coconut is in the palm of my hands!

Tiny: What part of we're not giving it up do you not understand? No matter how many times you try, K-Rool, you will never get the coconut!

K-Rool: (growls) Don't temp me!

As the bickering between the Kremlins and Kongs carried on, two of King K-Rool's goons, Klump and Krusha, were crawling on the floor to the pedestal where the crystal coconut stands. They tried their very best to keep quiet so they won't get caught.

Klump: Shhh...quickly, while they are busting out their anger towards each other.

Krusha: Uhhhh...shouldn't we be doing the same, General Klump?

Klump: Nonsense, soldier. Once K-Rool sees what we have done at this very moment, he will be pleased and we would probably get into the king's good books.

Krusha: Proud of us? Okay.

Klump: Okay what?

Krusha: I'm going to tell King K-Rool right now.

Klump: D'ah! Don't you dare, Krusha. Come back here! Krusha!

Krusha rushed over to tell King K-Rool about his achievement, which is about to get screwed up. Klump crawled as fast as he could to get the crystal coconut before the conversation stopped.

Krusha: Uh...King K-Rool?

K-Rool: I'm-can't you see I'm in the middle of a conversation?

Krusha: Yes, but we got some great news...Me and General Klump are stealing the crystal coconut for you.

K-Rool: What?

Diddy turned around and saw Klump grab the coconut in his claws.

Diddy: Look! He's got the crystal coconut!

DK: Huh? Oh, no he don't!

K-Rool: Run, Klump! Pass it to me!

DK ran after Klump. Klump threw it to Krusha who caught it with his hands. Dixie Kong punched Krusha in the nose, and took the crystal coconut back. She threw it to DK, who wasn't paying any attention because he's occupied with King K-Rool. He tried to block King K-Rool from getting the crystal coconut. Krusha tossed it to him, and K-Rool pushed Donkey Kong out of the way. Then, K-Rool ran to the door, and signaled Krusha and Klump to follow him back to his factory.

Diddy: DK! Get up! We got to get the crystal coconut back!

DK: (groans) Yeah...okay...

Cranky: Let's not stand around here! Let's go!

King K-Rool and his minions ran towards a mine cart nearby. They got into the mine cart, and they sped off into the mine tunnels. DK and the others had gotten their paws on some mine carts as well, and rode into the mine tunnels to follow King K-Rool.

Klump: Uh, sir? Donkey Kong's gaining on us!

K-Rool: (growls) Can't I catch a break at all? Quick! Turn left!

Krusha turned the mine cart left to get rid of Donkey Kong. All the mine carts were going in separate ways with the crystal coconut flying out of one hand and into another. The last person to get it was Krusha himself, but the Kong sisters' cart had caught up with the crocs' mine cart, and Tiny jumped into theirs.

K-Rool: Get back, you monkey! Don't make me have to take drastic measures!

Tiny: The only drastic measures that you need to take are your body parts, K-Rool!

K-Rool: Hey! Hey! Don't you pull tha-

Tiny Kong pulled the brakes of the mine cart, and the cart came to a complete stop. Tiny quickly grabbed the coconut, and threw it to Dixie Kong. Tiny Kong got back inside with Dixie Kong and sped away.

K-Rool: No! No! Aah! Aah! Why you monkeys are going to regret doing that! I will find a way to get that crystal coconut from you all if it is the last thing I'll do!

Later in the day, Tiny Kong was sitting in her house bored. She had nothing to do at all, but sit and eat bananas all day but she got so tired of doing that. She took it upon herself to go to her big sister's house to hang with her. Dixie Kong was busy cleaning up the inside of her house when Tiny came over.

Tiny: Hey sis...what are you doing?

Dixie: Cleaning. Isn't it obvious?

Tiny: Oh...well...I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out with me. I'm kind of bored...

Dixie: (annoyed) I'm busy right now, Tiny. I can't hang out with you.

Tiny: Why not? Every time I come over here, you are always cleaning up.

Dixie: (annoyed) I like my house kept clean unlike you. Now leave me alone, I'm busy.

Tiny: Well, can't I just sit here until you're done?

Dixie: (sighs) Yes, Tiny. You can sit on the couch. Don't touch anything, okay?

Tiny: Okay...

Dixie knew for sure that if she turned her back at that very moment, her sister was definitely going to touch something that she has no business touching, but she went ahead and trusted Tiny and walked into the kitchen. Tiny Kong couldn't help but to start laying her hands on her big sister's personal matter. She got up and saw a banana vase sitting on one of the shelves. It was a birthday gift from Dixie's boyfriend Diddy Kong. She admired it for a while. She picked it up and examined it a little closer. Tiny walked to Dixie Kong with it in her hand. Sadly, Tiny Kong slipped on a banana peel on the floor and slid into a wall. Dixie heard the clutter and some glasses break in the other room. Dixie Kong ran to see what was the commotion about.

Dixie: (gasp)

Dixie ran to where she heard the noise. Her vase was broken and so where her favorite banana glass figures.

Tiny: (groans)


Tiny: I just wanted to have a look at this vase. It had bananas on it.

Dixie: It's broken now! Ergghhhh! I've had it with you! My hut is always a mess because of you! You are too clumsy, and you won't even listen to me! That vase was very important to me! It was a birthday gift from Diddy Kong WHICH HE MADE HIMSELF!

Tiny: I didn't mean to break it, Dixie. I didn't see the banana peel on the floor...

Dixie: Just go! Please! Please go! You always come over and ruin everything in sight!

Dixie Kong pushed Tiny Kong out the door, and slammed it hard.

Tiny Kong walked away feeling bad for what she did. She didn't mean to break Dixie's vase. She just got curious. Then, she thought of two monkeys who are always there to cheer her up: Donkey Kong and Diddy. She ran over to DK's hut to see what's happening over there. DK and Diddy were busy stacking cards. Both of them were trying to beat their record, which was 200 cards stacked. Tiny Kong walked in to see what they were doing.

Tiny: Hey guys.

Diddy: Hey, Tiny. Please be careful. Me and Donkey Kong are trying to beat our old record of stacking cards. We are going to make the biggest house of cards this island's ever seen.

DK: It was 200 hundred the last time.

Tiny: Oh, cool. Can I help, too?

DK: Uh...

Diddy: Um...no?

Tiny: Oh...

DK: Well we would let you help us, but me and Diddy pretty much got this under control, Tiny.

Tiny: Oh...well. I guess I'll...just...sit here\, and watch.

DK: Okay, but we need peace and quiet to do this.

Diddy: Yeah. We are almost there.

Tiny: Oh..okay. I'll just sit right here and be quiet then.

Tiny didn't watch where she was sitting. Donkey Kong's air horn was in set in the place where she was getting ready to sit down. Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong was about to beat their record by one card. The air horn went off as she plopped her bottom on it.


Diddy Kong fell off his ladder, and DK grabbed on to his ladder so he won't fall. Tiny Kong ran off startled. She tripped over Diddy Kong and went straight into the cards that DK and Diddy worked hard on.