Two months has passed, and Kongo Bongo Island has been restored from the evil doings of King K-Rool, who had escaped, and disappeared without a trace. The palm trees were swaying in the gentle wind, and bananas and coconuts are now back on the trees, which is good news to the Kongs. The most important thing that everyone was happy about was that the crystal coconut got its powers back. At Tiny Kong's monkey hut, Donkey Kong and the gang, including Klaptrap, stood by a her favorite banana tree to give her a little ceremony of her death. They had flowers, and gifts for their friend to be placed down by her tree.

Cranky: Ahem! We are all gathered by this celebrate...the loss...of a friend...The loss of a friend, a cousin, and a sister. We all loved her dearly. She had a..uh...sweet and kind soul. She also had a loving heart...she even cared enough to risk her life to save the island. For that being, I give her this book because she would annoy me everyday about it.

Cranky Kong placed the brown book full of stories near the tree. Donkey Kong placed some flowers near the book as he wiped his tears away.

DK: You would always have my back. I'll miss you. Not as a friend, family.

Diddy walked up to place a video game she always loved to play beside the other gifts.

Diddy: We had great times with this video game, but I still think you have cheated on that last match between Mario and Yoshi. That's not really important, though. I just want to say that you were the coolest Kong around right from the start, and I'll miss you.

Candy and Funky Kong also had gifts. They placed it beside each other. Candy didn't know what to say about Tiny Kong because she barely hangs out with her, so she tried to wing it.

Candy: Even though we don't always hang, you are still...a friend to me.

Funky: You have taught me a lot of things, and this dude appreciates it. You were fun to be around, and you would make awesome jokes to perk up my day whenever bad karma decides to show up, and kick my tail. Thank you.

Junior walked to the tree with a friendship ring, and placed it down beside the flowers.

Junior: I know that I'm a Kremling, and I should be evil and all, but you made me realized that creatures of my kind don't always have a dark side. There's also a good in all of us. Thanks for being my friend. (sniffling)

Bluster walked up to the tree. He made an attempt to hold back his tears to show that he's bold enough to say anything without choking up on his words. The others shrugged.

Bluster: Now, I know you hated my guts, and you found me annoying and bossy, but I want to say...that...that...that I'm not. Just because I'm rich and handsome and you knew you wanted to go out with me, and that I tell everyone off doesn't make me some kind of windbag. It just means that I'm-

Cranky threw his wooden cane at Bluster's head to get him to stop.

Bluster: Ouch!

Cranky: If she was here, she would have killed you. Hurry up so we can move on with the ceremony!

Bluster: Okay, okay, okay. To sum it all up...I think you are so hot.

Bluster walked back to his spot. Everyone looked at him.

Bluster: ...What? I said what I had to say.

Dixie: Even though you were a pain in her butt, you still could have given her a nice gift.

Bluster: Oh...right...let's see...ah.

Bluster took out his money and placed it near the gifts.

Bluster: Here's...3,000 dollars.

Cranky: (face palm)

Dixie: What a gift, but haven't you noticed that she's not even here to use it?!

Bluster's cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

DK: Alright, Dixie. Here's your moment.

Dixie took a deep breath and walked to her sister's favorite tree. Tears were falling down her face, and her heart was broken with grief.

Dixie: ...Tiny...remember all the times you had done some things that made me angry? Well, to make up for it, you would always apologize, saying how sorry you were, but I always ignore you just so you can go away, and leave me alone, and you always come back. You accidentally broke my favorite vase, and you had apologized. Once again, I ignored you so you can go away and leave me alone...(voice breaking) This weren't able to come back. Instead, you are gone...forever. When I apologized to you at the Grey Mountains...I meant it...with all my heart...and soul...I love you.

Dixie Kong got down on her knees, and placed a picture of her sister, Tiny Kong near the other gifts. On the picture, Tiny Kong was sitting on a rock, with her foot on the other rock, and her left hand on her left knee, and her right hand beside her, and a beautiful smile on her face. Dixie Kong started crying. Diddy walked to her, and sat down beside her. He wrapped his arms around his girlfriend to comfort her. The others gathered around to mourn the loss. Back at the Grey Mountains, The sky was still dark in that area. Down in the canyon, the spot where Tiny Kong was laying, her body was no longer there. Tiny Kong had rose up, and was climbing up to the edge of the cliff. She made it to the top, and forced herself up. Her head was hanging down, and she was limping, due to the fact that she still had the scar on her leg, to a nearby palm tree. She leaned against it for support. The evil King K-Rool stood behind her with his red eyes showing, and his teeth baring. He placed his hand on Tiny's head, and rubbed like he would a pet. Tiny Kong's eyes were also red.

K-Rool: (deep monster voice) We again...someday...(laughing)

To be Continued...