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So Help Me, Freud - Chapter 10

"My love is something valuable to me which I ought not to throw away without reflection" —Sigmund Freud

The boy's eyes shot open in surprise. Was that what he thought it was? Unsure, he tentatively poked the man's cheek.


He poked the man's cheek again, knocking a strand of scarlet hair over his eyes. To Deidara's surprise, this elicited a cough as Sasori attempted to blow the hair off his face.


Deidara sat up, eyes wide and fixated on his doctor.

"Dann-un!" he said, his tears quickly drying. "You're alive!"

Sasori slowly forced his eyes opened and they yielded to his command, cracking with dried sleep. He pulled his hand up weakly, brushing some of it away.

"Dei..." he repeated again, pulling himself up to sit on the bed. He briefly looked at his sterile white surroundings before letting his eyes rest lazily on the young man in front of him. He breathed in slowly through his nose, but quickly winced, his face disgusted.

"Ack," he spat. "Hidan."

The blonde's dazed expression gradually pulled into a smile. That was him. Sasori-no-danna. It was him. He was okay.

And before he could think, he was hugging him.

"Danna." he murmured. Tears slid down his cheek and onto his doctor's neck. Stunned, Sasori spent a moment in indecision, but it wasn't long before his hands acted on their own, moving to return the teen's embrace. Expression as stoic as ever, he laid his head on the boy's shoulder.

The two sat there in silence for what seemed like ages until a small tap was made on the door. Sasori looked at it in confusion, disoriented. Deidara slowly turned his head to look at the turning doorknob and quickly jumped back before the door could open. A young man in black casually walked in, holding a clipboard with one hand while the other carelessly rifled through his messy brown hair. A cloth hand puppet stuck out of his pants pocket, suggesting that he'd probably just returned from pediatric care.

"Oh," he said, taking note of the now-sitting man. "You're awake."

Sasori slowly nodded, watching as the man pulled second chair towards the bed. Deidara watched intently, regularly shifting his gaze between the two men. The black-clad doctor tossed his clipboard on the bed and the corner of his mouth pulled into a smile. Subconsciously, Sasori noted the odd shade of purple that colored his lips and the edges of his eyes.

"Well, that's good." he said, looking at the redhead. "How are you?"

Sasori didn't answer.

"Eh, that's alright. You don't have to answer. I'm Kankuro. Don't call me doctor. I really hate it. That's why I told you my first name; use it. I'm the hospital's poison expert. It seems you overdosed on some anti-psychotics."

Sasori glanced around before staring out the window that vomited sunbeams into the room. Kankuro continued, gesturing at Deidara.

"This kid brought you in just in time. He said that he was taking care of you and accidentally gave you the wrong medication. Seems he grabbed two bottles of ziprasidone when he thought he was getting acetaminophen and ibuprofen. Gave you a full twelve hour dose of both. You'd've been dead if he hadn't brought you here when you unexpectedly passed out."

Sasori turned to look at the blonde teen who was tensely staring out the window while he fidgeted with his fingers, a behavior Sasori now knew was his "tell" that he was lying.

"But you aren't, thanks to him, the ER team, and myself. You should be really happy. Now that you're awake, I'll get the head nurse to look you over. If she says it's alright, you could be out of here by dinner time."

Sasori nodded in acknowledgement, and Deidara softly muttered a "Thank you" as the man left. Once he was gone, Sasori locked Deidara in a steely glare, one typically reserved for when he had to bail the boy out of jail.

"Explain." he said firmly.

Another long silence followed as the two men sat there in a perpetual battle to make the other speak. Ultimately though, Deidara was the one to break the silence.

"Actually," he said hesitantly, his gaze falling to the floor. "I think you should."

"...huh?" Sasori blurted out. Deidara's eyebrows furrowed together angrily and he lowered his voice, moving closer to the red-haired man.

"I think you should explain why you've been acting weird —and don't say you haven't. First you acted weird at my appointment, smiling when you shouldn't and excusing me when you wouldn't. I found out in my neighborhood that you stopped your treatment with Hidan. Did you know he lived just down the block from Tobi? Of course you didn't —you never left the office enough to know that. So imagine what a surprise it was..."

The teen trailed off, looking at his doctor.

"...what a surprise it was to find that my doctor, the man that rarely left the office when work was over, hadn't even come to work at all."

Sasori opened his mouth to talk, but Deidara didn't let him.

"And," he continued, "imagine what it was like for me, who admired you, trusted you, loved you... to have you, my precious Danna, slam your door in my face when I was so concerned about you?"

"Deidara." the man whispered, staring into the sky blue of Deidara's eyes. His own eyes welled up and his heart pounded. "Dei—"

"No," said the teen, silencing the man as a teardrop streaked down his face. "I'm not done yet. I'm not done at all, because that wasn't even the worst of it. Because after you stopped seeming yourself, after you didn't show for the one appointment I needed most, after I hunt you down to have a door slammed in my face..."

Deidara paused, pulling a small bottle out of his pocket as another tear fell.

"Because after all of that, after I, in panic, blow up the side of your front door...after everything I've experienced with you, Danna, I find you unconscious in your pantry with this laying empty beside you."

Sasori sat there, dumbstruck.

"Now I'm going to ask you again, Danna. Explain."

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