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So Help Me, Freud — Chapter 7

"The paranoid are never entirely mistaken" — Sigmund Freud

Deidara stood in the driveway of Sasori's house. Something was off. His doctor was definitely home —the living room lamp was on. However, that was one of the things that set off a bell in his head; the lamp was on even though the curtains were open and it was bright and sunny out. Sasori didn't do that, he didn't waste. He only used what was necessary to be efficient.

Somehow, Deidara had a feeling that that lamp had been on for a while.

The blonde took a cursory glance at his surroundings, and though he wasn't looking for anything, some things just stuck out. Fallen leaves were cluttered about his driveway. Weeds had grown. His car was dirty. Upon further inspection, it had dried egg on it.

Danna hadn't been out of the house —he couldn't have been. The mess would have driven him mad. The Danna he knew would have swept the leaves, pulled the weeds, washed his car...
Deidara stopped. The Danna he knew wouldn't have left work. There was no point in noticing these oddities; he already knew something was wrong. He didn't need an egged car to tell him that —though it certainly made him worried. Worrieder.
Swallowing a lump of fear, the blonde clumsily brushed a hair from his face and strolled up to the door. He did his best to look casual and NOT the way he certainly did: scared, a mess, and worried. What if Danna was just sick? That could be it; Danna was just sick and he didn't want to infect him. Nevermind the umpteen colds he'd caught from the man...he was just sick...
Deidara cautiously rapped on the door.

The blonde wasn't sure what he had expected to happen when he knocked on the door. He wasn't sure if he subconsciously thought that doing so would resolve all of his stress or magically fix his problem. Whatever he thought, though, was wrong. His stress was not resolved. His problem was not fixed. Knocking on the door just left him standing in front of the door. Dumbstruck.

"God DAMN IT!" he yelled.

Deidara slammed his fist against the hardwood door. Where was he!? Where the fuck could he—

The thought was dispelled with a creak as the door pushed out against the the teen's arm, causing his eyes to shoot open, immediately falling upon the figure past the threshold. The man there was nearly unidentifiable.

The boy's breath jolted, his heart skipping a beat. "Danna!" he shouted.

His shout was answered with a second of widened eyes, quickly followed by the harsh slam of the door. Deidara's hand lingered in front of him, frozen in a half-completed wave.
He was gone.
The blonde turned the doorknob to no avail.

Just like that, he was gone.

Author's Note

Once again, I am SO sorry. It came so slow, but it's still so short. I think Saso POV will come faster, and I'm fairly certain everything will go faster once Deidara gets in the house. I'm sorry. I really am. Music?

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