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"Men are strong so long as they represent a strong idea they become powerless when they oppose it." —Sigmund Freud

Sasori's mind was in shambles as he turned away from the door, his greatest love and greatest fear just inches behind it. The boy had come to find him. Normally his rationale would say "Of course he did", but that part of his mind didn't function anymore. It had been replaced with sheer panic, grief, and love. He didn't want to feel this. Not anymore. He couldn't do this anymore.
The redhead ambled back to his chair and slumped down in it, covering his face with his palms. Frazzled nerves and endlessly firing synapses drowned his world in broken words, disjointed speech.

"You are completely egoistic; you feel your needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them."

"You're a mistake, a giant mistake."

The ghost of the Father berated the doctor ruthlessly within the confines of his mind, tearing all thought to shreds as Sasori's breaths grew thinner. His world distorted. Chairs and lamps grew taller, thinner, spindly figures sprouting from the bookcase, twisting into shadows of his love and God, slinking their way around him, taunting him, watching him. Laughter rang through his ears and the rest of the world spun as he crept into a fetal position in his recliner.

"Heheh, I know, un."

Terrified brown eyes looked through the gaps of porcelain fingers to peek at the shadowy figures that now stood a few feet before him, gossiping to each other behind their hands.

"He is very crazy."

"No kidding, yeah."


"GO AWAY!" Sasori screamed. His nails bit into the flesh of his forehead, dragging a path of broken skin as his hands trembled. The shadowy Deidara laughed.

"Ha, make us, Danna."

The doctor's knees hit his chin as his whole body shook.

"Can't you do it, un?"

Ragged red lines were now torn down his cheeks. The figure of Freud glared at him.

"If you can't do it, give up!"

Sasori swallowed hard, peering up at the figures that mocked him.
He could do it.

Using the very last of his will, the red-haired man forced himself to his feet, stumbling past the figures and toward the pantry.

He could make them leave.

Sasori fumbled with shelves, finding the spare bottle of anti-psychotics that he kept for Deidara.

But... he thought, haphazardly pouring out pills.

I might have to give up.

Sasori forced the pills down his throat, swallowing them dry before sinking to the floor dizzily. A faint smile crossed his lips.
Goodbye, Deidara. I love you.

Those were the thoughts echoing through his head as he drifted slowly into unconsciousness. His last thoughts would be of the man he loved.

The last sound he heard was an explosive blast.

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