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Third Person POV

Quite a few days had pasted. Nobody was really worried over the fact that Taia and Rebecca hadn't returned. Not that they didn't care. They just believed that the two girls were probably staying over at the hospital.

It was raining outside. A large storm had taken over the area and was supposed to last for days. The wind had been awful, blowing over trees and blowing off roofs. The rain was horrible as well.

The only damage done to the small building that everyone stayed in was the power outage. They had lost it during the first few hours of the storm.

Everyone stood around the small table Rylea and Pony had gotten a few days before. Sam stood, leaning his arms on the table, shuffling a deck of cards. He had been doing that for over a half an hour, not having anything to do and finding that doing something as simple as that was keeping his attention.

Rylea was sitting on a chair that Sam had built the day after they got the table. she was silently watching Sam shuffle the cards, as well as tapping out a beat of the surface of the table.

Dally was out, trying to find an open store.

Phenyx walked in. he had a broom in one hand and his other hand dangling at his side. For the past few days, he had spent most of his time trying to get the shabby place organized. He, like the majority of them, was still hunting for a job.

"Hey Phenyx. Done yet?" This was zander, who was lounging on another one of the chairs, resting his feet on Rylea leg, jokingly trying to get on her nerves.

"Yeah I guess. The place isn't clean exactly yet, course with a guy like you living here, it will never be" Phenyx Answered, leaning the broom on the wall, Rylea noticed the way Sam smiled as Phenyx walked over, pulling up a third chair next to Sam and sat down.

Sam began arranging the card by their suits, when Phenyx stopped him.

"Hey guys. Wanna play a game?" Phenyx asked the group.

"What kinda game?" Rylea asked, trying to push Zander's feet from her chair

"A card game. Ya know, like poker or something."

"That's a good idea," Zander said, getting up. He grabbed a bag of potato chips, their last bag, and gave everyone a pile. "There, those will be the poker chips"

Pretty soon, everyone who was home at the time stood or sad around the small table, playing poker and joking around. It was fun for all of them.

Taia's POV

I don't know how long it had been since we were first captured. All I remember was waking up in someone's house, Chained to someone's bed. I panicked, not knowing where I was or what those people were planning on doing with me.

I looked around the room. It wasn't a large room. All that had filled it was the bed I had been chained up in. literally that was it. it was dark in the room, though not completely black. There was some light coming out from underneath the door.

From outside, I heard some people talking. The voices sounded slurred, like the people they belonged too had been drinking. I had heard the sound of something glass breaking and the scary sound of the sinister laughter afterward.

"Oh god, where am I," I whispered to myself. That's when I look down and realized something that caused me to turn bright red. Just about everything I had been wearing had been taking from me. if was freezing in the room, and I was lying there in nothing but my underwear.

I closed my eyes, trying to imagine that I was somewhere else. At home, with Ponyboy. That was where I'd wanted to be. I didn't hear the door open, but I was able to tell it had been open from the light that flooded the room. I suddenly became terrified. I heard them put something under the bed. Then I felt hands on me, unchaining the chains. I was totally stiff, trying to ignore the rough hands that had been all over me.

"Pick 'er up," I heard one of the men say. Another man did just that. I opened my eyes.

"Look who's finally awake," the man holding me said, smiling oddly down at me. "I bet you were faking the unconsciousness the whole time actually. But that won't work anymore, girly.

He began walking out of the room. A caught a glimpse back at the bed, to see a hand stinking out from under the bed. The thing they had out under the bed was a person.

They carried me out of the room and closed the door. I could see there was blood on the counter in the room. The same counter they put me down on

"What are you guys doing!" I desperately asked. Scared out of most of my thoughts. They just ignored the question.

One of the men undressed me the rest of the way, making things so much worse for me. for obvious reasons I wasn't comfortable lying naked on a table surrounded by a bunch of men.

For the next chunk of time, they each took turns, pretty much doing whatever they wanted with my body. I sat there still, with my eyes shut.

God this is terrible, I thought to myself I thought of the person put under the bed. I wondered if what was happening to me had happened to them.

I just wanted this to be over.

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