My Cupid Prince

"Sera, Sera, Sera~"

"I said, don't talk to me while I'm at school, I look like a weirdo talking to myself!" Sera whispered as she walked along the school ground.

"Well, I just want to inform you, those girls are after you."


"KYAAA SERA-SENPAI~!" Mobs of girls flashed out of nowhere and surrounded Sera in a matter of a second. She was completely trapped, nowhere to escape.

"Did you grow out your hair~!?"

"A, Ahaha, yup! I just wore a wig to… to… surprise you guys!"



"Aaahn~? Isn't this Kurobana Sera~?" Then she heard a voice from one of the crowds; immediately the crowd parted like a sea parted by Moses and Atobe walked towards her.

'A-A-Atobe!' Sera fought the urge to blush and stood there, also feeling a bit safe by the personal space she got back.

"Hi Atobe."

"You look… different."

"Do I?"

"Yeah. In a good way." He tussled a bit with Sera's hair, making her finally turn red. "Heh. Then I'll see you at the meeting today." He said and left, making the girls sigh and fawn over him; Sera's heart was racing fast. Real fast.

"Uh, gotta go guys! See you later!" She laughed and dashed away to her secret spot where no one went to.

"NIOU I DID IT!" She yelled and he appeared invisible.

"Heh, good job kiddo. Now you have to make some progress."

"Yeah!" She felt so happy that she jumped into Niou's arms and squeezed his neck tight. "Alright I'll do my best!" She said and dashed back to her class.

Niou just stood there, a bit surprised; then he turned a bit red, feeling her cheek that grazed against his.

She sat in a class with Niou floating around in the classroom, looking over the students amusingly. He went up to the teacher and blew into his ear. The teacher freaked out and made a weird noise, making the students laugh.

Sera giggled and looked at Niou who gave her a victory sign.

'I wonder if Niou has any girlfriend right now… Do cupids have girlfriends? Hm… well, they specialize in love, they must have one!'

"Hey Sera, this is really boring." He came back and said to her. Sera just nodded and sighed. She put her head down on the desk and looked out the window, only until—

"Hellooo~?" Niou popped his head right out of the desk, appearing right in front of Sera's eyes.

"WAAAAAA!" She yelped and stood up, and the whole class turned to look at her.

"Kurobana! This isn't very like of you!" the teacher scolded.

"Sorry sir, I saw a bug." She said.

"Hmph. Very well."

She gave Niou a glare and he just smiled back.

After school, she was done with the student council meeting; Atobe purposely sat next to her, sent her flirting looks and things. She just fought the blushes from creeping up on her cheeks; but she admitted, she was happy.

Sera happily hummed as she skipped over to the school gate.

"Ah, I forgot my pencil case…!" She remembered that she had forgotten it in the student council room, so she headed back.

"I'm hearing things about Kurobana, Atobe."

She heard a voice just before she turned the corner. Niou, who cloaked himself, stopped too and perked his ears up.

"Ah~ That tomboy? Heh, she finally managed to look like a girl. She used to look like a guy cosplaying a girl."

"That's so harsh!" The other guy laughed and said.

"She's looking a bit better now. I guess she's an interesting playmate. She blushes so easily, it's too much to handle."

Sera's fists clenched and shook in anger.

"O-Oi, Sera…"

"I know that she's head over heels for this Ore-sama, but I wouldn't accept it even if people bring me a whole truck of her."

"But… I guess she's not that bad looking though. And she's smart and good at karate!"

"She certainly is pretty-faced but that's what makes it more fun to play, no?"

"Sera, don't listen, let's go." Niou physicalized himself and pulled on Sera's hand.

"No." She yanked it off, and stomped right over to Atobe.

"K-Kurobana!" The guy he was gossiping with saw her and yelped.

Sera didn't hesitate to blow a punch right at his face.

"Don't flatter yourself you fucking monkey narcissist diva shitbag." She cursed at him, gave him a glare, and turned and left.

She dashed out of school, ignoring Niou's shouts. She went to the playground she used to go as a kid, sat on a bench, and continued sobbing.

"Sera…" She could hear Niou's voice next to her.

"I-I thought he was serious…!"

Niou gently wrapped his arm around her and had her lean onto his shoulder.

"It's okay. Hey, but you did awesome back there! That was a sight!"

"Maybe I should've kicked his balls too." She cursed and Niou laughed.

"Don't worry, he's just one of the bad fish out there!"

Sera sobbed more, unable to control tears from escaping. Niou felt really bad; then the next thing he did, he did not have in mind.

He gently kissed her forehead.

"Eh?" She stopped sobbing and looked at him with bewildered eyes.

"I knew it! It stopped!" He grinned.

"YOU BAKA CUPID!" She smacked him over and over; but it was true, he made her feel a lot better.

That day, at night.


"Yeah?" He appeared in his pajamas.

"Can you hug me until I sleep?"

Niou just blinked.

"N-Never mind."

"No, it's fine." He snapped his finger and they were already in bed together. Sera happily snuggled up to him, appreciating the fact that she could snuggle up to someone.

"You know, you're a really good guy, Niou."

"Did you just realize?" He smirked, making Sera laugh.

"If you weren't a cupid but a human guy, I would've definitely chose you over Ahobe even before I knew that he was a jerk." She smiled.

"R-Really. W-Well, I'm glad to know."

"Yup. Good night."

-The Next Day-

Sera was not believing this. Atobe knelt down in front of her with a bouquet of rose in his hand. In the middle of the hallway.

"What's the meaning of this?" Sera coldly stared down at Atobe.

"You're the first woman to resist me… I've fallen for you."

Sera just gapped at this more-than-stupid monkey in front of her. And what's more embarrassing was, they were then in the center of a mob of people.

"Sera!" She heard Niou's voice from behind the mob surrounding her and Atobe. Niou was dressed in Hyotei uniform, walking through the crowd. Sera—for some reason—blushed.

"Aaahn~? And who are you?"

"Me? I'm about to confess to her."


"You said you'd choose me over him, right? Then brace yourself."

Niou pulled her by the arm and crashed his lips onto hers. The crowd gasped or squealed or sighed while Atobe just gapped at the two.

Niou passionately moved his lips, trapping Sera in his warm embrace. When he let her go, he whispered into her ear: "I'll be your boyfriend instead of that junk. Don't worry, Cupids can date."

"Niou…!" Sera teared up and hugged this amazing person; not only was he a good friend but someone who actually cared for her.

"Now, I wanna watch you practice. Let's go."


'Who knew Cupids themselves fall in love?' Niou happily thought as he watched Sera dash into the changing room.