This is The Girl's Dragon, Toothless but from Asher's P.O.V. You don't need to read TGD, T to understand this, but I do recommend it.


The Raid

I am dreaming. I know I'm dreaming, because Hiccup and I are in the woods together. Her hair, as usual, is down, and she has decorated it with flowers. It doesn't make a difference to me—she's always beautiful.

Her pasty skin is lightly flushed, and all I want to do is drown in those sea green eyes…

I am woken by the sound of my mother's voice: "Asher! They're raiding us again!" I barely suppress a grin.

It's time to kick some Dragon ass.


I meet up with the rest of the fire squad by the well. Snotlout, as usual, automatically tries to suck up to me. I suppress the urge to break his nose, even if he is Hiccup's cousin.

Next, Ruffnut and Tuffnut. They're the idiot twins who are just alike, unless you count Tuffnut's lack of a chest. They're Snotlout's goons, as Fishlegs puts it.

Fishlegs is a really, really fat guy that is obsessed with Dragons. He's the only one (besides me occasionally) who is nice to Hiccup, which has earned my respect.

I'm sure Hiccup is already at the forge. She's Gobber the Belch's apprentice, if only because Gobber and Stoic are friends. That's fine with me. She doesn't need to be out during a raid, when she could get hurt.

"Move, guys!" I order as a Nightmare bursts into flames on the watch tower. They follow my order without hesitation. I'll take care of everything.

As a unit, we run to the watch tower to put out the flames. Just as the flames are partially extinguished, an older Viking screams, "NIGHT FURY!"

I feel my heart stop. Oh, please Hiccup, don't be stupid! Stay inside! My hope deflates when I see Gobber, axe on his hand, rushing into battle. Dammit, Gobber! If you leave Hiccup alone, she won't stay put!

I scan the crowd for that familiar head of red-brown hair. I finally see it, far below the other Vikings', wheeling some contraption up a hill.

What is she up to?

I watch her curiously until the Night Fury hits the watch tower. I am snapped out of it and I rush to help put the fire out. I hear a high pitched scream, and suddenly, Hiccup is fist-pumping and cheering herself. I try to run to her before she sees the Nightmare behind her, but I'm too late. She turns around, points at the Dragon, and starts running when it opens its mouth.

I take off towards her and knock her over as the Dragon breathes some fire over us. "Get out of here, Hiccup!" I yell, leaping to my feet to fend off the Dragon. "The last thing we need is an angry Stoic." Of course, I have a different reason for trying to protect her, but she doesn't need to know that.

She nods at me, jumps up and starts to run towards town. I turn my attention back to the Nightmare. "You really pissed off the wrong guy, bud," I inform it. "No one threatens Hiccup, especially a butt-ugly Dragon like you!"

I have to hand it to her—Hiccup runs really fast. Within moments, Stoic leads a group of experienced Vikings to help me finish off the Nightmare. Stoic grins at me, and I feel a surge of hope—maybe he can put in a good word to Hiccup for me.

We walk back down to where a crowd of Vikings has gathered around Hiccup, who is being held up like a rag doll by Gobber. She is yelling, "I did it, Gobber! I took down a Night Fury! It crashed near Raven Point!"

The crowd begins to laugh, and I smack my forehead with my palm. Why did she have to say that?

"It's true!" she insists, looking desperate and turning to Stoic. "It really happened this time, Dad! I used my new invention to throw the bolas at it! You gotta believe me!"

Stoic groans and looks at me apologetically. "Good work, m'boy. I feel bad for asking this, since ye've already helped us so much, but could ya escort Hiccup home? We need t' have a meeting, so I can't."

Did he really expect me to refuse? Here I was, in love with his daughter, and he was asking if I would hate to walk her home.

I just nod. "Of course, sir."

As I take her elbow, I can see that her face is slightly flushed, filling me with pride. She really is cute when she blushes.

We walk up the path to her home in silence. I want to break it, but what can I say? "So, you really think you brought down a Night Fury? Cool, tell me if you find it." How can I say that?

When we get to her home, I see a large, smoldering hole in the roof. By the expression on Hiccup's face—dismay—I assume it's right over her bedroom. With how easily she gets sick, I hope the hole is fixed soon. I let go of her elbow, and when I see the frayed tips of her shirt that she probably doesn't even notice, I get mad—at her for being so reckless, at the Dragon for almost killing her, and at myself for not getting to her faster. "You need to be more careful, Hiccup. You could have been killed by that Nightmare tonight!"

I am only slightly aware of the rising sun behind me, and only then because it gives me enough light to see her red face. She turns away from me. I growl, "Fine, be like that. I'll see you around." I spin on my hill and pretend to go back to the village, to my mother, and to my actual life. My world can't revolve around Hiccup, no matter how much I wish it could.

In the next chapter: Asher is even more puzzled by the amazing girl known as Hiccup, and he talks to his mother about love and life. See you soon!