Two months ago 'kiss you wherever you want' would have been straight out sweet and Kurt would have blushed and wondered where he could drag Blaine for a quick, exhilarating press of their mouths. Now, maybe, potentially, just a little bit, it sounds like it could mean something else. But there's more speech to come and Blaine really is sweet and Kurt's pushing this new kind of excitement down a little.

But later he thinks about it, what Blaine might have meant with his carefully worked, pre-rehearsed speech. Wonders if Blaine meant it the way Kurt imagines or realized the double meaning or was just headily in love and not quite as dirty-minded as Kurt seems to be these days.

And then he remembers the way Blaine brazenly talking about masturbation and the way Blaine's hands now always feel at once shaky and certain against his skin. Kurt remembers the way Blaine had pushed him back onto the bed only a few weeks ago and smiled in a way Kurt had never seen him smile before and then tentatively licked up the side of Kurt's dick.

"You know how you promised to kiss me wherever I wanted you to?" Kurt asks the question when they're sprawled kissing lazily, on his bed, just a few days before Christmas. He realizes after he's said it how obvious his train of thought is.

Blaine just hums his reply.

Kurt swallows because it still feels new. "I want to do that for you."

Grinning, Blaine cards his fingers through Kurt's hair and looks down at him, meeting his gaze steadily.

"I want to kiss you wherever you want me to," Kurt reiterates. "And I kind of hope that's everywhere."

Smile stretching his mouth wide, Blaine arches an eyebrow. "That sounds nice."

"We have hours and hours and I just want to…" he struggles to find the right way of saying it, "I want to lay you out and look at you and do it properly."

"You don't think we've been doing it properly?" Blaine asks, an edge of worry creeping in. They've been doing it haphazardly and awkwardly and giggling too much, blushing too much but it'd been perfect, hadn't it?

Kurt laughs and his breath catches because what they've been doing has been…amazing. "I want to kiss you everywhere you want me to. In a really selfish kind of way," Kurt realizes.

"Well in that case, you'll let me do it back?" Blaine asks, already wriggling out from under Kurt and starting work on his buttons. His tone drops: "Do you want me to kiss you everywhere?"

Another swallow and Kurt nods, his eyes shining. "You first though. I want…Just be naked and let me…" he trails off and blushes and then says, "Don't come though. Not until I'm finished."

Blaine groans, broken a little already because Kurt is getting bolder and sexier and more beautiful and smart and funny and Blaine couldn't be more in love. Except tomorrow he will be, he knows that. And now all Kurt wants to do is push him back on the bed and more him feel good and what more could a guy want?

Kurt's kneeling between his legs, watching Blaine and playing with the waistband of his jeans. "Is this okay?"

And Blaine swallows, "So okay."