You are the dark

Where I am the light.

Little brother versus the traitors.

Father could take my life

But in end,

I did what was right in my heart.

The only relationship that mattered

Has been fixed the right way.

Sometimes all it takes

Are some simple words.

I need you just as you need me.

It's all I could do after such events.

I know I did you wrong,

But I place my back against yours,

I was there when it counted.

Tell me you cannot hate me.

I don't,

I won't believe such words.

I can't stop the tears that fall,

The tear in my heart,

A heart I never thought I had.

I saw you turn to stone,



Turn to dust.

To my surprise it was on his shoulder,

Not mine.

A fitting end, I do declare.

A father would kill for a son,

A son would kill for a father.

It's only right for it to fall apart like this.

I've witnessed the greatness in you once again.

I would never be able to feel such things.

I can't imagine the tug in my heart,

The pull of a strong love leading me.

Perhaps that's for the best,

Dear brother.

Thank you for the forgiveness I've been granted.

You'll remain in my heart,

Like a thought on the edge of discovery.

You are the dark

Where I am the light,

And I would have it no other way.