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"Will I ever meet you again?" a little blonde girl said to what I guessed was a younger me.

"I dono, maybe?" a seven year old me said.

"What kind of answer is that? Apollo can you be serious for once!" Apollo recognized this dream; he'd had it many times before. He'd never seen then the girl in such clarity though.

But he still could remember her name.

"_ I'm not sure, I hope so…" My eyes were lookin at everything but her.

"Really Apollo, do you really want to meet again?"

"Yea of course, you're my friend_."

"Okay, then every night I'll wish to be able to meet you again!" He couldn't help but chuckle at her determined face.

"Here have this." I pulled out a necklace that had a black chain with some red feathers and two white ones.

"Thank you Apollo! I'll never take it off!" she said proudly and put it on. I was happy that I had managed to make her this happy with my gift.

"_COME ON IT'S TIME TO GO!" What I assume who her mother is called to her; she gulped and I knew that she was going to be fighting back tears.

Suddenly she leaned forward and kissed my cheek before turning and running off. My hand came up and held the spot and my eyes watched her back disappear, even when she was gone.

'Please let us meet again…'




Apollo sat up and looked around his room, he'd been having that dream on and off again since he was 7. Once he got older though the name of the girl started to disappear.

And now he had no idea what her name was.

He looked at the clock, "Crap I'm gonna be late! Barron you need to get your ass up!" he yelled loudly, waking his cousin Chibiko up in the process.

"Apollo, be quieter some of us don't have school until 10!" She said while wiping the sleep out of her eyes.

Barron got up and got ready, he and Apollo ran to school and once they got there they made it in the nick of time.

"Phew, I really thought that we'd be late!" Barron said while wiping the excess sweat from his forehead.

"I know, I did to, and it's all 'cause you didn't want to get up in the morning!"

"Eh, just because you wanted to be the one to actually get up this morning doesn't mean squat." Barron spat. He and Apollo continued their conversation and then Apollo collided with someone in the hallway.

It was a tall mature blonde man.

"Mongrel, watch where you're going next time I won't let you off as easily." The man shot him a cold glare and stomped off.

Apollo stuck his tongue out and mocked him behind his back, "Man he really needs to get off of his man period or something." Barron said while folding his arms over his chest and sighing. Apollo scoffed and said, "More like get the stick out of his as-,"


The class bell rang interrupting Apollo.

Apollo folded his arms behind his head and they walked down the hall. This time someone collided with Apollo.

"Damn, twice in one day Apollo?"

"Hey! It wasn't my fault!" He looked over and his amber eyes met blue, amber eyes widened and blue eyes perhaps got wider than amber ones.





Terrible cliffy, thought the first would be Silvia didn't you! Ha, as if… and if you know me there will be more surprises in here, and more twists too!