21 Guns

Lee sat on the roof of his home, staring out into the vast forestlands that surrounded Konoha. He had to make a choice.

That was not something the leaf nin was good at.

In retrospect, he'd never had to do it before. He couldn't do any other kinds of techniques; he never had girls fighting over him. It was just him, his team, and his taijutsu. The hardest decision was the way he would train each day.

But now... It was much different. Now he had to choose between his home and his heart. Between Konoha and Suna. Gaara and Gai-sensei.

A stream of tears poured from the young man's round eyes.

"Now Lee, that isn't very youthful."

Lee turned around, shocked. Standing behind him was his beloved sensei.

"Gai-sensei?" he choked out. The older man ruffled his hair and sat down beside him.

"Lee... Is this a love worth fighting for?"

The young chuunin nodded, wiping tears on his bandages.

"Then it's a love worth moving for. That might be the biggest fight of all."