Bach — Cello Suite No. 1 i - Prelude

"Maybe he just really enjoys music." Temari suggested with a shrug, watching her little brother play with the gigantic stringed instrument. Kankuro watched as well, his expression one of disbelief.

"I like music too," he replied, his face stiff and unmoving. He looked less human than his puppets. "But this is weird."

Temari nodded.

"I'm going to buy a cello." Gaara had told her.

She hadn't questioned it. Why would she? Gaara was pleasant when he played his piano. He seemed to enjoy it. Why not try a cello? Surely it wouldn't be much different, right? Still music. The worst he could do was crush it in frustration or throw it out a window.

The blonde's eyes temporarily shifted from their gaze at the Kazekage, and she shut them immediately.

No, she really hadn't expected this to be a possibility. But then, Gaara being Kazekage, Gaara being gay, Gaara having feelings for Rock Lee...those hadn't really been expected possibilities either.
Heck, who was she kidding? Things like 'possibilities' and 'expectations' were a joke anymore for her. Lee had been defying her pre-conceived 'possibilities' since he fought Gaara in the Chuunin Exams all those years ago, and he certainly wasn't showing any sign of stopping.
But still...

Temari cautiously opened her eyes as the music slowed, keeping her eyes trained on her little brother pulling a bow over the long strings of the cello. His movements were fluid and controlled as he coaxed out fine music —Temari couldn't believe that he'd only gotten the instrument that morning. Kankuro on the other hand, couldn't believe that they sold cellos in Suna.

"Who the hell even buys them!?" he had said that morning.

"Me." Gaara had answered, his long coat swishing behind him as he left.

Temari later received a message from ANBU that the Kazekage wished to give her and Kankuro a private concert. She had been thrilled. But this...wasn't quite what she had been expecting.

The kunoichi gave a mental sigh as the music quickened and Lee transitioned into a rapid series of pirouettes.

She hadn't been expecting a ballet recital.

But then again, Lee always exceeded expectations.