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And for the first time ever I'll be writing a Fairy Tail Series : Oh god this is going to suck D:
Anyways it obviously takes place during the Grand Magic Games Arc ( I seriously do love that arc, it's like one of the best ones he made!)
So here's a short summary:

Lucy failed TWICE (just pretend she didn't get second place in that Naval battle o_o... and didn't get seriously injured) and Fairy Tail is disappointed. Once the Games are over, Fairy Tail won 4th place. Unexpectedly however, the guild starts hating on Lucy and forcefully kicked her out! What happens when a fellow Sabertooth member takes her in and makes 4 new friends?
Will Fairy Tail ever see her again?

What will Natsu do to his unrequited love

Will Lucy meet new romances?

Minor ROLU, Some StiLu, MAINLY NALU!
Hope you enjoy the story!

"The results are in!"

As I was standing in the Sabertooth booth area, the Fairy Tail guild was sweating beads waiting nervously for their results. They were doing great so far had admitted, especially when both teams merged. They even defeated our twin dragon slayers! However they were afraid of the stellar spirit mage, Lucy's scores. She scored NOTHING in the event and battle she had participated in.

It looked like as if she didn't try! However Lucy did...it's just that other people can't realize it. She admits she's weak...but she still tried?

Agh why am I saying this, she's not even in my guild! She never has met me either...but...she's a human being like everyone else.

And now the time comes

"In First Place...the winner in 5 Consecutive years!...*insertdrumrollhere* SABERTOOTH!"

The audience cheers for our feat and my guild was laughing with great pride and honor. All I did was look away and give a small smirk.

"In Second Place... LAMIA SCALE!"

There were claps again but not as much as for my guild.

No Fairy Tail was really nervous, they wanted to be first, but if not at least in the top 3 as I overheard a few of the members saying.

"In Third Place..."MERMAID HEEL!"

Okay...now I had to admit the audience was pretty shocked including myself.

They actually hoped for Fairy Tail to be 3rd place. What a huge shocker. As I peered over to their guild booth, I see tears...but they aren't for happiness. Personally I wouldn't be that upset but if I was in their condition... 7 years of being missing and hearing that your guild is the weakest ...isn't pretty.

"In Fourth place...FAIRY TAIL!"

The stadium was cheering but not as the guild expected...telling from their faces they wanted to be NUMBER 1! And basically this was their only chance at the moment.


As 1 of my guild members comes over to me and a flying cat. I knew who it was so I just slightly turned to my side.

"Heh, those Fairies thought they;d get first place...pfft...what a joke Lector"

"You're obviously right Sting!"

That cocky, arrogant bastard...and yet I still have feelings for him! Egh

"W-whatever baka-inu..."

"You know" as he walked closer "You can admit whatever feelings you have for me!"

...He did not just say that...

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU STUPID CHIHUAHUA!" as I tugged on his vest collar. "O-oi..I was just kidding.."

I pushed him off roughly "Whatever...I'm not going to fight a guy who lost to Fairy Tail's Salamander"

"U-urusaiiiii!" "It doesn't even matter for them fairies, they didn't even get a spot on that podium...just because of that Lucy girl."

Wha-! He's just going to blame this girl for their whole guild's lost! What kind of nonsense is that! There are other people at fault as well.

Anyways I'm not going to argue anymore however...not with this guy.

My cheeks tinted a light pink even if I didn't admit, it took a long time to say this...for Sting

"Y-you really d-don't have a heart do y-you?"

Sting just smirked behind her and then running back to his other guild mates.

"You liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike him" Lector whispered as her rolled her tongue.


I raised my leg and kicked him to the other side of the stadium.

Meanwhile on Fairy Tail's side. Lucy's POV

"I've gone and done it...and now I'm done for."

Is what I would never had said until I had felt the pain

After I've heard our results I expected my guild to be smiling...however it was the contrary.

Their feelings of defeat and despair had gotten into them somehow...as if it was the end of the world?

"O-oi guys, if you're upset about the score...we didn't get last place at least?"

It was a complete silence as if the lingering feeling of no sound could be heard. "You should be the one talking...Lucy" Cana finally spoke up.
"You're a disgrace to our guild Bunny-girl..." Gajeel exclaimed. Erza then yelled out " 3 points...JUST THREE POINTs would have made us 2nd place...A SPOT IN THE TOP THREE!"

"If you only never got 8th place in either events you took on Lucy-san..." Wendy muttered.

...What am I hearing right now!

Tears were welling up in my eyes as the comments of hatred started to crush me

"Why did you even participate!"


I dropped down to me knees crying the stellar spirits out of myself
Is this the Fairy Tail that everybody was talking about!

... I just realized...one person wasn't here...the love of my life isn't here by my side?

I quickly ran away from the despair secluding myself in a dark corner. I lay down crying and realizing what I had done to upset the guild.

Ariane POV

I walk around the stadium wondering about the different situations at the moment...especially that cocky baka inu -.-

And soon I picked up a weird scent. (Since she has parfum magic, she has a strong sense of smell but she is NO dragon slayer XD)

It was the smell of a fairy...but not just a fairy.

The smell of defeat as well... and I think I knew just who it was.

As I go peeking through the darkest corners, I find a what so seemed lifeless body.

At first I thought she was dead...and then I heard some soft, delicate sniffling. The stellar spirit mage opened her eyes and she stared at me?


And then my tsundere senses turned on. I held out my hand for her and said while slightly turned away

"T-take my hand..."

The girl smiled and took my hand as I pulled her up

"M-my name is Ariane..."

"My name is Lucy! Nice to meet you C:"

W-wha!...she's not scared or angry that I'm Sabertooth "W-wait you aren't angry or anything?"

"Nope! why would I be?"..."well cause we are Sabertooth..."
"But not all members aren't mean and heartless...like you!"

My cheeks burst a scarlet red as I quickly hid my face under my bangs...
"S-since y-you seem a-alright...I-shall b-be going..."

I turned around and started walking in the opposite direction with a pouted face until...





After minutes of silence

"I w-want to join Sabertooth"

E.E its an awkward first chapter...I know...I know

And my OC Ariane is back in this again : she doesn't play much of a big role except for the first few chapters so don't worry if you get bored of her D':

Also I hope you like, I'll probably update every two or three days (except you know maybe not this weekend CUZ OF THE SABERTOOTH VS FAIRY TAIL BATTLE) *jizzes pants LOL

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Japanese Translations:

Matte- Stop

Tsundere- A personality where you are all stubborn and careless on the outside but sensitive on the inside...like Taiga from Toradora! XD

Urusai- Shut up

Baka-inu- Stupid Dog