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"Okay, you guys know the plan. Let's do this," Chloe said as she and her three roommates headed out of their hotel room and down to breakfast. About an hour later, the girls were getting off their coach bus in DC. They ignored the teachers telling them when and where to meet up at lunch time and they ignored the warnings about getting lost. Jamie, Lauren, Ashley and Chloe rushed off to get on a city bus as soon as they were given free run of the city.

Three hours later, Jamie, Lauren and Ashley sprinted into the park, skidding to a stop in front of their teachers.

"You're late," Mr. Casey told them.

"Where's Chloe?" Mrs. Treshaw asked. "You were supposed to stick together."

"Chloe, she's... we were getting off a bus and we got separated. There were a lot of people rushing about, and she disappeared. We looked, but we didn't find her," Ashley explained breathlessly.

"How long ago was this?" Mr. Casey asked.

"We were on our way back here," Lauren said. "We tried calling her, texting her, and her phone goes straight to voicemail."

"Where were you when you got off the bus?" Mrs. Treshaw asked.

"No idea," Jamie replied.

"What do you mean, no idea? You're in an unfamiliar city, and you mean to tell me that you got off a bus with absolutely no idea where you were?" Mr. Casey exclaimed angrily.

"We were using the GPS on Chloe's phone so we wouldn't get lost. It told us to get off the bus there, so we did. We walked around for a few minutes and finally asked some lady to give us directions here," Lauren explained.

At 9:30 sharp, Chloe Rewalds walked through the front door of the Lightman Group office.

"I need to see Dr. Lightman," she told the secretary.

"I'm afraid Dr. Lightman is busy right now," she said. Chloe studied her face. She swept her gaze across the desk and saw the reflection of an email in the shiny surface of the wall behind the desk. Anna was the name the email was addressed to.

"You're lying. You don't know that, Anna," Chloe said.

"I work with Lightman; I'm not intimidated by that."

"And I'm not intimidated by lies. Which way is Lightman's office?"

"That way," Anna said, pointing to a door several yards down the hallway. Chloe marched down the hallway and shoved the door open.

"Your secretary says you're busy. I think that's a load of BS." She stepped into the room. There was the famous Cal Lightman, feet up on his desk, picking at a tuna sandwich and staring at his computer screen.

"What do you want?" he said, not looking up.


"Sure, love. I am ready, quite single, and available every night this week," he said, once again without looking up.

"Your help," Chloe revised, and looked around the room. Messy, window needs washing, two mugs on the desk, one with a lipstick stain. The reflection of his computer screen off the window revealed surveillance cameras of the office building.

"Watching porn?" Chloe asked.

"No," he said, looking up.

"Surveillance videos then." His face told her yes. "Of your partner's office. You're quite close to her," Chloe stated. He showed slight signs of embarrassment, and that again, she was correct.

"Alright, who are you and what do you want?" he asked, tossing his sandwich into the garbage across the room and pulling his feet off the table. "You're disgusted."

"No. I never said that." Seriously though, who eats tuna at 9:30 in the morning?

"That's right, you didn't, but your face did love. And there, what was that? Are you afraid of me?"


"That there, that's the truth. So what is it? What're you afraid of?"

"CAL. What are you doing?" The lady from the surveillance video scolded as she stepped into the room.

"Just my job, love." He's looking at me. There it is again, he's thinking. That's what my father calls my mother and me. I'm not afraid of Lightman. And I'm definitely not afraid of my father. That's a lie and I know it. Worst of all, Lightman knows it too.

"Well, get control of yourself, or you won't have a job."

"Plan on firing me huh, love?"

"Hm..." she said.

"You're thinking about it?" Chloe asked, appalled.

"Not to worry, love. She can't fire her boss," Lightman said, flashing a smile.

The lady glared at him.

"I'm Gillian Foster, and this is Cal Lightman. What can we do for you?" she said, holding out a hand.

"I'm Chloe Rewalds," Chloe said, shaking Foster's hand. "I think my father is cheating on my mother. I need to know." Foster showed surprise, sadness and a little bit of something Chloe couldn't quite place, Lightman simply showed boredom, although he shared a quick glance with Foster that Chloe couldn't place.

"I have videos of my parents talking, arguing, you name it. I also have some of my father with who I'm certain is his girlfriend."

"What do you need us for then?" Cal asked, again looking at his partner.

"To know for sure. I have to. I can't just go up to him and ask if he's cheating."

"Sure you could. I did it to Zoe."

"Cal," Foster warned.

"No, no I can't. If I'm wrong, it'll break my mother's heart."

"And if you're right?" Foster asked.

"I don't know."

"Very well, Chloe, Cal and I will look over the videos. I'll show you to the break room, you can wait in there," Foster said, and Chloe followed her down the hall.

Foster left with Chloe's videos, and Chloe settled herself into a chair in the break room, and proceeded to begin a video chat with Lauren. She spent all morning video chatting, enjoying her exploration of DC through her phone. Just before lunch time, Chloe left the break room and ran across the street to get a sandwich. Once she had food and a drink, she brought her lunch back to eat. Walking into the break room, Chloe found Dr. Foster seated at a table with chocolate pudding and some paper work.

Walking by her, Chloe glanced at her hand and watched as she signed her name on the paper.

"You're divorced, recently, and you're happy about it," Chloe said.

Foster jumped, she hadn't heard Chloe come in.

"Happy might be stretching it," Foster replied, looking at Chloe.

"Fine, not happy, but not sad either. He cheated didn't he?"

"What? Yes. How did you….?"

"There's a slight tan line where your wedding ring was, you sign your last name somewhat more viciously than your first, and Dr. Lightman kept glancing at you, almost as if to make sure you were okay when I explained my problem," Chloe said, sitting down in a chair at the table next to Foster's.

"Well, Chloe, I need to be getting back to work. Dr. Lightman and I have almost finished going over your videos," Dr. Foster said, and she left the room with her papers and half finished chocolate pudding. As the break room was mostly glass, Chloe watched as Foster met Lightman in the hall, and stopped to talk to him. They both looked at Chloe, and then continued down the hall.

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