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Chloe got a text from Jamie that said 'Here goes.' Chloe hoped Lightman and Foster really were almost finished with her videos, and that her friends successfully convinced the teachers that she had disappeared.

"Well, looks like this bastard is cheating," Cal declared to the room as he watched the last segment of video. Gillian walked in having finished her pudding in her office, and was greeted by that.

"Come on, Gill, let's go tell the girl her dad's a no good…"

"Cal! Stop. Emily and Rick are meeting you for lunch, right?"

"Yes. If they aren't here in two minutes, she's getting grounded for life."

"Cal, I think we should send them into the break room to talk to Chloe."

Gillian pulled up the cameras in the break room on the computer screen, while Cal went to intercept his daughter.

"Emily, I need you to go talk to someone in the break room."

"Hi Dr. Lightman," Rick said nervously. Cal ignored him.

"What? Dad I thought you were having lunch with Rick and me."

"After this, love. Girl's in the break room. Her name's Chloe."

"What am I supposed to be talking to her about?"

"Chloe's waiting Em," Cal said, striding down the hall, back to Gillian and the computer screen.

Emily and Rick walked into the break room.

"Hi, Chloe? I'm Emily Lightman and this is Rick."

"Hi," Rick said.

"Hi," Chloe replied, looking Emily up and down. "You," Chloe said, "are not a virgin like daddy thinks you are."

"Alright, that's it; she can't come in here and accuse Emily..." Cal shouted.

"Cal," Gillian warned.

"That's okay, I'm not either," Chloe said.

"How did you… know?" Emily asked.

"Just a guess. The way your boyfriend is looking at you, the way you're standing so close together, the way you aren't at all bothered by his hand on your butt."

Dr. Lightman burst into the room, closely followed by Dr. Foster.

"Nice meeting you, Emily, Rick," Chloe said calmly.

"Emily, in my office, now," he snapped. She turned to leave, and Rick started to follow.

"Not you. Stay here," Cal commanded. Rick sat down at a table.

"Cal, don't do anything foolish," Dr. Foster told him.

Chloe sat watching this exchange out of the corner of her eye as she sent a desperate sounding text message to Ashley telling her that she was at a place called The Lightman Group and she was lost.

"Chloe, if you'll come with us," Dr. Foster said. She led the way out of the room, and Dr. Lightman followed Chloe, and she was certain that he was glaring at Rick until he was out of sight.

Once in the relative privacy of Dr. Foster's office, Foster spoke.

"Your suspicions appear to be correct. Your father shows all signs of cheaters."

"And that woman?"

"Does appear to be his girlfriend. I'm sorry Chloe," Foster said.

"It's okay. Now I have a reason to dislike him," Chloe said. "Thank you. Is two hundred dollars enough?"

"That'll be plenty," Dr. Lightman said irritably, snatching the money out of Chloe's hand as soon as she got it out of her bag.

"What the hell was that with my daughter?"

"Sorry sir. I forget that people aren't used to that," Chloe said, before walking out of the room leaving Foster and Lightman wondering what she meant.

Mrs. Treshaw rushed into the lobby of the Lightman Group office just as Chloe entered from the hallway.

"Chloe! We found you. Thank goodness. Are you alright?"

"Yes, Mrs. Treshaw, I'm fine. A little shaken up, but fine."

"What happened?"

"I got separated from my group when we got off a bus, and then a bunch of people rushed onto the bus and I got stuck in with them, and wound up here."

"Well, you're okay, that's what matters. Let's get you back with your group, eh?"

"Yeah," Chloe replied, turning back to wink at a security camera. She knew Lightman and Foster were watching her. Then she spun on her heel and followed her teacher out of the building. She looked back one last time, as she boarded the bus that would take them back to where they were supposed to have checked in at lunch, and wondered if she would ever see the building again.

Meanwhile, a confused Dr. Foster was watching the exchange between Chloe and the woman once again, wondering if she had missed something the first time. After all, it wasn't every day that happened. That, being the flawless lie that Chloe had just spun.

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