A/N If you want to know what Genevieve looks like, the little cover photo to this is Thor and her so . . . she's the chick.

You gotta fight back. I told myself, although I didn't really believe that I had the power to. The lightening was at its' peak as I straightened my back and looked him right in the eye. "Give me your worst!" I yelled, "I . . . I can handle whatever you throw at me!" My hands balled into fists and I bent my knees in anticipation. He aimed the hammer at me and my mind put time into slow motion as the lightening zigzagged through the air. I raised my fist up and to my amazement a wall of earth rose with it. The moment that the lightening made contact with the earth, it exploded causing me to throw my hands up in an attempt to shield my face. I waited. Nothing happened. My body wasn't bombarded with rock. Cautiously I removed my hands and my jaw dropped. I was surrounded in dust. Not a single larger piece of earth could be found. Just dust.

"I may have . . . overreacted . . . slightly . . . to your comment." Thor said slowly.

I glared at him. "Slightly . . . overreacted? You could have KILLED me!" I screamed and started walking towards him. "If I hadn't somehow manipulated that earth to protect me you probably could have electrocuted me to death!"

"I apologize sincerely milady-"

I cut him off, "Don't you 'milady' me Thor Odinson!" My vision was turning red and I felt warmth shooting out of my fingertips. "You arrogant, conceited, narcissistic, pig-headed, self-righteous, vain," I searched for another word and then concluded with, "Jerk!"

"You shut your mouth this instant you ignorant child," he growled, "You will learn respect and self-control or you will destroy yourself and harm those closest to you!" The intensity of his glare made me take a step back and think about my words a little.

"Fine," I spit out. He dropped his hammer onto the ground and crossed his arms across his chest, his arm muscles bulged deliciously.

"It appears to me, that in times of fear you utilize the earth to protect you. In hindsight it does seem appropriate that you protect yourself with the earth but you must learn to attack as well. When angry you turn to fire. I can only assume that you use water when you are sad and wind in turn when you are calm."

I bit back the snarky remark that so wanted to leave my lips and settled for, "So you want me to be able to use any element at any time, instead of allowing my emotions to control them for me."

"Precisely," he said, "Now close your eyes."

"Whatever you say Goldilocks," I said and let my eyelids fall shut.

His voice seemed a little more distant when he spoke this time, "I want you to visualize a single tongue of fire." A little flame sprung up in my minds' eye. "Now let it grow." The flame began to lap at what I decided was a tree, the orangey-red tongues devoured the roots and then travelled up the trunk. It extended throughout the branches until the entire tree was engulfed in both orange and red flames. "Open your eyes," he murmured, "And look at your hands."

I did as he instructed and jumped when there were two balls of fire suspended in my palms. "Whoa." I muttered as I threw my fist out expelling a cloud of flames. A smile crept onto my face as I turned to him for approval. He nodded his head.

"If you can do that for every element, you will be able to utilize them at any moment in any situation. The main point that you will need to focus on is self-control."

"You wouldn't know much about that now would you Goldilocks," I muttered to myself and then jumped when he grabbed my wrists and crushed them together before lifting me off of the ground and up to his eye level.

"Genevieve. If you do not start watching your tongue and thinking before you let those filthy words slide out of your mouth," he squeezed my wrists tighter and I let out a yelp in pain, "You are going to make a multitude of enemies. And it will not be pleasant for you." He dropped me to the ground and I scrambled to my feet as he lifted his hammer up. My cheeks were flaming with embarrassment as he gruffly put his arm around me and started swinging his hammer again. We shot into the air and landed on the base soon afterwards. He removed his arm from my waist and turned to face me. It occurred to me just how tall and powerful he really was. "We will train again tomorrow. You will report to the conference area at precisely 5:30 in the morning. You will not be late. And you will not present me with one stitch of your disgusting attitude. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir." I mumbled quietly and wrapped my arms around my middle self-consciously.

"Good. Now go. You need rest." He turned and walked away from me. I walked the opposite direction and stopped in front of my door. My name had been placed onto it.

"Shit." I said when I realized that I didn't know the code to get in.

"6332." I heard Director Fury growl as he walked past me, "That's that code for your door."

"Thank you Director," I said quietly and bowed my head as I typed the code in.

"And if you feel like growing a pair and apologizing to your mentor for your cheek," He called down the hallway, "his code is 8467."

The door opened and I ran in and threw myself onto my bed. Tears leaked down my cheeks and into the silver pillow case.

"What the hell is wrong with me?" I whispered to no one. "Why am I such an ass?" I flopped onto my back and stared at the ceiling. My eyelids slowly closed and I drifted off into an uneasy sleep.