50 Cent — She Wants It

"Lee, for the love of god, wear something your size." growled Gaara. How dare he think that his boyfriend's jumpsuit would make him immune to this terrible "saggin'" fad? No, Lee had just started wearing a larger jumpsuit, and even worse, so had his sensei.

"But Gaara, Bee says—"

Gaara narrowed his eyes.

"I absolutely do not give a shit."

Lee frowned in pout. He was just silly cute when he pouted.

But Gaara had had it with this "saggin'" nonsense.

"But Bee says it'll make me irresistible." Lee whined.

The red-haired youth cocked his head in a mixture of disbelief and confusion.

"Who on Earth are you trying to look irresistible to?" he asked.

Lee raised an eyebrow, obviously just as baffled.

"Well, you of course."

Gaara nodded slowly, crossing his arms?

"Okaaay." he said. "I'm obviously resisting you."

The saggin' shinobi shook his head.

"Nonsense." he said.

The younger man raised a hairless brow. Wow. Just wow.

Gaara turned around and started walking back to his office.

"Okay," he called back behind him. "You can sleep on the couch tonight."