Alright, here's the sequel! I decided to go ahead with it anyway. I don't know if this'll be any good or not, and if it's not, please tell me and I'll try to fix it! I did my best, but I was kind of tired when I wrote the first few chapters, so it may not turn out great.

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It was supposed to be an innocent school trip. That's what we thought we were on. Just an innocent school trip.

I sit next to Blythe on the bus. She grins at a guy in the isle across from us. "That's wrong. That's soooo wrong." She shakes her head. "Take it back."

"Whaaaaaat? Take it back? Never!" Nate Zimmer (Male Student No. 13) shakes his head vigorously. "I never take anything back. And I would never start now!"

"But you've got to be wrong...wrong! Because that can't happen!" Blythe turns to me. "Alyssa, do you think twins can absorb each other in the womb?"

It's an odd topic.

My name is Alyssa Dorral, the daughter of Alexander and Lily Dorral. I have the same light brown hair as my mom and the same icy blue eyes as my dad. Though my dad works a lot, he works at home, so he's never too far away. I've always loved my dad. My mom is great, yeah, I love her too, but I'm more of a "daddy's girl".

Blythe Harley (Female Student No. 6), the girl sitting next to me, is my best friend. She's been my best friend since she stood up for me in kindergarten, punching Martin Howe (Male Student No. 9) in the face when he was teasing me. He never bothered me again.

Blythe is tall with brown hair to her shoulder blades and green eyes with a gold ring around the pupil. I've always envied Blythe for her uncanny ability to make friends wherever she goes, without even trying! I guess she's just that awesome of a girl.

I giggle to myself. Blythe gives me a strange look, still waiting for an answer. So I say, "I guess it's possible, but I doubt that means the twin would still be alive. I think my mom once told me that the twin dies or something, but it's not really like the baby eats its twin."

Blythe crinkles her nose. "That's a gross thought." She replies.

"That's awesome!" Nate shouts, causing Blythe to look at him in horror. Then she grinned and stuck her tongue out at him.

"Of course you would think that," She says. "Because you're a boy and boys are disgusting."

"What are you, a fifth grader?" He grins back at her. They both laugh.

I smile and turn back to the window of the bus. Something is starting in the pit of my stomach, something bad. Like a bad feeling, but I can't exactly think up a reason why.

I'm starting to feel drowsy. A few minutes later, Blythe has already fallen asleep next to me, her head on my shoulder. Just as I fall asleep, I recall a fuzzy memory, back from when I was about ten.

My dad, sitting on the edge of my bed, is telling me a story about a trip he went on when he was a teenager. His words fade in my head as I start to fall into a deep sleep. "I was on a school bus, sitting next to a friend of mine. We were on a school study trip..."

I'm on a bus. There are several other kids my age on the bus, but I don't recognize any of them. Where is Blythe? And Nate?

I look around. I'm standing at the very front of the bus. None of the other kids seem to notice me, absorbed in the excitement of the trip they're going on. That's when I see him.

He looks like my dad, but younger. He has the same icy blue eyes as me and my dad. He has the same black hair as my dad, except his bangs almost cover his right eye and he has blonde low lights. He's sitting next to a guy who's slightly bigger than he is (muscle wise). He has dark brown, spiky hair and dark green eyes. Everything about him is dark.

I start to walk over to them, then stop when I see someone else. It's a girl. She looks like Blythe, but with long, black hair and blue eyes. There's something about those blue eyes...they have silver around the edge of the iris and gold coming from around her pupil.

"Wow, pretty." I breathe. No one seems to hear me, my words swallowed up by all the noise they're making. I wonder who she is? I wonder who all these kids are? And did I end up here?

Suddenly, one by one, the kids are slowly falling asleep. The guy in the back, the one that looks like my dad, falls asleep around the same time his friend next to him does. Then the girl I was just staring at falls asleep with her head on her friend's shoulder, like Blythe did with me. Then her friend falls asleep with her head against the window, kind of like I did.

The bus is quiet. Everyone is asleep now. There's an eerie feeling in the air... Something is wrong. I walk to the end of the aisle, to the very back of the bus, and lean over the guy with spiky hair. I study the guy that looks like my dad.

I remember my dad showing me his high school pictures. This can't be's not possible.

Is it?

I wake up, gasping. Oh, it was just a dream... It was a weird one, too. I sit up and rub my eyes. Taking a look around, I realize that I'm in a classroom, sitting in a desk. Did I fall asleep during class again? Was the whole school trip a dream?

Blythe groans, stirring in the desk next to me. "Huh? Where am I?" She looks around groggily. Her eyes land on me and she smiles, dreamy. "Oh, hey, Alyssa... What's up?"

"Blythe," I blink in surprise. I reach over, shaking her shoulders lightly. "Come on, girl, wake up."

She looks at me as if I've lost my mind. "I am awake."

"Not really," I sigh and shake her harder. "Blythe, I think we're in school."

"Don't be silly, we're going on a study trip." She swats my hands away and looks around. "Wait a second...when did the bus turn into a classroom?"

I roll my eyes, burying my face in my palms. There are shouts of alarm and confusion heard as more and more of the other students wake up.

"Where are we?"

"What happened to the bus?"

"Did we all fall asleep?"

"Don't tell me we're back in school!"

As everyone wakes up, the classroom becomes noisy and loud. There's tension and caution in the air, as no one knows where we are or what happened. Everyone is voicing the questions that have been running through my mind since I woke up. Where are we? How did we get here?

"I'm glad you're up." A cheerful voice says. Everyone jumps in surprise, looking up to see an old man standing at the front of the classroom. I didn't notice him when I first woke up. His black eyes glint with an emotion I can't figure out. He grins at us. "Welcome! I'm sure you're all wondering where you are."

No one says a word as a feeling of dread spreads over us. Somehow, we just know. As if seeming this strange old man has summoned the answers to all our questions.

The old man frowns. "Have you already figured it out?" Then he grins. "Ah, I'll tell you anyway. You're in an abandoned city in the middle of a very large forest, on a very large island. And do you know why?" Again, no one says a word. We all hold our breath. "Because you lucky children are the next thirty kids to participate in the Program!"

30 students remaining.