I know there's a lot of paranormal stuff going on in this story. I know it's kind of weird, but I like it. Just makes things a bit more interesting and it's very fun to write.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy chapter 10!

Jessica ran into the living room, shouting out Karolina's name. She'd heard the crash and knew something had gone wrong. Her eyes flickered to Karolina, lying still on top of the table, which was on the ground, split in half from impact.

Then her eyes found Adrian Lawrence and she leaped at him, preparing to swing her sickle. But Adrian was faster, slashing her in the chest and then plunging his dagger into her stomach. He jerked the blade out of her stomach, then kicked her down on top of her friend.

As Jessica lay there, she didn't hear Adrian leave. She didn't hear Felicity or Ella come out. She focused on Karolina's faint breathing in her ear.

Karolina was not just Jessica's friend, but her best friend. In that moment, that short moment before Jessica's heart stopped forever, she wanted to tell Karolina something. A secret she'd never told anyone.

She wanted to tell Karolina that she loved her. Not just like a friend or like a sister...but that she really loved her. Jessica had been worried it would ruin their friendship—that Karolina would be disgusted or horrified.

Jessica closed her eyes. She could feel her death approaching, getting closer and closer... Right before it took her, Jessica made a wish, "I want Karolina to live. She doesn't deserve to die..."

My eyes pop open and I gasp, my hands flailing around until they find my fallen flashlight. I push myself up and point it at the wall where I'd seen the girl. But the girl was gone, if she was ever there.

I realize that there's a weight on my legs and my heart falls to my stomach. Slowly, I point the beam of my flashlight at my legs...

...and let out a sigh of relief. It's just Ginger. She must've seen the body, too, and fainted, just like I did. But where is the body now? Would she really have just left them there?

But, wait, no... She was the girl that was just in that dream I had! I guess it was a nightmare, really, but...whatever, that doesn't matter. I press my lips together, thinking. There was also that girl that that Derek guy had killed.

Wait a minute. So, that Jessica girl had loved that other girl? That Karolina Amadeo? And she wanted her to live... It's kind of sad, really. Jessica had loved Karolina and her dying wish was for Karolina to live...but she didn't. And all because of that Derek Grawson. That sick and twisted bastard.

The thought is dark and twisted and doesn't sound like me. I shudder. The thought sounded more like that Jessica girl...

I shake my head. What am I saying? I'm going crazy! It's time to get out of here. I shake Ginger awake, who grabs her flashlight and follows me closely as we leave the apartment building.

As we walk across the street, I glance over my shoulder at the apartment building and suck in a breath.

Several pairs of eyes are watching us from between the boards on the windows.