More Excerpts from the Diary of Kate Cook

Excerpt from Kate Cook's Diary, age 15, June 1, 2016

This is a war. I oppose my own people in this war, as they are wrong. Wrong to oppress mutants, wrong to mistreat them, and wrong to imprison them without adequate reason. For my country- its core consisting of liberty, justice and equality- delivers these values not. Their refusal to allow mutants rights, is proof America has learned nothing from history. Take the Civil War, fought to give rights to blacks. Blacks at the time were not considered "people", just as mutants are not considered "people" today. The blacks were denied liberty, justice, and freedom, until some intelligent citizens fought for their rights. As the blacks were freed and liberated, I only hope the same will be said for mutants someday.

I am fighting in this war, much to the horror of my parents. I am but a child in people's eyes, however, so my opinion of mutants does not much matter. But I can fight by giving aid to mutants, and by freeing them from the cells they were wrongly imprisoned in. This I am doing. I have failed in my endeavors often, but my role was hardly insignificant. It helped my people, the humans, realize that some of their own are against their actions, and will oppose them. I wonder how they feel about me. That I am a traitor, unenlightened or stupid? Some do, truthfully, agree with me, but they are the minority, and do nothing to help. I am alone in my struggle.

Kate Cook, age 17, MRD Concentration Camp 21, June 1, 2018

Today a group of Sentinels arrived for permanent deployment. It is creepy to see the four of them, standing there, watching, unmoving. The others are disconcerted too. Everything else around her is dull and monotonous.

Kate Cook, June 2, 2018

I noticed today that there seem to be less and les MRD guards around lately. And the Warden hasn't been seen by anyone in five days! What is going on?

Kate Cook, June 4, 2018

More Sentinels arrived today. That makes a total count of 11. I wonder what is happening?

Kate Cook, June 7, 2018

This morning, we all woke up to find all of the MRD gone, and still more Sentinels! There hasn't been a whisper of this happening. There is a rumor going around that we may be taken to a different camp.

Kate Cook, June 8, 2018

It's seriously freaking me out! All those MRD agents just disappeared! And the Sentinels are always towering over us, watching. I hate these over-sized hunks of metal. I have always hated robots. I fear this "Master Mold" may be more intelligent than I thought, and has captured or destroyed every mutant on the planet! What has happened to Genosha and Magneto? Has he been captured or killed? I always thought of him as a rabble-rouser, but he may be our only hope for escape from within these walls. With the sentinels, we have no news from the outside world!

Kate Cook, June 10, 2018

When the MRD controlled Concentration Camp 21, discipline and order were kept with a closed fist, a lash, and the threat of solitary confinement (in which we received no food or water), and physical labor. A common joke among the prisoners then was, 'if they gassed us, they'd call this place Auschwitz.' Also, the food was, and still is, disgusting. We were/are underfed on the most nutrition-less food on the planet. In fact, if you didn't know someone's name, wether inmates or new 'recruits', you called them Oliver.

As bad as the MRD were, they were infinitely more desirable than the sentinels. Human guards were a reassurance that there really was another world out there, and occasionally (when bribed), they delivered news of that outside world. The Sentinels just stand there, and sometimes I worry that if anyone of us does escape, we would only escape into a land of Sentinels.