a/n: This is going to be a two-parter. Let me know if you like!

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Anastasia Steele was seething as she made her way along the damp Seattle streets. Gay? Her fiancé was gay? Why in the hell had he waited until now to tell her? When their wedding was just two weeks away? She'd been looking forward to her wedding for almost two years—as long as she and Cole had been engaged. Mostly because he'd insisted on waiting until they were married to have sex, and now she knew why! He probably couldn't get it up for her!

She looked up in surprise…and turned back around. The restaurant where she was supposed to meet Kate for dinner was a few buildings back. She retraced her steps the short distance back to the restaurant and ducked inside.

"Can I take your coat, Miss?" someone immediately asked.

"Yes," she said with a phony grin pasted on her face. As the man walked away, she approached the podium where the hostess stood. "I'm meeting a friend," she informed the young woman.

The young woman nodded. "Kavanagh?"

Ana nodded.

"Right this way."

"You're late," was the first thing Kate said when she slid in across from her. Anastasia must have been glaring daggers, because her friend cringed.

"Is everything OK?" she asked fretfully.

"You mean except for Cole calling off the wedding? Sure. Everything is perfect!" Ana hissed.

Kate's eyes widened, and then she leaned forward, grabbing the passing waiter's sleeve. "Wine. We need wine," she informed him solemnly. "And keep it coming!"

"Right away, Miss."

"I think you may have had too much wine," Kate said as she reached for the half-full bottle of red Merlot, but Ana was too quick for her. She pulled the wine from her friend's grasp and refilled her glass. "My fiancé is gay," Ana said with a frown.

"Ex-fiancé," Kate reminded her.

"Aaaand…I'm a twenty something year old virgin," she said as she hiccupped. The surprised glances that came her way escaped her attention. "Don't you think I deserve all the wine in the world?"

"Yes, Sweetie," Kate said with a sigh. "Every ounce of it. But…maybe you could eat some of your pasta?" she suggested. "Wine isn't good on an empty stomach."

"Don't you think that might sober me up, though?" Ana asked.

"That's what I'm hoping for."

Ana sighed. "I'm sorry," she said with a pout. "You're supposed to meet friends tonight, aren't you?"

"It's OK," Kate said with a wave of her hand. "It's not important, Ana. This is way important than anything going on at the club."

Ana perked up. "Club?"

Kate nodded.

"Can I come with you?" she asked.

"You…don't…like clubs," Kate reminded her with a frown.

Ana sighed. "Well, I didn't," she corrected her friend. "But now that I'm single…who knows? I might enjoy a little…bumping and grinding."

Kate's eyes widened. "Bumping and grinding is so 90's."

Ana giggled—a testament to how intoxicated she truly was. "So I can go with you?" she asked dejectedly.

Between the walk and the rain, Ana had sobered up significantly by the time they made it to the club. She wanted to just turn around and go home—but to what? Her apartment was full of things she'd bought with Cole. She wanted to just go home with Kate tonight…but she was going to have to stay until closing time if that was going to happen.

So Ana headed to the bar…and prepared for a long night.

An hour later, she was sitting in the booth by herself while Kate was on the dance floor with her friends, beer bottle in one hand as she danced against someone Ana was pretty sure she didn't know. She sighed as she stood, smoothing her skirt. This was not her thing. Maybe she could just get a hotel room and—

Ana was stretching for her purse when she happened to glance toward the bar. Steely gray eyes locked with hers, and she froze mid-reach. As his gaze swept over her Ana shivered. She'd never felt so exposed; she might as well have not been wearing anything! His perusal was deliberate, and Ana felt a heated flood between her thighs.

She watched as he lifted his drink; his gaze never left hers as he tipped his head back faintly to take a swallow.

Ana wasn't sure what came over her, but she was unable to stop herself as she began moving forward in an almost trancelike state. She walked slowly, her breaths becoming shallow despite her easy stride. She didn't stop until she was standing before him. Even sitting as he was on the stool, he was much taller than she was; she had to look up into his face. His copper colored hair blazed despite the dim lighting in the club and the longer she looked at him, the darker his eyes became.

He wanted her.

The realization hit her the same time his hand clamped on the back of her head, drawing her face to his. Her lips parted with an 'oh' that was drowned out by the deafening music. He seized the opportunity as his tongue thrust forth, stroking the roof of her mouth before her lowered it and dragged it along hers. Her eyes slid closed as she groaned; he tasted like scotch and something else…she wasn't quite sure what.

His hand splayed over the small of her back, hauling her forward until she was trapped between his thighs. It was a second before she realized the nudge she felt against her lower belly was his erection. So this was what a hard-on felt like. She instinctively swung her hips side to side, stunned when the prodding became more persistent.

His hand travelled over the curve of her ass to the hem of her skirt, lifting it as he grabbed a handful of thigh. "I wanna fuck you," he whispered raggedly against her lips.

Ana caught his hand and pushed it down, lowering her skirt back down over her thighs.

"Here?" she asked shrilly.

His deep laugh sent a shiver down her spine. "In the back," he clarified.

It was seedy, it was dirty, and it was everything she thought was wrong with the world. But Anastasia Steele swallowed past the lump in her throat and nodded anyway.