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It wasn't working. At first she'd liked it immensely…the taste of him…knowing how hard he was, presumably because of her. But knowing he wasn't enjoying himself...it was frustrating.

She sat back on her heels and gave him a sheepish grin. "I'm not very good at this," she said shakily.

Christian's head dropped to his chin and his eyelids lifted. "What?" he asked in confusion.

She laughed nervously. "I can't even make you…" Unable to say the words, she let her voice trail off.

"Can't even make me what?" he asked tersely.

Ana felt her cheeks heat up. "You're not…I can't…" She started to shake, wondering if bad blow jobs were a deal breaker for him.

"Ana, listen to me," he said, reaching down to grasp her shoulders. He hauled her to her feet and against him, his arms wrapping tightly around her. Looking down at her, he locked his gaze with hers. "Did you hear me groaning?"

She gave a slight nod.

"Feel my hips jerking?" he pressed.

She nodded again.

"Those are all signs that I love what you are doing to me," he assured her.

"Then why didn't you…"

Christian's eyes darkened. "Just to clarify—I could have come the second you wrapped your lips around me," he informed her. "The only reason I didn't, is because I love the way you fucking suck me, Ana. That…and I'd like to keep my masculinity intact," he said teasingly as he leaned down to place a soft kiss on her forehead. "No reason to show you the power you have over me so quickly."

She felt her heartbeat accelerate at his confession.

One hand stayed at her waist, the other travelled up over her back until he was cupping her nape. Pulling her closer to him, he bent down and brushed his lips over her neck; his lips parted and he ran his tongue along the side of her neck, causing her to shiver.

"Oh," she said in a small voice.

"Something wrong?" he asked with a chuckle.

"No," she said breathlessly. "Just…flood in my panties."

He jerked back so quickly she teetered; his grip tightened to steady her. "Flood in…jump, Ana," he commanded.


She gave a little screech, complying halfheartedly as he lifted her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto his neck as he carried her awkwardly into his kitchen; she supposed his pants being halfway down his thighs were a bit of a hindrance.

His walk to the table wasn't as graceful as he would have liked, but the fact that he was able to make it there was accomplishment enough. There was a loud crash as he kicked the chair away, sending it skidding across the floor on its side.

He placed Ana gently on the table, her ass perched just on the edge. Looking down at her, he pushed her hair away from her face and lowered his mouth to hers, brushing softly back and forth before his tongue plunged forth, forcing her lips to part. His tongue stroked hers wildly as his hands reached for the button on her jeans. He broke their kiss after fumbling for a moment, leaning his forehead against hers as he struggled for air. "Next time you wear a fucking skirt," he growled. "I don't like having to work so hard for my dinner."

And he sure as hell didn't like not being able to get a woman out of her jeans. When he tugged on the denim, her fingers curled around the edge of the table so she could lift her body. He pulled her dark green satin panties off with them, tossing them off to the side. "Lie back," he told her.

He grinned when she complied immediately, dropping to his knees so his face was level with her thighs. He was so fucking hard he could barely stand it, but coming always loosened Ana up. He thought it was sexy as hell that every sexual encounter they had started with her being unsure of herself, but the vixen she turned into when she let herself go was his favorite, and he would make damn sure she made an appearance tonight.

His head swooped forward, and he drove his tongue into her slit, eliciting a moan from her. His dick jerked in response, but he was determined to focus only on her for now. He reached for the backs of her thighs, lifting until they were draped over his shoulders; she was already trembling for him.

His ran his tongue over her clit, then down, pushing just inside of her. "Oh, God," she cried out as her fingers tangled in his hair, yanking his head upward until his tongue was on her clit again. "Have I…mentioned…" Her breath was coming in shallow gasps, and he grinned at how reactive her body was. She grunted as his tongue slid inside her again. "…how much I…love your place?" she finally finished breathlessly.

Ana felt the vibrations in his tongue as he chuckled softly. "Oh, God," she said again, her fists tightening in his hair again. She pulled until he was looking up over her body; her head lifted off the table so their gazes met. "Wait, wait wait," she begged. "I'm going to come."

"That's what I've been working towards," Christian teased.

"Yes, but…" She took a deep breath. "If we both come we'll be caught up, and we can move to the next room," she reminded him.

He laughed heartily as he made his way to his feet. "I can't argue with that," he said. He reached into the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a condom. Ana pushed herself up onto her elbows, her gaze locked on his cock as he rolled the condom on. "Hurry," she ordered, licking her lips.

"Mind if I take my pants off?" he asked, amused.

"If you have to," she returned petulantly, as she let her body fall back down onto the table.

She gasped when he gripped her hips and slammed inside of her. "I guess I don't," he conceded, leaning down until his face was buried in her neck. "Mmmm. You wore the perfume."

"For you."

His pace was steady but quick. "Wrap your legs around me, baby."

She complied immediately; the angle of her hips allowed him to slide deeper, and it was only a matter of strokes before her body clamped around his. Her hands dug into his t-shirt as he pounded into her, prolonging her orgasm as he fought his.

He cried out her name as he finally came, his body collapsing on top of hers.