By Shunto

Well, I decided to check out PERSONA3 and here's what happened;

Diss this game in front of me, and I will EAT. YOUR. LIMBS.

Just kidding. I love the series(even though I've only played the 3rd entry), and have decided to write a fanfic about it… only different as you can tell from the summary.

Essentually, expect the same script as the game, only altered to include P4 Protaganist, Yu Narukami/Souji Seta.

For the sake of myself, Yu will be called Narukami-kun by the other characters.


Minato's POV

I'm trapped.

Trapped in this nightmare.

Doomed to exist as a barrier between Erebus and Nyx.

Why? Why me? Why not someone else?

I had so much going for me…

A girlfriend who loves me…

Friends who adore me…

A school who respects me…

And it's all gone.

At least, it was…

Until… you appeared.

Yu's POV

I never really had much going for me.

After the battle with Izanami, things never really got exciting in my town.

Days went by… I graduated from college, got a degree in Electronic Repair…

Ya know, normal stuff.

Until THAT night…

I strained to open my eyes. They burnt with pain.

And they shot open without control. It didn't take 3 seconds to realize I wasn't in my room anymore.

I was in the Velvet Room. The room where I began my journey.

Igor was sitting where he usually was. But to my surprise, there was no sign of Margaret anywhere. It was… another kid.

He had blue hair, which came down to his face, covering about half of it. His eyes were grey… kind of emotionless. On his arm, he wore a red band marked with S.E.E.S.

S.E.E.S.? I couldn't shake the feeling that I had heard of that name before. I just didn't know where…

Of course, I couldn't ignore his headphones which hung from his neck down to the front of his shirt.

He turned around to face me, and raised an eyebrow.

"Who are you?" he said.

I walked up to him and extended my hand.

"Yu Narukami. You can call me Naru for short."

The young kid smiled and shook my hand.

"Alright. Nice to meet you, Naru-kun. My name's Minato Arisato."

I smiled and released my grip.

After our introductions, Igor began to speak.

"I think I should tell you the reason I called you here. You see…"

Minato's POV

I was shocked. A second chance? Me? I could rewrite history to avoid my coma?

Naru-kun took a step forward.

"Igor, you seriously don't expect us to believe you, right?"

Igor laughed.

"Young Narukami, I assure you that I speak the truth. You are Minato's last hope to his survival."

Naru-kun closed his eyes, deep in thought. And then he smiled.

"Alright. Count me in." Turning to face my direction he smiled.

"Let's do it, Minato-kun. I'll help save your timeline from destruction!"

We slapped hands, and Igor held up a tarot card.

"Good bye, Narukami. And good luck to both of you."

With that, he crushed the card in his hand, and everything turned black…

This is my last chance, I thought.

Yukari… wait for me.

And that's the end of the prologue!

Peace all!