Persona 3 Plus 1

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Chapter 26: The Assailant – Part 2

Minato's POV

I was stunned at what had just occurred. This guy had just destroyed my Persona along with Yu and Hamuko's. What kind of monster was he?! There shouldn't be any kind of power like that at all, but here it was. He was too strong…

But… desperate to continue fighting, I raised my Evoker to my head and tried to fire again.


And once again, nothing happened.

I silently cursed, angry at the fact that I blatantly disregarded Kazuya's warning. Why did I think that I could win? Because I had Messiah on me? If so, then I'm a fool.

My right arm fell down and my Evoker fell to the ground. My knees followed up and I was sitting on the ground, on my knees, in a state of total shock. The cloaked man walked forward and raised his sword arm. No matter how much I wanted to move, my body refused. Was I afraid of this assailant? Yes… I was…

I closed my eyes, waiting for the end.


I looked up and saw that Kazuya's Persona, Beldr, had emerged and was blocking the sword with its hands. The figure knocked it away and Beldr grabbed me while it was moving.

The figure made another attempt to attack as he transformed his blade into a gun, but was stopped by Mitsuru and Penthesilea. The Empress Persona froze the figure's gun, stopping it from firing.

Seeing that, I smiled and slowly got back up. I wasn't alone. My friends were here for me, so why should I be cowering in fear like that.

The person shattered the ice on his gun and faced Mitsuru, his expression unknown through the shadows of his cloak. He aimed the gun at her, but Junpei, who rolled to the side, summoned Hermes. The Messenger God Persona rammed into the attacker and sent him tumbling into a pillar.

Before the figure could recover his focus, Yukari went next as Io appeared and caused a pillar of wind to rise underneath the strange opponent, hurling him towards the ceiling and a few moments later, right back down to the floor. That had to hurt.

I soon felt my power returning. The bonds that I have with my friends are real. I picked up my Evoker, which strangely felt heavy. Messiah was gone, but he wasn't my only Persona. We could still fight.

Akihiko summoned Polydeuces and a wicked bolt of electricity fell onto the stranger, however, the attack was being blocked out by a strange energy being emitted by him.

Slowly, I raised my Evoker to my head. I just needed a little more power…

Fuuka folded her arms inside the bubble of her Persona, Lucia, and a wave of energy surged through my body.

With one last push of effort, I held my Evoker to my head and smiled, beads of sweat rolling down my face.


I fired the Evoker and felt power surge as Messiah took form. I thought he was destroyed, but he was here again. I was glad to know that.

But something was different. In it's right arm, it held a sword with a blade made almost entirely of light. I pointed my arm to the stranger and Messiah rushed forward, swinging it's sword at the figure. The figure reacted and transformed his gun to a blade and clashed swords with it.

A flash of light engulfed the area and I covered my eyes to avoid going blind. It wasn't only the light, but an incredble power was bursting forth through the area. It was a miracle that we weren't blown away.

When it cleared, I slowly lowered my arms and looked around. The attacker was gone, and not only that, but so was his presence. But I knew that he wasn't dead or even weakened. He probably was just… warded off…

My head suddenly felt as though it was splitting open and I felt my energy leave me. I looked to see Messiah begin to crumble away into nothing once more. Perhaps he was only restored for a moment. The last thing I heard before blacking out was Yu yelling at everyone to get me out of Tartarus.

I felt my mind shut off and my eyes closed, blanketing the world- my world- in darkness.

Normal POV

Outside of Tarturas was the same figure, who had collapsed on the ground, panting heavily as he seemed to regain his strength.

"Minato… Arisato… you have my thanks…" Midnight muttered as he walked away. He managed to use enough power to regain his senses and escape to take the suppressants.

However… it was still just a temporary cure…

Yu's POV

I smiled at my partner. The power he had used… it was incredible. He was on a whole different level than me. But his power had come from everyone's desire to protect him.

Yet the ambulance was silent as we all rode to the hospital as the Dark Hour had ended just a few minutes ago.

Yukari was the one who broke the silence.

"Who… who was the guy? He was really strong…" she said, as she clutched her arms and shivered at the memory of his power.

Kazuya sighed and removed his cat eared-like headphones from his ears.

"I told you guys that we shouldn't have gone in… if it weren't for that miracle Minato pulled off, we'd all be screwed."

Junpei adjusted his cap and yawned before turning his attention to the unconscious leader of SEES. "He's really something else, y'know…? If it weren't for him… we'd all be dead."

Hamuko had tears rolling down her face. "I'm scared… what if he dies…? He's all I've got left since our parents died…" She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

Mitsuru looked to the floor of the large vehicle and sighed. "Arisato… he'll be alright. I know he will. I just have the feeling that he'll pull through."

Akihiko nodded. "She's right. We didn't choose him for nothing, you know. But if he does die…" He looked at me. "Yu. If he dies, you're-"

I stopped him. "No." I knew exactly what Akihiko was going to say and there was no way in hell I'd agree. I know that I was the leader of my group in my world, but it wasn't the case here.

The older student sighed. "It's what he'd want."

There was no room to stand up, yet everyone in the transport car could feel my anger towards my upperclassman. "How would you know what he'd want, Akihiko? Hell, why are we arguing for that matter?!"

Fuuka was silent, her hands quietly tapping away at her laptop's keyboard. I sighed, and sat back down. Kazuya had his hands clamped together, his eyes directed towards the floor of this rather large ambulance. No one said a word for the remainder of the ride.

Normal POV

After the team's arrival to Tatsumi Medical Center, Minato was taken into a room and monitored for the rest of the night. Meanwhile, the rest of SEES, Ikutsuki included, waited in the lobby for the results.

The door opened just as the clock on the wall read three in the morning and a nurse came out. Yu approached her and rubbed his eye.

"How is he?"

The nurse, who was called Shuika, took out a clipboard and handed it to the silverette. "He's fine. Just a little tired, that's all. He should be ready for dismissal by this afternoon," she answered.

Hamuko smiled and began to cry tears of joy and Yukari walked over to hold her shoulder while Yu just stood there and smiled. A thought came to his mind and caused the young man to shut his eyes in relief.

'Minato... you lucky bastard...' he thought in his head.

Around twelve that afternoon, Minato was dismissed from the infirmary and was surprised to see that the entire team had left. Yet he went home to the dorm regardless. Shuika stood at the door and smiled before walking down the hall and into an empty room.

As soon as she locked the door she dropped her clipboard and turned around to see Kazuya Minegishi, back to the wall and head bobbing to the music playing from his trademark headphones. Noticing her presence, the young human Bel removed his accessory and smiled.

"So, he's fine to go?" he asked.

Shuika nodded. "Yes, he just left a few minutes ago. Now let's talk about what I want in return..."

Minato's POV

As I approached the dorm, a sudden pain surged through my right arm. I gripped it and leaned against the side of the building, standing until the pain subsided.

Guess I'm not fully recovered after all, but that's the cost when you're a high school student fighting monsters...

I walked up to the dorm and opened it, and I was greeted by darkness. The whole downstairs had the lights turned off. I closed the door and the lights switched back on and without warning, my good arm, the left one, was grabbed and pulled away from the door.

"What the- hey, let me-!"

I pushed the arm away, and indirectly, the owner before spinning around to see every current member of SEES smiling at me with cool, relaxed expressions on their faces.

I smiled and silently laughed. "What's the occasion?"

Junpei broke the ice. "You got dismissed without any serious problems, dude! So we decided to have a little celebration!" He then sighed. "But man, what took ya so long to get here?"

Yu rolled his eyes. "Well, you're one to talk. You kept trying to sneak some of the food before he got here."

Junpei rubbed his neck and groaned. "Ya didn't have to say it out loud..." He looked around to see everyone staring at him. "But- c'mon guys, I was starving!"

I smiled and, without any explanation, began to laugh. Junpei sighed and looked at me before starting to laugh as well. Pretty soon, the whole dorm was filled with laughter.

I just felt happy to be alive.

The celebration kicked off shortly after our laughing spree ended, and from time to time, my friends would come up to me and give me a high five, shake my hand, or in my sisters case, give me a big hug.

Yukari was acting weird though. She just sat at the bar, rotating her punch glass between her hands.

I still have no idea what a bar of all things is doing in a school dorm.

After a while, some people began to go upstairs to play some games but Yukari remained. Along with me.

Instinctively, I began moving towards her. She was too busy looking down to notice me, which made me worry. And then, after reaching her, I took a seat next to hers and smiled.

"Something wrong, Yukari?" I asked, a little concerned. She usually didn't act like this. Her worry was making me feel bad.

She sighed, but still hadn't noticed me. I smiled and took a sip of my drink.

"C'mon, what's on your mind?"

I saw a slight smile spread across her lips and she rolled her eyes. "Fine, you win," she said, as she looked up to speak, and paused the moment she saw me. Her face slowly began to turn red as she looked down once again.

"I-I didn't know you were sitting that close..."

Now I know something's up. "Seriously, Yukari... what's wrong? You've been acting kinda distant to me for a while... no, really distant."

I didn't receive an answer for a while, and for a moment, I was worried. And then I said something I immediately regretted. "You're a valuable member of the team, Yukari. If something's bothering you, tell me. I'm all ears."

I mentally kicked myself. I had just called the most beautiful girl I had ever known just a 'member of the team.' That was basically saying that I saw her as nothing more than a friend. No, even less that that, anasset!

Stupid, stupid, stupid-! She's probably even more upset!

I stayed silent and she did the same. Neither of us said a word for a while, during which time I kept mentally kicking myself. When I finally looked up, Yukari was looking at me with a beet-red face. "M-Minato-kun, I, uh..."

Normal POV

Yukari couldn't find the right words to say to him, and she was even more confused by the fact that she was embarrassed like a high school girl with a crush. It was like a shojou manga cliche, and she desperately wanted to end the awkward silence that radiated throughout the first floor of the dorm.

Minato tilted his head to the side somewhat, wondered what she meant, or was trying to say. Most people didn't have feelings for each other this fast. Granted, neither he nor Yukari were 'most people', especially the former- but what was she trying to say? Unlike the girl next to him, he had a natural cap on his emotions, but beneath his cool and calm exterior, he was still wondering what on earth she was trying to say.

Still, neither of them did anything for a while- and then the brunette finally broke the silence.

"Listen, I gotta go. Stuff to do and I need help with some math. So-"

"Want me to tutor you?" Minato interrupted.

The world stopped around Yukari Takeba and her thoughts broke out. He didn't just... did he? She desperately hoped he was making a bad joke of sorts, but his eyes showed quite the opposite.

Minato Arisato was... quite serious. Something that rarely displayed itself in his eyes.

Without thinking, Yukari acted without thinking and leaned into Minato's face and gave him a quick peck on the lips, and the whole world- kind enough to not ruin to fleeting moment - stopped.

Realizing what she did, Yukari pulled away from him instantly and got up, sweat dripping down her face. "Gotta go." With that, she turned and bolted up the stairs.

The blue-haired youth didn't say, or even do, anything. His whole body was acting as if it were glued to the stool, and he was in a trance of sorts. Pertrified would be the correct word to anyone that saw him.

"I, but... wha... she... me... we haven't even... beach, hug... I..." All Minato could mutter out was nonsense, and, after a few seconds of rambling, he fell over onto the floor, out cold. How could that be? In the original timeline, Yukari only started caring about him like that way from that incident at Yakushima, so why was she doing this now?

"Hey Minato, I found an order for something in your room from Tanaka's show and I was wondering if you-" Yu stopped and looked at Minato, sprawled on the floor. "What the- you okay?"

Minato opened his eyes and sighed. "...I don't know anymore."

"What happened? Yukari shot up the stairs, and far as I know, you two were the only ones down here. Seriously, what on earth happened?" he asked confused.

The blue-haired student rolled his eyes and sat up. "I saw heaven. That's about all I can say."

Yu shrugged and walked back up the stairs while Minato slugged slowly behind. When he finally reached his room, he collapsed on the bed and groaned.

"What a day this has been..." he muttered.

Kazuya returned later that night, and he barely made it inside the dorm just as the Dark Hour occurred.

Locking the door behind him, he slumped on the couch and listened the the rustling trees outside. It calmed him somewhat, listening the nature's sound.

Even if that sound was in an hour where monsters roamed the earth.

After a few minutes, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device that was similar to a phone. Mitsuru told him that some devices that were adjusted could work in the Dark Hour, and Midnight, for some unfathomable reason, taught him how to.

He dialed a number and waited for his partner to pick up. When he finally did, Kazuya sighed. "You feel any better?" he asked, slightly worried. He didn't hear anything for a bit at first though. Always the silent one.

"Yes, I have. Thanks to Minato's burst of power, I managed to calm him down enough to get myself back in control. Sorry for what I did," Midnight finally answered.

"Don't worry. Never expected Minato to be that tough."

"That's a good sign, but had I not regained control, Minato and the others would have perished. You must keep them away from Tartarus on nights of the New Moon."

"I understand and I'll be sure to keep that in mind. By the way, since when did you have the power to destroy Personas?" Kazuya asked, the question being there since he saw him do that to Minato's Persona, along with Hamuko and Yu's.

No answer for a while. "… my powers are capable of doing that, however… Personas are never truly destroyed. Don't forget what Personas are…" Midnight responded. Kazuya thought about it, and understood what he meant.

Personas are the 'masks' of the person's personalities or thoughts. They are the person's 'soul' in a sense, so that meant that even if Midnight 'destroyed' them, they weren't truly 'dead' or gone. They still existed in the person's soul. However… that meant that they needed to reawaken that part of their soul.

Their secret weapon of having the super powerful Personas was already ruined. Back to square one for Minato and the others then.

"Alright… one more thing…" Kazuya said, as he said one last thing before hanging up.

"I don't trust Shuji Ikutsuki…"

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