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Summary: Peter/Gwen. Set after the events of TASM 2012 movieverse. Peter catches Gwen in an intimate moment and things spiral from there. Rated Mature for sexual scenes. Smut, kind of. Inspired from Jessie J's Sexy Silk. What. A. Song.

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Sexy Silk

Boy, I will be your sexy silk

Wrap me around, round, round round

I'll be your pussy-cat, licking your milk right now

Down, down down

Part I

Peter Parker had grown used to a routine. He walked along the hallways of his school, ignoring most and only trying to avoid one. Gwen Stacy was the object of his affection, and while the affection was mutual, the object was unattainable, thanks to one genetically altered spider bite and the death of Gwen's father Captain George Stacy by none other than Peter's mentor, and Gwen's employer; Doctor Curt Connors. Things had been tense, and not in the good way. Peter passed by, and Gwen ignored him and they both couldn't help but feel the atmosphere change dramatically whenever they were near each other.

Peter kept to the Captain's wishes. He stayed away from Gwen, and the only contact they made was in class, or locking eyes in the hallway. It was nothing further than that. Gwen carried on somewhat normally with her life. She abandoned her Internship with Oscorp, and threw herself into more school activities; Debate Team, Midtown Science's Newspaper, soup kitchens for the needy, and the English Decathlon. It was a busy Senior year for Gwen, given that she was no longer using Connors' 'glowing' college recommendation and had to fill it with other references.

By night, Peter crawled New York City as Spiderman; the masked vigilante who saved innocents from muggings, assaults, and death every single week. For the most part, he went unseen, and the night of Captain Stacy's death was probably the last time Spiderman had been seen in such a spectacular way. He lay low, for the past couple of months, mostly because whenever he was spotted by a newspaper, they always mentioned Gwen's father, and he knew that Gwen collected every single newspaper that featured him. Having to reread your father's death over and over again wasn't healthy.

So, school by day, superhero by night. That was most of Peter Parker's recent recurring routine. There was another thing he was starting to do however. After he was finished scouring the city at night, he returned to his room, changed into his normal jeans and hoodie and ventured back out again. He went all the way up town from Queens to Manhattan, to Gwen's apartment. Only one time he went to her fire escape dressed as Spiderman, and he vowed he would never do that again. He climbed up easily and silently and just sat there, ducked under her window.

It felt like such a stalker move, and it probably was – but Peter couldn't bring himself to stop. He made it onto her fire escape and peered inside. She always kept her blinds up and he secretly couldn't help but think it was meant for him. Usually, he'd find her sitting at her computer, typing away, looking all smart and studious. Other times he'd see her sitting on her bed doing homework and biting her pen with deep concentration. Sometimes it just brightened his day to see her sprawled out on her floor as she tried to eat noodles and amend her seven year life plan at the same time.

Sometimes, he'd think that she knew he was there, but if she suspected, she never once looked towards the windows, or made any move to close the blinds. She carried on with her duties, playing background music and often closing her door right over so no one disturbed her. Peter remembered the time he just sat against the wall outside her window and listened to her phone call with Mary Jane Watson; Gwen's oldest and most casual friend. M.J and Gwen were rarely ever spotted in school together but that's because Gwen had so many activities and M.J was Head Cheerleader of Midtown Science's Cheerleading Squad the Panthers. They made time for each other outside of school, and more so lately ever since Gwen had lost her father.

On this particular night that Peter made his way over to Gwen's fire escape, he wondered what she'd be doing. It was just after midnight and surprisingly, her bedroom lights were off, but the blinds open. Peter peered inside. Her bedroom door was closed and her computer was off. It wasn't that puzzling, given the time, but Gwen usually stayed up quite late. Peter's eyes glanced over to her bed and if it wasn't for his grip on the bars, he would have toppled over. He froze to the spot, breathless. There Gwen was. Lying in her bed, the covers half flung to the ground. Everything seemed normal at first but Peter knew different.

He couldn't even blink and his cheeks grew hot. Her body arched upwards, her mouth parted open and her eyes were squeezed shut. Her feet moved up and down slowly, and her free hand gripped the nearby sheets. Her other hand was currently occupied – with herself. She was wearing a barely there camisole and tiny pyjama shorts that left little to the imagination. Gwen was... Peter swallowed. He suddenly felt awful; he shouldn't be watching this, but he couldn't look away. She was absolutely breathtaking in all her glory.

Watching Gwen's moving hand, and her gasping mouth and hearing her muffled pants of pleasure and want, Peter almost lost himself right there and then. All his blood rushed south, and his knuckles went white from his grip on the bars. What was he doing? Did she know he'd see this? Did she want him to see this? Peter's mind was blown. He let out a ragged breath himself, glancing down to his groin, where his awkward problem was getting bigger by the passing second. He closed his eyes, swallowing drily and trying to muster up some kind of self control.

When Peter opened his eyes again, he wished he hadn't. Her movements were getting faster and faster and her body was squirming like she was about to climax any second. He groaned, wanting nothing more than to make his presence known and ask her if she wanted him to see this. She must know he comes here, every single night. She's not stupid. What did she want to do? Torture him? Make him break his promise? Or maybe he was just reading too much into it. Maybe it wasn't about him at all. Maybe Gwen was just having a bad day and trying to make herself feel better. The worst part was his mind, telling him to go in and kiss her like there was no tomorrow.

Even the most evolved of genetically altered 'superheroes' could still be swayed by temptation and left helpless at the mere sight of a beautiful blonde, pleasuring herself so indecently. Peter tugged at his jeans, trying to make some more room before he completely suffocated his groin. Knowing that he loved Gwen, and that Gwen loved him, made watching this less... perverted. Granted, he was a hormonal teenage boy with raging growth changes every single day, but nobody but Gwen could get him this excited – and he knew it. Was he supposed to walk back home, with a raging boner jutting out? How pathetic. Peter scowled, licking his lips. What was Gwen doing now?

He focused his attention back on her away from his groin and his eyes widened. She was starting to grope herself with her free hand – everywhere. Her creamy silk skin looked so irresistible and her hardened nipples made themselves known through the thin tank top. Peter swallowed the lump in his throat. His fingers itched to dip inside his jeans and start rubbing himself in time with Gwen's own movements, that had become restless and more impatient. He wanted to relieve himself so badly, but he couldn't. Not like this; spying on Gwen in an intimate moment. He knew he had to leave.

Just as he turned away, her hips were bucking up into her air and her legs were spreading further apart. That's the image that was burned into his mind all the way down the fire escape. It took him longer than usual, given his hard situation but when he finally made it all the way down, he started to feel rational and logical again. He could think properly again. It took him twice as long to get home, but when he eventually did get back in just before 1AM, he slid into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the shower. Hot, burning water trickled over his skin as he finally began to relieve himself.


Peter traipsed into school the next day, his mind obsessing over what he had witnessed last night. Gwen was pleasuring herself, in her bed, with the blinds open. It was almost unbelievable, had he not seen it himself with his own two eyes. He had no idea Gwen was even into that kind of stuff, which wasn't a judgement. She'd been the main star in his dreams for the past two months non stop, and she motivated him in all the right ways. He was just curious about what motivated her.

And then the strangest thing happens. He hears her boots before he sees her. And then she's suddenly standing in front of him, clutching his watch in her fingers. She doesn't look annoyed, almost unsure. He's the one who said they couldn't be near each other but even Gwen hasn't tried to break his promise yet either. Peter glanced down to his wrist and saw his bare skin. His heart quickens. His mind races. He had the watch last night so he must have accidentally left it behind in his haste to leave.

Gwen starts, "Um, I found this on the fire escape today, when I opened my window. You must have left it there months ago, but it still works. It's one sturdy waterproof watch." She holds it out to him and he takes it, dumbly. She doesn't even have a clue. Or does she? He can't even look her in the eye. All he pictures when he sees her is her writhing form, bending and squirming as her fingers work her core. It's intoxicating.

"Right," Gwen realises she's probably not getting a verbal response from him. "Well, nice watch. It kind of looks like the one my uncle just bought."

She's already walking away when Peter finally replies, "Thanks, it's the new Steadman one." How lame is that? 'It's the new Steadman one'? He already hates himself and is already internally insulting himself when Gwen suddenly halts, frozen to the spot.

"What?" she turns around, her eyes narrowed.

Peter frowns. Seeing her suspicious face is worse than facing a thousand robotic giants. Make that twenty thousand.

"The black Cubic Harvey Steadman Watch?" Gwen asks him, her voice laced with anger and disbelief.

Peter nods back, completely unaware of what he's done. Is she honestly angry because he bought a Harvey Steadman watch?

Gwen inhales, ready to kill somebody. She takes a few steps forwards and says, "The Harvey Steadman watch that was released a week ago?"

Oh crap.