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Sexy Silk

Boy, I will be your sexy silk

Wrap me around, round, round round

I'll be your pussy-cat, licking your milk right now

Down, down down

Part IV

Gwen wasn't sure who initiated the kiss first but she felt their lips coming together, soft at first and then hard and passionate. It had been months since their last kiss. This was like coming home. Her chest heaved against his, her nimble fingers pulling his top over his head again. Peter slipped his fingers under her silk top, touching her creamy skin and flat stomach. Their lips moved together in a passionate tug of war, and at some point, Peter dominated the kiss by pushing his tongue inside and ravaging her mouth.

Gwen stumbled a little, only to be steadied by Peter. He spun them around, still kissing, and pushed her backwards onto her bed. Gwen moved upwards, grabbing Peter's shoulders and bringing him up with her. He pulled away, his eyes darkened with lust. Gwen stared back, feeling exactly the way he looked. How many times she had dreamed about this was quite ridiculous, to be honest.

"Gwen," Peter gasped against her lips.

"Shut up, Peter," Gwen captured his lips together, careful not to touch his wound. She let her senses take over, driving her hand down his back to feel all his tense and on fire muscles. Peter groaned into her mouth at her, pulling away to dive into her neck, and nip at her skin with desire. Gwen gasped, her breath hitching. She felt him, hard against her lower abdomen and bit her lip. This was definitely the furthest she'd ever gone, with anybody.

A part of her felt dirty, wrong. That small part of her that had been raised to not steal sweets, and to do her homework on time, and to study hard and work for everything she wanted. Then the other part of her – the bigger part – wanted Peter like she had never wanted anybody before. She fantasized about him daily, and her need to feel him was getting worse by the second. Sex was scary for a virgin, and Gwen was terrified, but it was a good kind of scary. The kind that thrills you down to your toes.

"I love this silk," Peter gasped against her neck, his fingers slipping under her top. He pushed up the fabric, reaching down to press his swollen lips to her pale flesh. He began to kiss just under her bra, and then made his way down her stomach, feeling smug that every time he went lower, Gwen practically squirmed and whispered his name, her fingers clenching the bed sheets in pleasurable frustration.

Her hips bucked when his lips reached her pyjama shorts. He still wasn't completely sure about this. For one, he didn't have a condom, and two, this was Gwen Stacy, the girl he was absolutely obsessed with. He didn't want to make her feel like she was being used. Peter's hand smoothed up her stomach as he said, "Gwen, we don't have to do anything. I'm here for you, forever. I'm not going to leave you again."

"I'm glad," Gwen rasped slightly, "But I need you, Peter. Please."

"I don't have any protection," Peter groaned with unease. His own situation was growing harder and more uncomfortable by the passing second.

"I do," Gwen smirked devilishly.

Peter's eyebrows perked up. He bit his lip, "Gwen, I've never done this before."

"Hearing you say that is hotter than I imagined," Gwen mumbled, kissing him slowly, "Same."

"Good," Peter replied, slowly bringing her top over her head, "I think I would have to kill any guy who had seen you naked."

"Including you?" Gwen said breathlessly, noticing how Peter's eyes had swayed to her bra.

"Definitely not," Peter leaned down and began to press kisses in the dip of her chest and then over the tops of her breasts and around her bra. Gwen clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to remain quiet. Her insides squirmed with lust and her core began to ache knowingly.

Gwen ran her hand down his chest, stopping at his jeans. She unbuckled them, pulled down the zipper and helped him shove them down his hips and legs. Peter continued to press kisses all over her, skipping over her pyjama shorts, and around the top of her thighs, where she moved urgently.

Peter's fingers curled over her pyjama shorts as he pulled them down, his eyes widening at the sight of her wet and skimpy pants. Gwen blushed manically, thankful the lightning in her room was dark. Peter leaned down, placed open mouthed kisses on her hips, causing her to arch upwards and moan at the same time. He moved back up her, unhooked her bra and swallowed with want at the sight of her pale creamy breasts.

"Hey," he whispered, noticing how Gwen was shifting uncomfortably, "What's wrong? We don't have to do anything."

"It's not that," Gwen buried her head into his neck. "I've never been naked in front of anyone before."

Peter couldn't help but smile at her adorable shyness. "Trust me, you're way better in real life," he touched her breast tentatively, enjoying the moan coming from her throat.

"Real life?" Gwen frowned, busy enjoying the sensations coursing through her body at his touch.

"You think you're the only one who likes to imagine things?" Peter mumbled back, kissing her breasts as his fingers began to press against her pants. Gwen grabbed his shoulders, moving against him with a burning need.

"What do you mean?" Gwen winced with pleasure.

"Well," Peter connected their foreheads together, "Sometimes I imagine I've pulled you into the janitor's closet in school," his fingers hooked around her pants and slowly slid them down. "And we're so loud that the janitor hears us, but we've locked the door and we can't stop, no matter what."

"Kinky," Gwen swallowed nervously, her heartbeat thudding with excitement and adrenaline.

"Tell me about yours," Peter kissed her lips, smiling at her when he felt her fingers pulling off his boxers. "Tell me what you think of when you..."

Gwen wet her lips, "I pretend that I'm studying and you happen to come in and we..."

"Where do we do it?" Peter asked her as he kissed her lobe and behind her ear.

"On the fire escape," Gwen blurted out, cheeks reddening. "At night."

Peter smirked, delighted at the very notion that she even thought about him like that at all. "What did we do?"

"Everything—" Gwen abruptly cut off as Peter pressed their naked bodies against each other, their naked bodies touching for the very first time. "Oh my god," Gwen gasped, biting Peter's shoulder lightly as he placed his hands at either side of her head.

"Are you ready?" Peter asked her.

Gwen nodded and reached out towards the first drawer of her cabinet. She handed Peter the condom and watched with darkened eyes as he rolled it on his hardened member, that was inches away from her throbbing core. Staying in eye contact the entire time, Peter positioned himself properly and pushed their foreheads together. Gwen hooked her legs around his, making sure not to touch his wound, which was completely forgotten about, either because he had super enhanced healing abilities or because given the nature of the situation, he just didn't give a shit.

Just before he pushed inside her, he stared into her eyes and she saw it. Past all the wanting, and lust, and need to be inside her, she saw him, and the way he was looking at her. This was more than just your average typical high school love story. This was real love. It was perfect. It was damaged and bloodied and broken, but it was theirs and in that moment, Gwen wouldn't have swapped the world for it.

Gwen opened her mouth, gasping and moaning until it reached the back of her throat when Peter finally pushed inside her. She felt her insides constrict around him, and almost fight against the intrusion. Pain coursed throughout her body, and Peter froze, staring down her mangled expression with one of guilt.

"I'll stop," he said breathlessly.

"No," Gwen clutched for him again.

"Gwen," he winced.

"Just give me a second," Gwen whispered, staring at him.

"I love you," he told her, stroking her hair.

"I love you," she said back. He pressed their lips together again, his tongue slipping inside and massaging her comfortably. "Move," she finally said, and Peter's hips bucked instinctively. Gwen gasped again, but Peter clamped his lips over hers and they kissed passionately through the extended discomfort and pain. It took a while, but they finally built up a pace and rhythm they were both at.

Skin on skin. Hands clutching hands. Lips on lips.

Gwen moved her hips up as Peter brought his down, and their bodies eventually began to blur into one. The sensations was mind blowing. Everything was heightened; touch, taste, smell. Their movements began to get more and more urgent, their limbs clutching at each other desperately for release. Peter didn't even care that his wound kept bumping against Gwen's flat stomach; it didn't even hurt any more. Their hot, sweaty, writhing bodies moved together in perfect team work unison.

Gwen leant her head backwards, completely lost in the moment with Peter. Peter was right; this was so much better than imagining. At first Gwen thought she might be having a heart attack, but then the overwhelming need to breathe subsided and she cried out as her whole body tingled with the feel of Peter inside her. His touch was sending her nearly over the edge, taunting her to join him.

Every time she was beginning to come close to the edge, and fall off the mountain, he was pulling backwards, and torturing her body in the most pleasurable way. She knew they were getting closer when she felt Peter's arms tremble above her. There was absolutely no going back now. They were in this, together, forever. Come what may. Death and danger. Villains and crime. Science and evil. It didn't matter, as long as they had this moment, as long as they had each other.

Gwen came first, her body exploding with a kind of euphoria she had never ever experienced before. She felt like she was flying. This was like being on drugs. This was drugs. Gwen gasped, her hair sticking to her sweaty face. Peter came shortly after her, pulling out quickly and collapsing in a heap beside her, his own body sticky and sweaty and his chest moving up and down with breathlessness.

They lay there, spent and tired, and satisfied. Peter peeled the condom off, threw it in the bin and cradled Gwen's naked body into his. They stared at each other in silence, smiling and acknowledging their connection. First times aren't perfect, they're painful and awkward and testing, and it had been all of that. It wasn't flawless, but it was euphoria, and it was theirs.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that," Peter whispered.

"Me either," Gwen smiled bashfully. She glanced to his stitches, "How's your wound?"

"That definitely makes up for my wound," Peter chuckled slightly. "I meant what I said earlier. I do love you, and I'm not going to leave you, ever again."

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to hear you say that," Gwen pressed her lips to his softly.

"I'm sorry for making you wait," Peter captured her lips passionately, grasping her head.

"Easy bug boy," Gwen quipped. "I only have one condom."

Peter couldn't help but let his eyes wander down her naked body. She was absolutely perfect, whether she knew it or not. "Shame," he pursed his lips with a smirk, "But there's lot of other things we could do that isn't sex."

Gwen rasped, "Do explain, Mr. Parker."

Peter sat up slightly, "Do you have any other silk?"