Hey guys, Chinaluv here. I just wanted to write a fanfiction based on reality. It's my marching band. I am changing my name though, just because I want to. Anyway: enjoy. -Chinaluv

Rookie camp:

I woke up on Monday morning, part of me really wanted to just sleep in again. Instead I got up and changed into a new shirt. I wanted to see if I could pull of marching with it. Had I known that it made marching harder I wouldn't have worn it.

At 9:15 I got into my car with my dad. I only had my permit so my dad had to accompany me. We pulled into the parking lot and rather than actually parking I just pulled in to one of the spots. When I got out the others who were there were laughing at my horrendous parking job. I ignored it, said goodbye to my dad, and walked over to my friends.

My friend Sabrina smiled at me, she seemed happy and excited. Like me she was a veteran of pit and this year would be her first at marching. I consider her a rookie-veteran meaning she hasn't marched a show yet but has been in marching band. I was one last year and I'm determined to make sure that she knows what she's doing before band camp actually starts (tomorrow).

The two of us talked a bit about drum line and the people who were there. The guy I liked for two years was there and Sabrina was annoying me about it. When our other friend Natalie arrived we started talking about school and our summer assignments. I hadn't done much yet, but my friend Hannah was coming over later and the two of us were going to attempt to get as much as we could done (we did a lot).

I attempted to give my sophomore friends advice on their assignment and what to expect for sophomore year. I'm going to be a junior and couldn't really get advice from them, unless I asked one of my senior friends. Too bad they don't have the same assignment as I do for APUSH(AP United states History).

We continued to talk until roughly 9:35 when the drum majors (Tim and Bryce) called us over to a huddle. We sat on the ground and I sat between Sabrina and Natalie. We introduced ourselves meaning that we just said our name, section (instrument), and what grade we were going to. They also explained how this camp would work. Every veteran would pick a rookie and teach them the basic moves (I mean forward/backward march, turns, attention, dismissal, and mark time). I immediately claimed Sabrina, the only other girl on drum line.

When we started, I was honestly a bit nervous, I had never really taught anyone how to march, granted, I did show her last year a bit of what we did, but not to this extent. It wasn't that hard to teach her though, she knew what she was doing and didn't miss her mark much, for a rookie anyway. WE were having a bit of fun and I made a few mistakes with the calls, I'm not a drum major or drill leader and didn't know the official terms very well. So it was a really fun first forty-five minutes until our water break.

After the water break where Sabrina got a little mad because I was talking to my friend Natalie during the break while she was walking to me. I feel bad about that now, I was trying to tell Natalie a little about what I was attempting to teach Sabrina and Sabrina was telling me about a picture she saw. Now I feel really bad because I didn't listen to her, I know I should've.

Sabrina learned the basics really quickly and I decided I might as well teach her slides, she needed to know and it was better to teach her then and there rather than wait a few days and have her catch on. I knew the first day would be boring enough. Ya know, the whole annoying one step thing with the rookies learning how to march, so boring.

Anyway, Sabrina and I marched and had a good time for a while longer before we joined Joey and Noah. Noah would be the rookie-veteran tenor and Joey the bass drum section leader. I expected him to go easy on us, but he didn't. He made us march a lot and at one point gave us pushups thanks to Bryce, who shouldn't have done that.

Once that was all settled and he ordered us a lot he called Tim and Bryce over. Time watched a few times before disappearing to another section. Bryce led us around a few times and then he gave Joey command. Joey didn't realize what he was doing until it was too late. He ordered us to back march and I ran into a poor freshmen. I felt really bad for the rookie, I didn't know he was behind me otherwise I would've stopped, yeah I know not supposed to, but I would've anyway.

What's worse than running into a person once, running into the same person twice. It happened again, though this was an accident. Joey didn't catch it in time and I didn't hear him say stop. I ended up clashing into him again, and when I felt the collision I tried to stop it, but ended up on my butt. I got up and apologized to the freshmen like ten times before walking back with the others. That was embarrassing.

Bryce came back over after that and tested us again. When he was satisfied he decided to challenge us and made joey join us. Bryce then made us close our eyes and march. When we opened our eyes we all found out that we were horrible at marching with our eyes closed. I must admit that he's right about one thing, it's hard to march with a bass drum because we couldn't see over our drums much. It was bad… I ended up marching and almost bumping into Sabrina, who managed to go in a decently straight line. I'd say it was pretty funny.

After another water break we all just sort of worked on marching and joey called out some random marching instructions, we finished for the day and lined up in the back of the hash marks of the parking lot. We were ending the camp with a barbarian run, a very random, but fun thing to do. We lined up and time explained the rules. We then ran and screamed at the top of our lungs. We had to run in a straight line, although avoiding cars, and scream for as long as we could. We had to stop when we took a breath. I didn't last very long because I'm neither a singer nor a wind player. I was surprised that Sabrina made it farther than most people.

There was a lot of arguing about who lied and who didn't, but in the end it didn't matter. Time and Bryce called us into a circle and we got ready for dismissal.

"At the ready" Tim called

"Band tend Hut" Tim screamed.

"HUT!" Everyone yelled, the veterans louder than the rookies.

"Band dismissed." One of them called.

"GO PFALLS" WE all screamed.

"Break" Tim shouted after a few seconds.

"Shark Bait" Tim screamed after we all started moving.

"Ohh ahh haa" We responded

"Hey band How do you feel?" Aaron, the trumpet section leader screamed

"I feel good huh" I smiled at that one, it was always the funiest.

"White chip blue chip" Taylor called, no one responded. "Oh, come on" She sighed.

"It's not band camp yet." I heard one of the veterans scream. Then we all started laughing.

I said bye to Sabrina, grabbed my stuff and left.

Not the best way to start off rookie camp, but it was interesting…

Hey guys, that wasn't all that eventful, but marching band camp starts tomorrow… I'll tell you what happened earlier, if you want. Pm if you're curious. Midnight Reading Addict, you know what happened earlier. Extra points to whoever can guess who that is ;) Midnight Reading Addict, your opinion doesn't count in that haha. See ya tomorrow

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