Wednesday: 8/8

Spirit day: sports day

I woke up ready to start the band, it was exciting. Today was sports day. I hadn't dressed up that much in fear that whatever I wore would screw up my marching. I decided just to wear my tennis uniform. I wanted to wear my varsity tennis shirt but couldn't find it. I must admit that I had issues convincing myself to wear the scourt I normally wore for games (never actually liked wearing it).

I arrived at band and noticed the guard first, they were all wearing different outfits relating toward sports. They always seemed to go all out.

"So what's your theme today guard?" I questioned right off the bat.

"The Olympics." Katherine who was wearing an ice skating outfit said. Wow, that was really smart.

"Wow, that's amazing. You even have medals. That's just plain cool." I stated happily. Sometimes I wished that I could've been in guard rather than drum line (Don't yell at me for saying that Midnightreadingaddict). I am NOT saying drumline isn't fun, but I kind of wished there were more girls sometimes. Those of you who know what marching band is like know what I mean.

After talking for a while with guard we were ordered to go outside and start our pod work. I was fine with marching around because it wasn't that hard, Ian and Joey were in a good enough mood to leave us be with just simple moves that we each could execute flawlessly.

brought us inside after he was pleased with our successful fundamentals. We got inside and ran a few warm ups before we reviewed the opener's music and switched focus to the closer. It wasn't that hard of music thankfully just a little confusing. This year the closer brought back a lot of the music from the opener, which I had already memorized at that point.

When we broke for lunch I just talked to my friends and had some fun. I'd say the best part was when we had our picture taken. We weren't outside so we didn't get to see any of the amazingness of the other sections, but after the guard I figured the others were nothing. Anyway, our picture was taken. Ian was actually in Thomas's hands, it was kind of weird in a way. Reminded me of last year when Billy (tenor) wore a dress and jumped into Pat's arms (he was the section leader last year and snare drummer).

After lunch we played a game called wah. Yeah, I have a feeling not many of you will know what this game is. (Lightkit and Midnightreaddingaddict you know what it is). So the game starts when everyone is in a circle. One person puts their hands up to make a point over their head. The first person starts the game by pointing at someone in the circle and that person receives the wah. The two people nexto that person have to put their hands sideways to the person who received the wha's stomach. They say wah as they do so. If there is a hesitation then they are out. It's a lot of fun. Sorry for my horrible description.

So anyway, the game started. At first I really didn't want to play, my head was hurting at that time and I didn't want to play at all. As the game went on though I started to enjoy myself. Toward the ends I was next to two of my best friends, not the best thing because I accidently hurt people when I do this game. They both somehow got out, for hesitating I'll bet, and then it was down to three of us. The game doesn't work about that so the three of us were dubbed the winners. yay. So yeah, that was pretty fun.

Mr.N came out after the second game started and told us to start working in sections. Because we went inside earlier Mr.N had the drummers along with go outside, with our drums, to learn the drill for the second song. When we got outside a surprise was waiting for us. Friert showed up, he was B3 last year on the line, along with Pat they both were hilarious together. Friert took Noah's absent spot while we were learning drill.

The second song involved me and Jack(B4) in the pit the entire time so we just sat there while the others learned their drill. Sabrina and I just kind of sat there talking about random things for a few minutes before she had to go with the other drummers. After that Jack and I just sort of hung out and waited to go inside.

We were called inside for music rehearsal shortly after where we just played the show a few times. I wasn't really all that paying attention, it was sort of a slow day for us not much learning to be done. I was actually excited for once to go outside when we were finished.

It took about ten minutes for all of us to get outside. Mr.N called top of the show to review the first two songs. I must admit it was sort of fun to just sit there while Mr.N called people out on what they were doing wrong. I watched the others and realized how much fun the show really was. I'm so excited now for competitions. We are going to seriously kick some butt this year Let's go undefeated again.

Drill down came fast enough. We broke for a water break right before and Sabrina and I went over to where our water bottles were located.

"You had better win today." I said happily, it was my turn to be the positive and encouraging one for once.

"We'll see." She said simply taking another sip of water.

"I'm not allowed to make bets, but if I could I'd bet on you." I said stealing line from the Hunger games. She smiled and Mr.N called us into drill block.

It was very exciting, I got to sit in the honorable chair. Jack sat next to me in his, he won rookie drill down winner yesterday. It was really nice not having to march around. I liked not having to move or do pushups like everyone else had to once they got out. Drill down went quickly, I was right, Sabrina won Rookie marcher. I was so thrilled for her. It was pretty great. All in all not a bad day at all, pretty fun and exciting. Tomorrow would be just as fun.


WAY TO GO SABRINA FOR WINNING ROOKIE MARCHER, little late but still better late than never.


I have made a decision and will keep writing this fanfic