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I kept fighting for another hour, I was a bit tired but nothing I couldn't handle, this was my 79th guardian, there were only 3 left. Suddenly I realized there was someone I haven't faught with, Dimitri, a punch on my arm made me focus on my actual fight, and for 79th time I won. "Next!" I shouted. And Dimitri stood in front of me, I had been heartless and motionless like a rock for a long time, but even though I got nervous when I saw him.

"Roza, please stop fighting and talk with me for only five minutes". He said

I threw a punch to his face but he avoid it, and held my fist with his hand, I tried to take it away but I couldn't he was to strong. Instead I made him fall by kicking both of his feet. He stood up and defend himself, he pushed me away with all his strength, but it was too much, I lost my balance, but I didn't saw a pill of stakes and knifes, I fell on top of them and felt how a knife was stabbed in the right part of my stomach.

"Roza I'm so sorry" I heard Dimitri's voice. I took the knife away, it hurt,too much, but I knew I had to do it. Dimitri was right beside me, I tried to stood up but when I moved I felt the blood came out in droves. I felt dizzy, and a pair of arms lifted me up, in that moment I lost my consciousness.

When I woke up I saw Dimitri sitting next to me with his head resting on his hands, I tried to stand up but my stomach hurt, I sigh of pain, and Dimitri stood up.

"don't move, you are badly injured" he said "why Roza? Why are you acting like this? I can hardly recognize you".

"I'm Marie, and I've always been…"

"NO! don't tell me you've always been like this, coz you haven't!. You're acting like this because you are sad, mad and because I was an idiot when you needed me, when you where depressed!" Dimitri shouted, but I knew he wasn't angry at me, he was angry with himself. I started crying he was right, I've been sad and mad, but also I'd improved a lot on being a guardian, but was it worth it? Was it worth it to lose my friends and my normal life? And now that Dimitri told me he was wrong, not me, I felt stupid and guilty.

"Why are you so mad? I am the one who's been acting like a bitch, not you, you were right to be disappointed of me, I wasn't thinking when I tried to kill myself" I said with tears falling down my face.

"no I was wrong, I didn't think before talking to you, I knew you were strong, but I should have had present that Lissa also was like a sister to you and that you were being bothered and insulted by her, that you were feeling betrayed . I'm very sorry my Roza, I'm sorry."

I felt better and worse at the same time, I sat on the bed and Dimitri sat next to me I hugged him and cried for everything, Lissa, him and us.

"Roza?" he asked


"I know that maybe you don't love me anymore, but I talked to Alberta, and I told her I love you, and that I wanted to be with you, and she told me that as I respected the rules from the Academy there was no problem, but I had to ask your mom for permission. Mrs. Hathaway told me that if I really loved you, she would not oppose , she just want you to be happy." He told me on a very slow voice, I stopped crying and broke the hug

" are you serious?" I asked.

"yes, but if you don't want to be with me, it doesn't matter, I understand" he said looking to the floor, I took his face in my hands and kissed him. He continued the kiss for much longer than he had ever done, he held me from my waist but he touched my stomach and I sigh of pain again, he pulled himself back, "it's okay" I said, he stood up and I watched him as he put his coat on. " I have to guard the dorms, I'll be back when I finish, rest my Roza" he kissed my forehead and left.

The door woke me up, "Dimitri?" I asked "no, it's Lissa", I sat on the bed and saw Lissa with dry tears in her cheeks and bandages on her wrists. "oh my god Lissa what did you do?" I asked looking at her wrists.

"the usual stuff, you know, but I'm not here because of that, I came to say I'm sorry, I really am." She said crying again.

"don't worry it's okay, I'm still a bit angry but Rose Hathaway is finally back." I said she sat next to me on the chair where Dimitri had been before.

"you are still angry with me?! After how you've treated me and Mason and Eddie?" she said getting mad

"yes shouldn't I? you acted like a bitch Lissa, and you made me a lot of bad things how couldn't I be angry with you?" I noticed I was shouting so I tried to calm down.

" I said I'm sorry you can't be like that Rose!" she shouted crying.

"look Lissa I know I've acted like a bitch this months, but you also did a lot of slutty stuff, so I prefer not to argue…" she hugged me and I did the same, to her, I loved her so much, she was my sister and also I felt the same through the bond. "guess what!" I told her, she pulled away and sat next to me with a smile "what?!" she asked excitedly " the queen asked me to be her guard, but I said no" I said a bit happier that I should have, "WHY?!, you should have said yes!" I interrupted her before she could say anything else " I'm only going to be the guardian of one person and that person is here right in front of me" I said starting to cry. She hugged me and before we could say anything else Christian, Mason and Eddie came into the room.

"hey! Rose, Beikov told us you were back!" said Christian "yes I am" I tried to stand up but my injuries were really bad, Lissa put her hands on my stomach and started healing me, I tried to stop her " just let me do it, I've been controlling it, this bandages are because I felt guilty not because of the use of the spirit" she said, I kept still and when she finished I could stand up, jump run and everything, it was then when I realized how I had missed her and all the guys, I hugged each of them and we went to have dinner together.

We sat on our table when I remembered what I had to do "Mason the queen offered me to be her guardian, but I think you should take the place, if you want, I can train you" I said very naturally, Mason almost spat his drink, but he nodded excitedly, I stood up and went to see the queen.

She was on Kirova's office, I knocked and the queen looked at me with very maternal eyes. "so you are going to take the offer?" she asked "no, I am going to be Lissa's guardian, but I think I know who can be your guard, and I will finish training him." I said "who?" before she could say anything else I answered "Mason Ashford"