The queen was very unsure about my decision of training Mason, but she gave me two months two make him perfect, I was very happy and as soon as she agreed I ran back to were we were eating before.

I was very nervous 'what if I push him to hard?' I thought to myself. When I got there Lissa, Christian, Eddie and Mason were sitting, I started explaining that the queen accepted my offer, and that Mason had two months to be perfect and that I was going to train him, when I finished with my story all of them hugged me and then Mason.

"There is another thing you should know" I said "There are rumors that a great group of strigoi are planning to attack the school and I was thinking that as soon as I finish training you, Mason, I should take my test to be a real guardian, and that I can look for the strigoi and protect the school" immediately I felt Lissa's worry through the bond, I knew it was because of me, I was considering not to tell her anything but it was unfair for her.

"Rose, I think it's ok, but it's very dangerous, I don't know" said Lissa, stood up and left, Christian was about to follow her but I went after her, he understood, but he look worried

"I'll go" I said "don't worry".

I followed her to her dorm and got in,"Lissa I know you are worried, but it's my job, and I promise I'll come back, and Dimitri will come with me, I'd be safe."

"That's not enough, Rose you are my sister, I know it's your job, but you are the only family I've got, I don't wanna loose you!"

she was crying like when her parents died, I remembered that very well and it made me cry to, I hugged her and said:

"I know, it's ok, I'll come back and we have two months left to be happy, don't worry, and if I don't come back, you have to get over it, Mason, Eddie and Christian will help you, but I need you to promise it." I was crying, I knew that I had to be strong for her and stopped, Lissa stopped too and started walking around the room.

"Rose if you don't come back I'll die and go to beat your ass where you are, okay?"

"okay" I said laughing.


I've been training Mason for a month and an three weeks, he is now the third best guardian, right after me and Dimitri, but he still doesn't want to stop training, today he's been two hours staking the false strigoi stuff, but he insists even though his technique is perfect.

"Mase stop, you are perfect" I said for ninth time.

"I'm not, I have to train" he said so convinced, that was it, I was tired, hungry and bored, I held his arm make a quick and effective move with which he lost his balance and fell hardly "What the hell?" he said leaning on the floor

"I'm tired of your insecure, you are perfect! You are going to present with the queen tomorrow, if you are unsure that means you are not enough for the job, you can't get better than how you are now, you are ready!" I shouted to him.

"okay, I had been waiting for that!"

"what did you just say?" I asked surprised " I had been waiting for you to shout me that I'm perfect, I knew I was ready, but you are my mentor, you have to say when I'm ready not me." I couldn't believe how smart and annoying that sounded, I punched him on the arm and hugged him.

"let's go to have dinner " I said and started walking.


A kiss woke me up, I opened my eyes and saw Dimitri, he was sitting next to me "you are a guardian tomorrow you´ll get your guardian tattoo" he said in a happy but low voice. I was so happy, I started kissing him, he started to crawl over me, the kiss was getting hotter. In less than three minutes we had no clothes on.

The next morning I woke up happier than I've ever been, last night was the best night of my life, I had sex with Dimitri, I turned around and founded him sleeping right next to me, I left him like that and went to take a shower, I stood up softly so that he didn't wake up, I had no clothes on but I didn't care, I got in the bathroom and took a quick shower, when I got out Dimitri was still sleeping I dressed up with a blue skinny jeans, a red tank top and a pair of black high heels.

When I was ready, I went to wake Dimitri up, I kissed his lips and he opened his eyes " you look beautiful Roza" he said with a sexy smile on his face.

" get up, we're going to be late for my ceremony!" he stood up and went to the bathroom. When he was ready we went out of my room, for our luck Alberta wasn't near, we walked to the church, were everyone was waiting me.

"hey sis! I know you aren't nervous, but good luck" said Lissa, I knew she was worried for me, there was only a week left before I went with Dimitri and a group of guardians to hunt the group of strigoi that want to attack the school, and she had been very sensible since a two week s time.

"thanks my little sister, you know I love you right?" I asked with tears in my eyes

"yes, I know" with that she went to sit down and the ceremony started, I was marked after I promised loyalty and love to the queen, and to sacrifice my life to protect the moroi world from the strigoi. It hurted as much as when I received my other two marks, I stayed there waiting the pain to finish after a short time it ended and all the people was cheering to me.

I was ready to go, I was going to hunt strigoi with the man I love, and to protect my sister, it was what I wanted, so I went to the principal building were all the guardians were waiting, all of them had been defeated by me and they respected me as much they respected Alberta, she was there to, just to say goodbye to me, after all she was like a mother to me and I was like a daughter to her, I hugged her

"goodbye my little guardian, go with god Vladimir" she said to me.

"goodbye Alberta, you know, if something happens, just take care of Lissa and from Dimitri when he is back, just do it please, I beg you." I said very sincerely she nodded and hugged me again, after that I got on Dimitri's car, and we started our way followed by six more cars full of guardians.