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9-months-old Wilbur Robinson crawled towards the music room,where his mother was.

His mom,Franny Robinson,was teaching a new song to her frogs.

"Mama,movie."Wilbur said,as he poked Franny's left leg.

Franny turned towards her son.

"Sure,baby."Franny smiled,as she picked Wilbur up.

Franny and Wilbur then went to the living room.

"Which movie?"Franny asked.

"Nightmare Before Christmas."Wilbur said.

Franny smiled,that was her and Cornelius' favorite Halloween movie.

"Daddy?"Wilbur said,as Franny placed him on the couch.

Franny sighed.

"He's working on a new invention."She said.

Wilbur then began to cry.

Carl then ran in.

"Is the kid ok?"He asked.

"He wants Cornelius."Franny said.

"I'll get him."Carl said.


Franny and Cornelius were watching the movie,Wilbur was asleep.

"He's asleep,can I go now?"Cornelius whispered to Franny.

"You haven't spent time with your son in these months."Franny snapped.

"Yeah,I did."Cornelius said.

"When?"Franny raised an eyebrow.

"Two days ago."Cornelius said.

"You just said 'hi' to him and then you left."Franny said.

"I promise to spend more time with him."Cornelius said.

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