Summary: Santana and Brittany are high-school sweethearts and are currently married. Santana is a famous singer/songwriter and is loved by many. Brittany is a well-recognized choreographer and dancer. However, Brittany starts having these feelings that jeopardizes her marriage with Santana. Will their marriage end or will these two lovebirds fight through their troubles? Inspired by the recent Robsten scandal.

Santana could not be anymore happier. She had everything she could have ever asked for. Her music career after she graduated school had taken off just like she had always dreamed of. Yes, there were times when she wanted to quit but with the support of her loving girlfriend (now wife), perseverance and her hardworking skills, she was able to overcome the odds and is now one of the most famous singers in the world. She had money, a career, and a wife who she loved more than anyone or anything on earth. Brittany. Brittany was Santana's life.

Brittany was happy. Her dancing career was more of a success than she could have ever thought it could. After a million auditions, she finally successfully acquired a dancing gig that put her name in the dancing world. However, there was a small issue that bothered her. Everything she had done in her life was done with help from Santana. Yes, she loved her wife with all her heart but she wonders what she could have done without her help. Everyone always puts both of them together as if they were one person. People never recognize Brittany as Brittany, but as Santana Lopez's wife. Interviewers never ask her about her dancing career or her work as a choreographer She recently started noticing in recent interviews.

"Brittany and Santana Lopez-Pierce over here!" interviewers shouted.

"SANTANA LOPEZ-PIERCE WE LOVE YOU!" Fans continued to scream.

Brittany and Santana stopped at reporter that was from a famous magazine who never wrote dishonest stories of celebrities nor make celebrities look bad.

"Santana and Brittany Lopez-Pierce, welcome to the Grammy Awards. Santana how do you feel about once again being nominated for Album of the Year, Grammy hall of fame award, and song of the year?" asked the reporter.

Santana replied, "It feels great knowing that my fans keep listening to my music. They are the reason why I continue to do this. They are my inspiration, along with my lovely wife here."

The interviewer smiled at the answer and turned to Brittany. "Mrs. Lopez-Pierce, how is it to be married to such a phenomenal person as Santana Lopez-Pierce?"

Great, another question about being Santana's wife, Brittany thought. "It's great. Santana and I have been together since high school and every day I still feel those butterflies in my stomach from the first day I met her."

Santana turned to her wife lovingly and gave her a peck on the lips.

"Thank you that is all," Santana smiled and the reporter and left with her wife to the awards.

"Don't you think it's funny that all the questions interviewers ask me are about you, being married to you, or how I feel being married to you?" Brittany asked while in her bra and underwear changing in the bathroom, staring at the window.

"People don't always just ask questions about me, they ask about your career too," Santana, in similar clothing attire as Brittany, replied while wrapping her hands around Brittany's waist. She gave a Brittany a loving kiss on her shoulder and continued to stare at Brittany with loving eyes.

"Yes they do. Its always 'Santana this or Santana that'. People never ask about my dancing or me choreographing. Its always about you!" Brittany yelled while unwrapping herself from Santana.

"Brittany, that's not true. Remember that one recent interviewer who asked you about your dance?" Santana said while reaching out to Brittany.

"They asked about that dance because it was the dance that I choreographed for your tour! They never ask about my individual work and ever since I stopped choreographing for you I have hardly been offered jobs nor are people asking about my work!" Brittany screamed at Santana. She went to their room and got out her pajamas and went to lie on their bed.

Santana sighed audibly and followed her wife to bed and spooned her from behind. "Babe, I do not know what to say. These interviewers do see your talent. The whole world sees it. You are not known as just Santana Lopez-Pierces's wife but an awesome dancer and a creative choreographer. No one in the world I know dances as fluid as you or is as flexible as you, and trust me, I have seen how flexible you are in many different positions" Santana said with a wink and a smirk. "Like I said 4 years ago in school, you are the unicorn Brittany. You are unique and talented in many ways."

Brittany no longer wanted to discuss it and just reluctantly agreed with her wife. "Okay whatever, you're right."

Santana smiled against her wife. "Now, why are you wearing these clothes? Take them off and show me how flexible you are."

Brittany rolled her eyes at the innuendo, turned around, and gave Santana a loving and passionate kiss. "I love you Santana Lopez-Pierce" Brittany said.

"I love you too Brittany Lopez-Pierce, with all my heart," Santana said while unbuttoning Brittany's clothes.

Brittany and Santana continued to kiss passionately. Brittany's clothes were soon scattered on the floor and was in her previous attire she wore in the bathroom.

"Why should we bother wearing clothes? You are beautiful all bare," Santana said while kissing Brittany's neck.

"Shut up and make love to me babe" Brittany said, breathing heavily.

They continued to kiss each other and soon they were both naked and moving around the bed. They made love that night.

That was two months ago.

"Babe, I'm home!" Santana screamed when she entered the mansion. Both Santana and Brittany are living in Beverly Hills, L.A. in a mansion that Santana recently bought after becoming a multi-millionaire singer. They lived near Brangelina's house and had a condo inside L.A. and New York City.

There was no response from Brittany and Santana continued to wonder around the house. Her phone rang suddenly and she rolled her eyes after seeing who was calling her.

"Hello Quinn," Santana answered annoyed. Santana hired Quinn as her manager after she graduated from Yale. She had superb business skills and she trusted Quinn with her career.

"You will not believe who that idiot Ricky Stick hired as his new choreographer!" Quinn yelled through the phone. Recently, Ricky Stick, another artist signed from her record company, called Santana out on her songs, calling them "disgustingly horrible and does not realize why people actually listen to her crap." He earned some fame from that comment and is another wannabe singer, thinking he can make himself famous by destroying Santana's. To Santana and Quinn, he is not even that handsome with his hair gelled in a Mohawk (it made Puck's Mohawk from high school look stylish) and sideburns. In his own opinion, he looks like a god. His personality is not that great either.

"It does not matter to me, that idiot can hire whoever he wants," Santana said while looking through her house for her wife. At last, she found her in the dance studio that was built inside her house. Brittany was apparently choreographing a new dance for a new artist she got hired from.

"Wait Santana its –," Quinn tried to tell her.

"Gotta go Quinny, Sorry Bye!" Santana hung up. She gazed lovingly at her wife while she spun around in the studio. Santana snuck up to Brittany, hugged her from behind, lifted her in the air and spun her around. Brittany, however, did not enjoy this surprise.

"Santana put me down now!" Brittany yelled. She was working on this new routine for this new artist that signed her. This artist told her that he hired her for her work and did not recognize her as Santana's wife, but as Brittany Lopez-Pierce.

"Hello, I am Brittany and I am here to audition to be your new choreographer!" Brittany told her hopefully-soon employer.

"I have never heard of you Brittany, what works have you done?" The artist asked her, while looking her up and down as if he was checking her out.

"Well I have worked with Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rachel Berry, and many more artists!" Brittany told the artist. She hoped that by omitting her wife's name that he would not recognize whom she was married to.

"Okay well, I hire base on talent, not who you worked for. Show me what you can do." The artist said.

Brittany danced for him the new routine she created for this audition. However, while she was dancing, she missed the looks that the artist gave her. He was indeed checking her out and knew that hiring her could help him in more than just choreographing for him.

Once she finished, the artist immediately told her she was hired and told her to come to the studio at 11 in the morning. Excited for the news, she ran home and began to create new dances for him.

"Why are you so grumpy babe?" Santana said while trying to kiss her wife.

"Eww Santana stop seriously! I'm all sweaty," Brittany screamed in disgust while she avoids her wife's advances.

"Why don't we you know, go upstairs, you know take a bath, and try to make some lady-babies of our own?" Santana said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Not now Santana, I'm working." Brittany said, going to change the music to Ricky Stick's new album.

"Come on Brittany, Its been months since the last time we had sex!"

"Im sorry Santana but I have been occupied!" Brittany said while warming up.

"Uhh Brittany why are you listening to HIM?" Santana asked with her face in disgust.

"That is the guy that recently hired me. I am going to be his new choreographer."

"What, Brittany why? That guy made a career out of making a mockery of me!" Santana yelled at Brittany.

"He did not even recognized me as your wife, Santana! He hired me based off my talent that he saw when I auditioned for him! He said I had talent!"

"Brittany, I tell you that everyday! Please don't work for him" Santana pleaded.

"I'm sorry but I already took the job Santana"

"Does me telling me that you have talent mean anything to you Brittany?"

"It does but sometimes it's nice to hear it from someone else!"

"I guess whatever I say to you does not mean anything to you" Santana told Brittany sadly. She was about to walk out of the studio when Brittany grabbed her arm.

"What is that suppose to mean?"

"It means that recently all you have been complaining about is how you are sick of being known as my wife! All you do is complain about is how you want people to know you for you and not for your marital status! Sometimes I wonder if you regret marrying me…" Santana responded sadly.

"Uhh Santana why do you have to be so unreasonable!"

"I'm not being unreasonable Brittany, I am just stating the truth.." Santana responded with tears forming in her eyes.

"Could you please just leave Santana? I really have to work," Brittany responded, showing hardly any emotion in her face.

"Okay, I guess ill see you tomorrow."

"Bye Santana"

Santana left the studio with a dejected face. Brittany continued to work through the night. She took a short nap in the middle of the night, continued working, and then decided to call it quits. She went upstairs to her room around six in the morning. When she entered her room, she noticed that her and Santana's bed was still the way the maid left it yesterday morning. She wondered where her wife went and looked in the guest room next door and noticed Santana sleeping there, with a sad face and clutching the pillow as if she was trying to hug the pillow to death.

Brittany was really mad at Santana. She should not be telling her whom she should for work or what to do! She knew it was a bit inconsiderate to make Santana question their marriage, but she was just so mad and tired. She had work in less than five hours so she just decided to go to sleep in her and Santana's room.

Brittany was running late. She looked at the clock. It read 10:15am. She quickly got up from the bed and ran to get dressed to begin her first day at work. She noticed a blanket lying on the ground and assumed that Santana put it on her while she fell asleep. Brittany rolled her eyes at the gesture and went downstairs to grab a bite and left for work.

"Finally, she arrives!" Ricky Stick laughed.

"Yeah traffic was a bitch this morning" Brittany responded. She went to the stereo to turn it on.

"Its fine Brittany lets just get started." Ricky responded while looking at Brittany's butt.

"Okay, well I was working on something last night" Brittany said, still not noticing Ricky's creepy leering. "I choreographed something for your new song, Fine Girl.

Brittany showed Ricky the dance. He was impressed but it was missing something, according to him.

"Its fine but its just not sexy enough. I want girls to have orgasms while looking at me sing. Here let me stand next to you and show you what I mean."

Ricky went to stand behind Brittany and he put his hands on her stomach. He brought them up to her breasts, slightly groped them, while at the same time he placed his lips on her neck. He began to sway back and forth and began to lip synch the words of the song.

Brittany on the other hand was frozen on the spot. She knew she should stop him but it was just part of a dance right? She began to feel uncomfortable at these gestures but just let him show his ideas to her. She continue to ponder of this until she felt his hands grope her butt.

"Whoa whoa what are you doing?" Brittany shouted while backing up.

"Come on, Brittany. We have amazing chemistry together and look at us! We would look good together on stage doing this sexy dance."

"I don't know, it does not seem appropriate for the audience…"

"The audience does not matter to me right now. I just want to kiss you" Ricky said while he was walking up to Brittany. He put his hands behind her, holding on to the wall and then he leaned towards her and put his lips near her face so his breath could land on her lips.

Brittany felt really uncomfortable at this moment. She knew that this was wrong. She knew that she was cheating on Santana. Santana. She was still mad at her for last night. She knew it was mostly her fault for the fight and she knew that making Santana question their marriage was wrong, but she could not help but place her anger on the lack of knowledge from the public of her dance career to Santana.

Ricky put his lips on Brittany's and began moving them. He grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and the other on her lower back.

Brittany could not help but make comparisons. These were not the soft hands that usually caressed her rather than the rough-callused hand that were grabbing her back. These were not the plumped lips that softly massaged hers rather than the chapped lips that were practically eating her face at the moment. Rather than the sweet scent that made was of Santana, she tasted Ricky's salvia when he stuck his tongue in her mouth. This was not her Santana kissing her but instead was this random guy that hired her yesterday.

And yet, Brittany continued to let him kiss her. She let him do so because of the anger she felt towards Santana, and the public.

However, she did not know about the camera hidden in the room recording their every move, nor did she know about the hidden man waiting for them to come out of the studio together…

To be continued…