It has been a couple days since news broke out of Brittany's cheating scandal. News channels everywhere have been following the tracks of whether or not Santana and Brittany are still together or not. So many made up stories where ran and nobody knew what was really going on besides Santana and Brittany.

Brittany never left her home. She could not even if she wanted to. People were always prowling around her home trying to figure out what was happening. In all honesty, Brittany was too depressed to move. She may have lost her one true love forever. Her depressed state left her in the couch for the past few days, hardly eating and never leaving the house. Two nights after Santana left, Brittany followed her to Quinn's house to try to get her back

"Santana please open the door!" Brittany shouted as she stood outside of the Puckerman household.

"Please Santana, I love you with all my heart! Do not let this relationship die out!" Brittany continued to shout.

Her outbursts were causing ruckus in the neighborhood and people were beginning to exit their homes. Suddenly, Quinn appeared and began to approach Brittany venomously. Brittany had never seen Quinn look this mad.

"Brittany" Quinn practically said growling at her "You sicken me. How could you do that to Santana!? She gave you everything, and you just take advantage of her. YOU ALWAYS DID. She deserves better than you, and this whole incident proves it correct. I think this whole scandal actually helped her out, now she can finally love someone who loves her just as much as she does. I told her, I always told her how much effort she is putting in your relationship and how you hardly put any in. Please just leave us alone, and let ME sort this whole mess out. Good Bye" Quinn yelled her and then turned back around and entered her home.

Brittany just stood there aghast. She could not believe that her best friend (or former) had said those words to her. But she could help but feel that those words were somewhat true. Santana had always been there for her unconditionally. She was there to cheer her up after her and Artie's relationship, even though she knew that Santana was heartbroken after being rejected by her. Santana was always there, trying to work on their relationship, even when Brittany continued to treat her like shit.

Her heart suddenly constricted in a way that she had never felt it before. In her mind, she knew that this could officially end things between her and Santana. She could not picture her life without Santana. Santana had always been so loving, so caring, and so forgiving towards Brittany.

Brittany walked back to her car, tears falling at a rapid and continuous pace. She entered her car and saw a person looking out the window. Brittany instantly knew that it was Santana. She could always tell when Santana looked at her. Santana immediately walked away from the window and a new set of tears streamed down Brittany's face.

That was the last time Brittany had seen Santana. Brittany mostly stayed inside the house, avoiding contact from the outside world. Her cell phone had gotten so many calls and text messages that she just decided to turn off her phone. People were always outside and were always shouting mean names at her.

Brittany just wanted to talk to Santana to explain to her what happened. However, Brittany knew Santana. She knew that not only had she hurt Santana emotionally, but also hurt her pride as well. Brittany had never seen Santana look so broken the moment she found out about her cheating. Santana was not a forgiven person, but she had some hope in her heart that she could get past this and they could be together once again.

Brittany turned on the television. Once again, the news was running a story about their cheating scandal, but this time it was not specifically geared towards them.

"Rick Stick has been spotted walking around with various food items covering his body, once again. In my opinion, he deserves much more than that for trying (or possibly succeeding) to ruin a marriage between to people who are in love" one of the reporters spoke.

"WERE in love. Do not forget that Brittany Pierce-Lopez, or should I say Brittany Pierce, was just as involved in the scandal. As of right now however, we have not received word on whether or not those two are still together but if I were Santana Lopez, I would just dump that bitch. " The other reporter spoke.

"Santana Lopez, single, wow that is just something I have been dreaming of ever since I saw her first music video, which I may add was probably the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life. This is coming from a straight girl too, if Santana Lopez ever came to my footstep asking me out, I would immediately jump to the opportunity"

"I actually want to thank Brittany Pierce and Ricky Stick for having an affair. If they do divorce, Santana Lopez will be single, which has never happened in the history of her fame. Also news report came out that the newly-come out lesbian Jennifer Lynn has been cast as the other lead in the lesbian movie that Santana Lopez recently signed in for. Wow now that is a super-hot couple I would shoot for. Who knows what could happen now that these two-"

Brittany shut off the television. She distinctly remembers Santana mentioning to her about a new movie deal that she signed up for, but being the idiot that she was, she did not pay that much attention to what she was saying. Stupid Brittany.

Brittany does know who Jennifer Lynn is. She has been named countless times as the hottest woman on earth alongside with Santana and knows that she has come out as a lesbian a couple months ago. Her appearance resembles the actress Olivia Wilde (that doctor from House). She has never thought of loosing Santana to her but now after all of this, that is a possibility.

The thought of loosing Santana to a woman like Jennifer Lynn truly breaks her heart. Santana had always been dedicated to Brittany, never even looked at another woman, but now, Brittany has no idea what is going to happen to her and Santana's relationship. Her heart is shattering at the thought of Santana no longer being hers….

Suddenly her doorbell rang. She made it explicitly clear to the press that she wanted no one to disturb her. This person must be a real idiot for disturbing her. Suddenly it hit her that this person could be Santana. With that thought, Brittany ran to the door and opened it only for her demeanor to change from happy to anger.

Ricky Stick was standing outside her door, except that instead of wearing that ridiculous smirk, he was looking somewhat somber.

"Hi Brittany, can I come in?" Ricky said hopeful.

"You have some real guts coming here you know, I have every right to slam the door in your face.."Brittany spoke angrily.

"Please Brittany, hear me out" Ricky begged.

"You are an idiot you know, practically ruining both of our lives because of your stupid wanna be fame. Just to pity you, I am going to let you enter" Brittany said while stepping inside.

Ricky Stick hesitantly entered the home, and noticed how much of a mess it was. There were pizza boxes everywhere and trash all over the floor. Then he got a look at Brittany, she looked even worse. Her eyes were baggy, her hair was greasy, makeup was messed up, and she was wearing baggy shirts and pants. Brittany led them to the couch and both of them sat down.

"Listen I am truly sorry. I thought by rivaling Santana I would become famous. I truly envy her and all this fame inside my head clouded my vision." Ricky said.

"Look, I want you to come out and tell the world what happened. Tell them that there was no affair between us and it was just one mistake" Brittany practically begged.

"I cant Brittany Im sorry I tried. No one is going to believe me. Everyone hates me and I just need to go back home and find the reason on why I wanted to be famous in the first place. Im sorry. " Ricky said gravely.

"Whatever, Rick. Please just leave, I really want to be alone" Brittany once again was crying.

Ricky smiled sadly, and stood up. Brittany led them to the door ad to his car. Thankfully there were no paparazzi standing outside

"This will probably the last you'll see me. Im going back to Idaho and hide there until this whole thing dies out. I hope everything works out for you Brittany" Ricky Stick sincerely says.

Brittany leans in to hug him. He gets in his car and drives off. Brittany turns around and suddenly comes to face with the one person she has only been thinking of the past few days.

Santana is standing a few feet away from her and from expression, must have seen everything that just occurred between her and Ricky.

"Santana, its not what it looks like, he was just here to apologize, please believe me" Brittany says pleadingly to her wife.

Santana is still standing there looking shocked at the scene in front of her. She came over, to work things out with Brittany when she saw both her and him hugging.

That was the last straw. Everyone has been telling her to end things with Brittany, telling her that she was too good for her and that she can find someone else that she can spend her life with. But no, she ignored everyone and went to find Brittany only to find her and him together.

"I can't do this anymore Brittany. I love you but I guess that was never enough for you. I WAS NEVER GOOD ENOUGH WAS I?! " Santana screamed

Brittany had never heard Santana scream this angrily, especially not at her. She flinched when she heard that voice who use to ease away her every troubled thoughts.

Santana turned around and began walking to her car. Brittany quickly grasped her wrist from behind.

"Please Santana, Listen to me, I love you, with all my heart. Im sorry, I am so sorry. Please forgive me, Santana. "Brittany begged with tears running down her face.

"Let me go Brittany, please, set me free" Santana said, meaning it in more than one way.

"No, we are going to work this out, you are not leaving me."

Santana quickly snatched her hands away. She shot one look at Brittany before entering her car and driving off.

Brittany was too shocked too move. Once again, she was seeing her love, her one true love, leave her.

Karma is a bitch right?