Another one. Please note that this fic, Majesty, and The King's Hounds will soon be compiled into one story.

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"No, Jake, I don't want you making that tea."

"Why not?"

"Because your tea tastes terrible." Not only that, but the tea, along with a box of chocolates that had seen no mercy, had been a birthday gift for his newly crowned queen.

"It's not that bad," the man scoffed, rolling his eyes at his companion.

"Can't you just wait? Amorette will be home soon."

"Why does your girlfriend always have to make it? Jake sneered, beginning on the task of preparing the tea.

"Because she knows what she's doing. And she's my fiance."

"Oho! Is she now?"


There were several moments of silence. He sat at the table with his chin in his hand, watching the stubborn man prepare what would surely turn out to be one of the worst cups of tea he'd ever tasted.

"Drink it."

Lips pressed into a thin line, he lifted the delicate white cup to his nose. It smelled alright. But how did it taste?

" just positively...there's, there's just no words for it, Jacob. It's simply that bad." He set it down and pinched the bridge of his nose. There was a reason he only drank the queen's tea.