in for the kill

note1: oh my. this is gonna be interesting. and un-beta'd. i need a beta.
note2: this is very AU. as in, after Naruto and Nagato have their little chit chat, he leaves and resurrects all of the Akatsuki (and digs up Hidan), and promises to leave Konoha alone and let Naruto create a new world of relative peace. Kinda. They're ninjas. They kill people. Shit happens.
note3:Tobi is Tobi. None of this mystery mad man with superpowers and plots to rule the world. He's just, Tobi.

summary: they brought her into the fold to use her. they never expected to love her, if you could even call it that. lovewasn't a word commonly associated with mass murderers and criminals.

dedication: La Roux - "In For The Kill"(dubstep remix and the original), and whoever came up with the crazy, fantastic idea of setting up one girl with a group of psychopaths.

arc one: dawning
chapter: complications

This was NOT okay. Completely unacceptable actually. As in 'someone is gonna die really fucking soon' not okay.

Emerald eyes flashed in annoyance as she watched the familiar forest of Konoha shrink into the distance. She'd been happily running home after a job well done. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, relatively. (There was nobody in this part of the forest. It had an unfortunate history of being the sight of a bloodbath between rogues and Konoha shinobi. Those sort of confrontations never ended well.) Everything was going to plan, that is, until she was grabbed by this crazy fuck.

This, this abduction, was NOT part of the plan.

The plan had been simple, really. Assassinate a rogue from Suna that had been spotted in Fire Country borders who held potentially sensitive information, then return home to reap the rewards. (She'd had her eye on a set of serrated kunai for months. The cash from this mission would have given her enough ryo and then some.) It was easy stuff for a twenty year old jonin of her caliber. Not stuff that should end up with her being kidnapped by men in large black cloaks with red clouds and funny hats that were supposed to be dead.

This could be considered a complication. Sakura hated complications.

note4: this is going to be long if i follow all the prompts... please somebody read it?