Stiles was on cloud nine as he walked into the bakery the morning after a particularly good date with Derek. They'd gone out to the woods and just walked and talked for hours. It had been amazing. "Good morning, Laura," he called up the stairs as he walked into the back to get himself a cup of coffee. "And how are you this fine morning?"

Laura just fixed him with a look that was half glare and half exasperated amusement before shaking her head and coming the rest of the way downstairs and getting her own cup of coffee. "I hope you know that Derek came over here after dropping you off last night to chew me out. I thought you weren't going to tell him that I told you!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Stiles smirked at her over the rim of his mug. "I never told Derek anything. And thank you, by the way, for your part in getting us together. Last night was wonderful."

"Spare me the details. I do not need to know any more about my little brother's love life than I already do."

Stiles just shot her another smirk before downing the rest of his coffee and heading back out to the front. Nothing could put a damper on his mood, not even rude customers. Especially not when Derek showed up right when he was getting off, looking ridiculously hot in jeans and a t-shirt. Seriously, Stiles had no idea how he looked so good in everything.

"Ready to go?" Derek asked, leaning his hip against the counter and hooking a thumb through his belt loop. And damn him, he was doing that on purpose, because he knew exactly where Stiles' eyes were now drawn to. He wasn't even pretending to be innocent, not with that smirk on his face.

Stiles just gave him a look before turning on his heel and going to the back. "Laura, I'm heading out, see you tomorrow!" he called before joining Derek in the front. He was feeling especially brave because he hooked his hand with Derek's and tugged him out the front door. "Come on, Sourwolf, I've got plans we've got to get done before the end of the summer."

Derek just smiled at him indulgently and allowed himself to be pulled along. It was already the beginning of August and Stiles was leaving in a few weeks, but they still had some time. And Stiles' school was only an hour drive away, they would be spending plenty of time together. For some reason Stiles wanted to pack things into every minute he had left, because he said he never wanted this summer to end.

After all, he'd be graduating in the spring and wouldn't be coming back to work at the bakery again. Of course, he's pretty sure that he'll end up helping out over winter break, he is dating the owner's brother now. But he still thinks the bakery's name is stupid and he is never ever telling anyone he met his boyfriend at a bakery called A Cookie For Your Heart. That would just be embarrassing.

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