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Chad Dylan Cooper.

That's quite a funny name isn't it? The fact that he uses all three of them too is odd. But then again, his name doesn't sound right if you just use Chad Cooper.

Chad Cooper.

It doesn't sound like the same person, does it?

Chad Cooper sounds like a kind, young boy who likes simple things and gets good grade and behaves well.

Chad Dylan Cooper sounds like a self-centered, conceited jerk-face that works on a drama show and doesn't know the difference between Miley Cyrus and Hannah Monatana.

Yeah, that's Chad Dylan Cooper.

Now I see why he must use all three names.

Sonny Munroe.

I like my name.

It's simple and people say it fits me very well. Apparently, I'm a sunny person.

I used to hate my name, to be completely honest. I didn't like the fact of being called Sonny. It sounded like I would just shine my sunny rays into people eyes and they'd leave because I was hurting them and next time they'd have to bring shades.

But that never happened. I could be sunny as in happy and bright and hot. That could work. Not to sound conceited or anything. It just sounds better than burning people or forcing them to cover their eyes around me.

Allison Munroe.

That sounds more like a boring, shy and quiet girl. I could be shy and quiet at times and maybe slightly boring, but I would never describe myself like that. I'm usually confident and don't tend to be shy around people, except Chad Dylan Cooper. And I always try to think positive on things, except Chad Dylan Cooper.

Chad. Dylan. Cooper.

Why is he like that?

Why does he have to be such a jerk? Why can't we get along? I always wondered that. Why were we the exact opposites of each other? Why us? Maybe if he was nice, we'd be friends. Like, really close friends. Best friends. Boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sonny Cooper.

It has a nice ring to it. Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Sonny Cooper. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper.

I love it. Sometimes I'd find myself scribbling this name on papers instead of listening to Ms. Bitterman. Sometimes Chad would ask what I'm writing and I'd say nothing.

Sonny Cooper.

It sounds like the perfect name to have. But it wouldn't happen because he hates me, which means I hate him. He's drama I'm comedy. He's fire and I'm ice. He's him and I'm me.

But, don't opposites attract?