A/N:A new story from me and theonlykyla! This time I write Edward and she writes Bella. It's a really short drabble story, it will post once per day for the entire month of August. It will be the love notes, texts, and emails from Edward to Bella while he's gone for work. If you want to see what Bella sends to him then you need to head over to theonlykyla's profile and see those there. Kyla is on my fav author list if you need help finding her, otherwise get down there and see what our dear Edward has to say to his loving wife!

Hey baby!

This will be short because we're about to take off and to be honest…I feel like such a pussy for writing this five minutes after getting on the plane. I know you're laughing at me, but I swear I can't be away from you! It has been about thirty minutes since you dropped me off, I don't know what you have done to me, but I can't stay away! I swear I'll get another job, one that allows me to be home with you, I swear it, Bella. I can't be away from you anymore. : )

No more weepy stuff, remember the weird guy we saw getting off of the shuttle? Now don't laugh…but he's sitting right by me! And he smells as weird as he looks! FML! I just hope he gets off somewhere else and doesn't end up in the same hotel as me. Please tell me my luck is not that bad!

I love you, more than I can even express! I'll call you tonight, please be naked for me!

Love you,


E/N: These are unedited. It's their love notes so it is as they send them to each other. Sorry if that messes with your mind.

Till next time...