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Chapter 24


Okay so I'm at my second layover…I finally got called into see Mr. Whitlock and imagine my shock when I realize that he is the same person that was with Peter when I did that pitch! Shock and surprise must have registered on my face because they both laughed and ushered me in. They explained how they have been taken advantage of before, several different guys have come in under the guise of working for them when in fact they wanted trade secrets from them. So, Peter set up his meeting to see what my pitch would be, to basically see me in action and see if I was any different on this meeting. But they were so impressed with me on that first meeting that they decided that a second meeting wasn't needed. THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB, BELLA, DO YOU HEAR ME, I WILL WORK 9-5 AT A DESK AND NOT TRAVEL ANY MORE…CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? That was why they didn't sign the contract immediately on the last pitch, they wanted to talk over my position and if I came to work for them then they wouldn't need the contract with my current company. I felt so defeated and down, thinking that I had lost the pitch when in fact I had won them over in a much larger scale than I ever realized. I have a normal job, Bella, can you believe it? I'm almost in tears, I get to be home with you, no more flights, no more lonely nights for either of us! I'm on my way home to you baby, I love you so much, thanks for sticking by me through all the shit and weirdness that my job dished out! I'm so happy that part is over, I will tell you all about it when I get there! Three more hours and I will be at our door, be waiting for me! I hope you feel better : )

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