A/n: Something short, fun and loving from me and Bnjwl...we're crazy, we know. But, we can't help ourselves.

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Hi Love, I know that I just dropped you off and promised that I wouldn't cry, but damn, I miss you already. I can't help it. I need you like I need the air to breath.

When you come home again, I'm confiscating your cell phone, closing the blinds, unplugging the computers and holding you hostage in our bed for no less than forty-eight hours.

Yes, I need you THAT much.

I always have and I always will.

Remember that weekend we snuck away to Port Angeles after we'd gotten married, before we moved to Seattle? When everyone thought we'd gone to Seattle for the weekend….wasn't that one of the best memories we've ever had.

I want to do that again.

I love you, my man, my love, my life.

Come home safe and sound…I need you.