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But what are you promising?

To make sure that you remember how perfectly imperfect you are.

Kurt returned home that night feeling exhausted and irritable. He shrugged off his coat and hung it by the door to their tiny apartment, dreading the fact that he was going to have to try to work things out with Blaine soon. All he really wanted was some time to himself, but the fact was that they lived together now and they had just had a fight. They wouldn't exactly be able to ignore each other for very long.

Upon further inspection, however, Kurt found that Blaine was nowhere to be found. He had, however, left a note on the kitchen table.


I'm sorry that I've been such a jerk today. But after you left I did some thinking, and I hope you'll read this, because I need you to understand what I figured out.

You said that you're frustrated. You said that you'll never be perfect enough for me.

You're not perfect. And you are never going to be perfect.

Kurt, you spend WAY too much time thinking about clothes. You're obsessive when you cook and clean. You're dramatic. You overreact. You're impatient. You know how to complain, especially when you're sick or having a bad day. You jump to conclusions too often. You get jealous. You don't trust people. You've been convinced since high school that you can slip bronzer into my lotion without being noticed.

You think you need to be perfect.

And, considering all of the above, I love you. A lot.

I love that you honestly care what you look like when it comes to fashion. I love that you spend ages trying to pick out the perfect outfit and the way your eyes light up when you finally find it. I love your cooking. I love that you make fun of MY cooking. I love that you always want our apartment to look nice, even though it's basically the size of a closet. I love that we fight sometimes, because we always make up. I love that you sometimes think other guys are going to steal me away and then you get adorably protective. I love that I can never manage to convince you that I'm really all yours, but I'll keep trying, always. You don't ever think anyone's going to stick around when you really need them. I love that I get to try so hard to prove that belief wrong. I love that you love me even if I have tan hands.

I need you to know that you are absolutely, completely, imperfectly perfect.

And that I love you.

And if you can forgive me for all the stupid things I said this morning…

Turn around and come back out to the hall.

Kurt took a breath, suddenly aware of the fact that there were tears streaming down his cheeks. There was too much to consider, too much to take in all at once. He wanted to read the note again. He wanted to think things through. But he had to know. He had to let Blaine know that he understood and that he wasn't angry and that everything was going to be alright between them.

He opened the door and there was Blaine, and he was holding a small, red box. And suddenly it was like Kurt was having a flashback.

"If that's another gum-wrapper ring-"

"Kurt, just open the box."

There was another note was inside.

I promise to always love you.

I promise to defend you, even if I know you're wrong.

I promise to surprise you.

I promise to always pick up your phone call, no matter what I'm doing.

I promise to bake you cookies at least twice a year.

I promise to kiss you wherever and whenever you want.

I promise to make sure that you remember how perfectly imperfect you are.

And I promise to spend the rest of my life with you if you say yes.

And Kurt looked up from the writing, to where Blaine was holding an engagement ring.