Authors Note:

This dream eventually turned into the prolouge for another story that is in the works. Again, please keep in mind that these were DREAMS, and I had no control over what happened in them. So like I did, please just roll with it!

Join or die. Caius seemed pretty keen on this "rule"; I think he just liked to see others suffer. But I knew about vampires, and to the Volturi, that meant I had to become one. Or be silenced, forever. Aro seemed pretty profound on the idea of me becoming an immortal though; he was hoping I would develop an ability like Alice Cullen, with the exception that he could access it.

Alice was here with me in Volterra. I think she was only allowed to be with me (not to mention change me) because she was a comfort in my mind. Another good guess (which I would have to say was spot on) is that Aro is still hoping she will change her mind about joining him, but I know she won't. At the moment, it was only a few hours until I had to be changed, and boy can I tell you I was freaking out big time. Thankfully, Alice came up with an idea to calm me down. Aro was allowing us to plant flowers in the Volturi private garden. The flowers were already in bloom, and they were beautiful. But they were also red. Blood red.

"Don't worry, it will be over before you know it." Alice was still trying to soothe me. The morning had seemed so short, and now it was time. I was terrified, but excited. Terrified of the pain, but excited about the possibilities.

I laid down on a bare mattress. I took a deep breath, looked at Alice and nodded. I closed my eyes, the last thing I felt was a double edged blade. Fire, and ice.

I opened my eyes, I could see every detail of my surroundings. I sat up and looked at Alice, she jumped. "Are… you alright?" she asked, sounding confused. "Never… been better." I answered carefully. I was still confused. But I shook this off and walked over to the mirror. Ha! It was like gliding! I looked at my reflection, but quickly frowned.

My features were heightened to perfection of course, but what puzzled me were my eyes. Instead of a newborns' usual bright red eye colour, it was the same as Alice's'. Liquid Butterscotch.

"How long was I, um, out?" I asked. "Three hours…" Alice replied, she looked as confused as I felt. "Wasn't I…" I shook my head, there would be time for questions later. Plenty of time... although now that my transformation process was complete, we had to meet with the Volturi leaders. Yay.

"You must tell me about the process!" said Aro, he was acting as if he had made a new discovery I thought, but I shook this off.

"Well, Alice thought of a way to calm and prepare me," I began. We were sitting at a dining table; in front of each of us on a plate was blood, in a Jell-O like form. (Don't ask me why, it just was.)

"Yes, yes, yes. I know that. Tell me about your transformation!" hedged Aro. I thought for a moment.

"When Alice bit me, it hurt. A lot." I started. I bit my lip (it felt weird) thinking. "After she bit me, I didn't hear, see, or feel anything. It was like I was deep asleep. When I um, woke up? Everything was as expected, except for how long it took, and the eye colour." I bit my lip again, something wasn't right. Aro nodded, lost in thought.

We ate in silence while I studied the members of my new coven. Aro was still lost in thought, Marcus looked… uninterested (no other way of putting it). And Caius… he was… glaring at me. I quickly looked down, he had me puzzled, then again he did have a reputation for being "perpetually angry". At this point, Caius then jumped to his feet, sending his chair flying into the stone wall behind him. The chair exploded into splinters, we all looked at him. He pointed at me, seething.

"You have fed us lies!" he hissed. Everyone looked at me. It didn't make sense. I had told them everything, I was positive. So why did he accuse me of lying?

I looked at Marcus, he sat up, actually interested in what was going on around him for once. Aro, he looked puzzled yet intrigued. I slowly turned to Alice, her eyes were wide with horror and disbelief. What the hell was going on here? I got up and ran to the mirror in the room, studying my reflection I saw what was so interesting; imperfections were starting to appear, very slowly, yet surely. I saved the eyes for last, they were not gold anymore. They were a yellow: a light, dull, yellow. I was turning back into a human.

Whirling around I met Alice's gaze, my eyes were wide with fear and terror. Our faces the exact same mask of disbelief.