A/N: this was a really really interesting dream for me because one: it was Doctor Who oriented, two: I wasn't in the dream at all, and three: I could "see" the dream through the Doctor's companions eyes as well as if it were a movie. Anyway enjoy, and BTW, the Doctor in this dream was the TENTH Doctor.

The sound of the TARDIS dematerializing made Nicole run faster towards the forest opening. She stopped, looking left and right, but seeing the TARDIS appear ahead of her to her right, she continued running right. The doors opened, and a tall skinny man with brown hair walked out of the TARDIS with his hands in his trench coat pockets. He looked around, not seeing Nicole, and went back into the blue box. Nicole only realized she stopped as the TARDIS dematerialized. "No! Wait, Doctor please!" But she was too late. Nicole collapsed to her knees with her head hung low as she cried, her blonde curls hid the image of the TARDIS rematerializing, her sobs were the only thing she heard.

The Doctor stepped out once again, looking around confused. "We were just here. Why did we come back?" he asked someone. A short teen girl who bared some resemblance to him stepped out to join him. Her shockingly bluest blue eyes flashed up to his face guiltily.

"I don't know, don't look at me." she said looking up and down the blue box, trying to avoid looking at the Doctor who rolled his eyes.

"Well… it is your fault Kyra, and why Kyra for a name?"

"I dunno, it's something different, for now anyway. Kyra is better than being called T-" Kyra tried to defend herself, but in the midst of their argument Nicole had realised they had returned. Nicole threw herself on to the Doctor in a hug. The Doctor and Kyra looked at her bewildered.

"Doctor! Doctor I knew you would come someday! Ever since I can remember I would have dreams about the TARDIS and its Time Lord," the Doctor's brown eyes flashed up to meet Kyra's blue eyes as Nicole continued to babble, Kyra's own eyes widened when her and the Doctor made eye contact. "…the TARDIS! I've never seen the outside before! Look at it, just a police box, brilliant!" Kyra snickered as the Doctor looked at the TARDIS and herself. Carefully, the Doctor unwound Nicole's arms off and away from his skinny frame.

"Well… you know who I am, oddly enough, and this is Kyra." The Doctor introduced himself, yet looking at his companion oddly as he introduced her. "But why Kyra?" Kyra just grinned in response. Looking back at Nicole, his face clouded over as he asked, "How do you know everything about me?"

"As long as I can remember most of my dreams were in the TARDIS with the Doctor. Come with me, I'll explain what I can." Nicole gushed. Walking quickly ahead she led the way to a large rectangular wooden building with many large windows. As Nicole went inside and sat on a bench, Kyra grabbed the Doctor's arm a few strides away from the door, stopping him in his tracks.

"Doctor, I don't trust her. At all. I don't think we should go in, her stories are… to accurate." Kyra protested.

"That's exactly why I want to go in and figure out how this happened. Please," the Doctor held out his hand towards Kyra, she looked him straight in the eye. "for me?" After a second, she took his hand, a blinding smile lit up his face. Together they walked into the room and joined Nicole opposite of the doors.

She knew everything, from what controls did what, (which Kyra did not like), to the Doctors past regeneration forms, plus his friends and companions. Companions were a touchy subject, not for Nicole, but for the Doctor himself as well as Kyra. As Nicole babbled on, Kyra studied the Doctors' expression discreetly. The ancient pain, sadness and loss showed on his face while he was forced to remember every one of his lost friends, even loves. She could see that it pained him to listen to some stranger know all about his life than hear it from his oldest and closest friend; Kyra herself.

"It's quite sad to see in your own dreams you know," Nicole said directly to Kyra, "I've seen so many of companions that he has had over years, and after too many at once, like after 3 or 4 companions, the weight on his shoulders becomes too much. Once it's too much he basically ditches and forgets about them." Both Kyra and the Doctor's faces began to cloud over, both boiling inside at Nicole's word. "I'm surprised that you're still with him, but I wouldn't be surprised if you're next to go real soon."

That statement struck a nerve, completely destroying it. The Doctors' jaw went slack, falling open in shock staring at Nicole. Kyra took it the hardest, tears spring into her eyes as she stared past the Doctor and at Nicole, who did not see her error. Kyra jumped up and ran out the door, not knowing or caring where she went; she just had to hide away and be alone.

The Doctor jumped up watching Kyra run out wide eyed. "Kyra!" he glared at Nicole with the darkest expression. "Look at what the hell you've done!" he booked it out the door after Kyra, with Nicole close on his heels.

A bleary eyed Kyra ran into a small trailer diner, and all inhabitants turned to look at her. Not wanting to have anyone watch her as she cried, she turned a corner and found herself in a little unused, old fashion kitchen. No one had followed her, and it seemed no one had come into this room in a long time, so this is where she would hide. Kyra sat against the wall, curled her legs to her chest, and continued to sob.

The Doctor and Nicole ran into the diner shortly after Kyra did. Once again, everyone sitting around tables and at the bar turned to look at the new comers. The Doctor's brown eyes swept the room looking for his oldest friend, his teeth gritted in worry. Crossing the floor close to the corner, he heard quiet sobs coming from the other side of the wall. Swerving around the corner into the small kitchen, he found Kyra sitting up against the wall he had heard the sobs through, her head resting on her knees as she cried. The Doctor sighed in relief before going over to Kyra and sitting down next to her, her short dark brown hair hid her facial expression.

Nicole laughed, "An old fashion kitchen as a hiding place? Wow, really?" The Doctor glared at her as Kyra cried harder.

He wrapped his arms around Kyra as she cried, pulling her against him softly. She rested her head on his chest, hearing his two heart beats as he comforted her. "Shh, it's alright. I'm here." Kyra curled her legs under her as her tears started to disappear, just sitting with her Doctor. He would always be her Doctor; they would always be there for each other Kyra mused internally, forgetting about Nicole and her insults completely. The Doctor stroked her hair as she settled down.

"I would never leave you Kyra." The Doctor promised. Kyra sniffed, sitting up and resting her head on the Doctor's shoulder, wrapping her arms him in return. He left his hand rubbing the back of her head and wrapping his other arm around the small teen, as well as resting his cheek on top of Kyra's head. "I would never dream of leaving you. How could I ever leave you? How could I ever leave the TARDIS?" he mumbled.

Kyra started to emit a golden glow.